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05:30:35 PM Sep 10th 2014
What is Polygon Man from? How is there no mention of his origin on this page?
01:11:06 AM Sep 11th 2014
I assume that nobody thought of adding Back Story as a trope for him.
06:09:57 AM Sep 11th 2014
It's a bit frustrating since he doesn't have an entry on the character page, and Unexpected Character says no one saw him coming, but fails to say what he's from. If it weren't for that entry, I'd have assumed he was Original Generation.
08:19:55 AM Dec 4th 2012
http://playstationallstarsbattleroyale.wikia.com/wiki/Rumor/_Speculation According to the link Polygon Man was voiced by David Hayter. Since he's uncredited in the game, should we put it on the character sheet or not?
08:47:14 PM Dec 20th 2012
You know, I've heard a lot of sources claim David Hayter voice Poly's voice, but most of those are limited to participants in forum threads which sound at most like speculation and not one of them can name any proof (That Other Wiki deleted it from Hayter's page due to their citations policy).

I once heard someone say Poly was actually voiced by Jerry Lambert, but the controversy surrounding that Bridgestone Tires ad prevented SuperBot from crediting him. No proof of this has come to the surface either.
04:27:49 AM Nov 16th 2012
edited by Euan2000
I don't know where to put it but here's Seth's description of how Good and Evil Cole differ (from Playstation blog)

"I understand why people would be hesitant about two Coles, but they do play very differently (“evil Cole” is one of my personal best characters, while I’m worthless with “good Cole”). It was also kind of a necessity given the way inFamous treats the two, but I’m really happy with the way they both turned out. Evil is kind of a bulldog powerhouse and Good is much more technical and acrobatic."
04:45:58 PM Nov 26th 2012
I don't think there's a trope for that. It's not common that two of the same person appear in a cross-over, and even less common for them to not be clones of each other or somehow become a Ryu and Ken.

You could cite Divergent Character Evolution, but that's mainly for characters that were once similar and become less so over several games.
02:56:37 AM Jan 4th 2013
edited by Alucard
Well, after researching the Coles a bit better (including reading through their chapters in the Prima PSASBR guide) I've decided they share enough moves to be a Ryu and Ken. The differences are pretty subtle and I was surprised at how many moves they share, like with their Up + Square and Sonic Thrusters, but things like Good Cole's redirect rocket (up+triangle) and frost shield (neutral circle) or Evil Cole's giga punch (neutral circle) or firebird strike (forward+circle) make a world of difference. Like two sides of a coin.
05:55:36 PM Oct 16th 2012
So we're not allowed to post the finer points of the game's opposition, but we are allowed to accuse them of being Nintendo fanboys?
02:15:42 AM Oct 18th 2012
I know, right? It seems a bit biased.
03:48:17 PM Aug 8th 2012
edited by Alucard
I think we need to reach a consensus here: is having a section devoted to Story, Characters and Aesthetics along with all the spectacle, character-device and narrative too much for one folder? Personally I think all that is pure fluff and should take a back-seat to Game-play mechanics and the Media/Interpretation/Fandom tropes.

But someone recently made a story-folder and added nothing to it. I want some opinions before I go combining them again (I find 6 folders a little much).
05:46:26 PM Aug 8th 2012
I think it's fine as it is. At least everything is easy to find.
12:00:35 PM Aug 13th 2012
I'm trying to figure out a way to pull it off, but I honestly can't think of anything that justifies two folders devoted to all this extra material like Rule of Cool and Mood Dissonance. We don't know anything about the story right now, and all these other theme and motif tropes don't fit in anywhere else. If I did extract the story tropes, what remained would more than likely not fit very well in an an Aesthetics/Sound/Atmosphere folder (environment tropes are being taken care of by the Stages section).

I do not want to have to make a miscellaneous folder. I'm going to combine them again, they do too much harm as two folders.
08:19:22 PM Aug 4th 2012
Traditional Fighter Joystick support in order to appeal to TFG players was confirmed by the community manager. I want to add the information, but I'm not sure which trope to use. Help, please?
03:44:30 PM Aug 8th 2012
I honestly can't say I've ever heard of a trope for that. Sorry, but I think it should be reserved for And the Fandom Rejoiced.
02:57:13 PM Aug 2nd 2012
edited by AzureSeas
Regarding the leak stuff- SuperBot acknowledged it, but they never said that everything was final. Heck, they even said that the leaked stuff is not representative of the final product. I really think that everything related to it should be kept off. God knows how many people threw a fit over the mere possibility of DmC Dante being in.
10:10:17 AM Aug 29th 2012
11:43:58 PM Jul 6th 2012
edited by Alucard
I think the "Current Roster" sections needs to go. It's redundant and it stretches the page too much. I'll be combining it with the list of franchises.
10:01:30 PM May 4th 2012
edited by Alucard
I'd just like to make it known that the Paul Gale Network confirmed Jak and Nathan Drake months ago. He described Drake as this:

  • "Nathan Drake’s moves involve him punching up close, but for most of his attacks, he’s an all-range fighter: he uses a pistol, grenade, and rifle. He’ll probably be the character that most resembles Solid Snake from Brawl. His Level 1 bar attack is him pushing over a statue onto his opponents. His Level 3 super is turning enveryone into defenseless monsters where he can then beat them up. His recovery move is a zipline."

Since this is unconfirmed information, I'm not sure if this should be incorporated into the article or not.

Also, Cole's voice-actor just all-but-confirmed Cole's presence in the game on his twitter. I'm not sure if there's a trope for this we can add, or if it can be used in the article somewhere.

Finally - and this one's a stretch - someone on NeoGAF made a connection between an old development photo and Yorda from ICO. Should this be incorporated into the article in any way?
10:48:33 AM Jul 16th 2012
The Drake thing is for certain, and I would know. For the others, can't say.