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12:57:26 AM Apr 17th 2012
edited by Kaabisteru
Hey Tropers, I want to just tell that while it's bit on a hiatus due a lack of PC at the moment, I'm doing a project similar to Crappy Capture Device's SSB-video project History Behind Smash Bros, titled History Behind Parodius.

My goal with this project is to cover most of the history behind:

- Characters (I'll explain their weapon sets, and sometimes their cosmetic things, etc. I've looked through all the weapons' origins on every character of this series.)

-Stages. (Depending how much elements it has, the most largest project I can do. There's the references and shoutouts to take an account into, but luckily I have some people assisting in this. Thanks a lot AceNoctali!)

- Music (Showing the classical music and game music references from Gradius + other Konami-games)

So far I've done:

- Vic Viper's and Pentarou's Theme

- Kid Dracula's Theme

- Gimmicks (Bell's basic gimmicks are done), there's the Oshaberi in Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius which is from Power Pro-Kun-series, and sometimes the team attacks in Sexy Parodius)

-Enemies (might be explained along the stages, but the recurring ones are explained separately)

- Bosses. (Where their attacks might come from. Some do sport extra attacks and there's also original or quest bosses from other Konami-games as well.)

I'd be happy to get some support, I've already told Crappy Capture about this one and he has praised it well. I'd be grateful for wishing me luck with this project.

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