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07:25:10 AM Mar 4th 2014
I just realized that from Mario's perspective, everyone is using Parrot Exposition. Would that be an actual trope, or just a bit of Fridge Brilliance?
07:36:48 AM Mar 4th 2014
I would file that as an In-Universe example.
03:51:31 PM Apr 26th 2012
Think we should split this page into VideoGame.Paper Mario and Franchise.Paper Mario?
05:40:02 PM Apr 26th 2012
Possibly, but we spent some work on it when we split the pages up and moved a bunch of game-specific tropes around, it'd be kind of redundant if we went back and made a general Franchise page after that.
06:41:37 PM Aug 1st 2012
I agree with the rename, if only because hardly anyone actually refers to the first game as "Paper Mario 64". Its not even as widespread as Donkey Kong '94.
10:25:14 PM Jul 8th 2011
The article needs to be rewritten to be specifically about the first game. I'm working on moving some of the tropes, but I don't feel up to tackling the body...
01:45:37 AM Jul 9th 2011
It seems we're taking this on one step at a time. But it has been my concern for a while that there was no page dedicated solely to the first game, so I'm glad it's getting fixed anyway.
11:22:27 AM Aug 1st 2011
Okay, I've finished with the trope list. We still need to rewrite the introduction and find an appropriate page image, though.
09:57:25 AM Dec 15th 2010
edited by FawfulCrump
I've never heard about the Villain Team-Up mechanic mentioned on Paper Mario 3DS' page before. Is there any validity in this or is it just speculation based on the Chain Chomp partner?
09:22:56 PM Sep 1st 2010
I'm not sure what to change the page image to, but considering the current one is fan art for the Thousand Year Door (which now has its own page) it would probably be more appropriate to have art for the first game.
08:18:08 PM Aug 28th 2010
Would anyone like to help out in dividing the page up? Thousand Year Door is more or less done, but are we keeping this page as the series page or devoting it to the first one? Also there's apparently a redirect in place for Super Paper Mario, and I don't know how to edit those back into something usable.
06:02:13 PM Dec 29th 2010
edited by Zenith
I dunno about most of that, but I'm working on taking Super Paper Mario out.

EDIT: Done. New page is here.
07:18:53 PM Jun 7th 2010
Should we make seperate sections for each Paper Mario game?
05:03:44 PM Jun 16th 2010
Yeah I think so. These are pretty trope heavy games that have a lot of story to them. If the Mario And Luigi games have separate pages, then so should these.
01:19:02 AM Aug 21st 2010
Okay, there's now a blank page for Thousand Year Door over here: . . . I'd work on it now but I REALLY need to go to bed.
02:05:10 AM Aug 21st 2010
Scratch that, now there's a good start . . . go ahead and add more, I need sleep.
03:59:36 PM Aug 24th 2010
You may want to link to it in the main page.
03:47:06 AM Aug 25th 2010
I've been putting links to it all over the place, but I'm pretty sure I've probably missed a few places it should go. The first mention of Thousand Year Door on the main page is a link to it now, though.
03:47:48 AM Mar 9th 2010
Was there really a reason to move the picture over there?
01:12:21 AM Nov 11th 2010
No. It's just that a good chunk of the pictures on this wiki are left justified (which is strange since wikis are usually right justified).
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