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08:50:51 AM Jul 16th 2013
I wanted to take it off, but I'm getting a weird feeling I'm missing some small detail: does it really count as "Getting Crap Past the Radar" for a handful of very mild profanity in an E10+/PEGI 12 game?
07:32:27 PM Aug 28th 2011
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  • Speaking of the Water Dragon, he was causing trouble before Orochi was defeated again. Keep in mind that Ninetails' evil power is what drove him insane in the first place and that Ninetails was either born from Orochi's power after he was killed or was drawn to Ryoshima because of part of Orochi's power flying off in that direction, so it makes no sense for King Wada to be going insane at that point in time since Ninetails wasn't even there to begin with.

This was deleted from the Retcon section and the person who did it didn't even give a reason for why. Did I make a mistake somewhere, aside from not knowing exactly what Ninetails was in relation to Orochi? In Okami, Orochi was the reason for Ninetails appearing at Ryoshima and Ninetails was the reason for King Wada going insane, so it makes absolutely no sense for Wada to be going insane before Orochi was defeated (which is the point where you ended up in time) unless something in the story was changed.
08:47:49 AM Jul 16th 2013
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Wada went insane because he swallowed the Fox Rods, trying to keep them away from Ninetails. You're right about that. But Ninetails wasn't created from Orochi being slain; the darkness that left Orochi's body was returning to Yami, not creating the other bosses. Apparently, Yami was behind Orochi's resurrection, and also made deals with the other demon lords.
01:08:30 PM Jul 16th 2013
Also, the problem between the Water Dragon and Ninetails started one month before the events of the first game began, as revealed by Queen Himiko when you meet her the first time.
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