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04:29:01 PM Mar 29th 2013
edited by presh
Careful, spoilers for both versions of the game:


Is is true that in the DS version, Allie is Lucien's sister, while in the PS3 version she's a girl from a different place he saved?

10:32:05 AM Mar 22nd 2013
Should there be separate sections regarding tropes for the DS and the PS3 version? I know little about 'The Jet-Black Mage', safe that it's apparently playing in a parallel world that is similar but not the same as the one in 'The White Witch'.
08:52:55 AM Mar 23rd 2013
If you know a trope belongs to one or the other, but not both, it could be sorted into a new group. Otherwise, leave them as a big group, I say. If it's even all that confusing.
02:04:28 PM Mar 23rd 2013
edited by nirt
How big are these differences, anyway?
02:08:09 PM Mar 23rd 2013
I'm unsure because I know the PS3 version very well and can spot elements that aren't in 'The White Witch', but from what I know, some of the differences are pretty big between the two versions. I've seen it on other entry pages that there's often a distinction made, be it between different versions of a game with different main characters etc.
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