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01:06:53 PM Feb 24th 2014
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How can we reword my Obvious Beta entry in regards to X to be less nattery? The technical and graphical issues in this game are pretty severe, and should be addressed.
05:39:10 PM Mar 30th 2014
That entry was opinion-oriented. You may find I hard to believe, but a lot of fans disagree with you. (And the Broken Base entry in the YMMV section says why.
10:17:32 AM Dec 19th 2013
The use of "reboot" in this article is way too liberal. It's a science fiction setting. It takes place on multiple planets. It's not a "reboot" to move to another planet if the interplanetary mythology remains the same. Only the transition to Ubisoft counts as a reboot in the sense we know from any other medium.
06:24:33 AM Dec 20th 2013
Never mind, I changed it myself.
05:05:28 AM Mar 22nd 2012
One liveblog in the main namespace. Now if only I know how to salvage it...
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