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11:21:58 AM Aug 2nd 2013
There really isn't any excuse for how Anna gets treated in Last Light. Miller wouldn't want to keep her out of danger: he sends her after the Dark One in the ruins of the Garden because he is fully aware of how dangerous Dark Ones are and wants it dead, fast. It's not protectiveness that would make him keep the Ranger's best sniper out of what's literally the last stand of the whole Order, it's idiocy.
06:29:51 PM Oct 19th 2013
I dunno, the fight in the end seemed like a kind of place where a sniper wouldn't do a whole lot. Also, Miller probably knew he couldn't holdout no against the Redline. I think he just wants her to survive since he knows that defending D6 is a suicide mission. After all, he had the explosives in place in case he failed.
01:08:03 AM Jan 6th 2014
I'm pretty sure Anna *is* fighting in the final battle, just off-screen; Miller says the Reds are attacking in three locations, presumably one of which is a better location for a sniper than the incredibly cramped tunnel the final battle occurs in. She's probably holding the perimeter against a horde of cannon-fodder.
02:52:16 AM Jan 6th 2014
It wouldn't have taken more than a few seconds to establish that, though, if that was what they were going for. Have someone mention it in a throwaway comment or something.
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