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07:40:48 PM Nov 28th 2012
Can the Tournaments in 3 & 4 be considered as Not Just a Tournament?
10:20:58 AM Mar 13th 2014
There doesn't seem to be a problem. As it says in the Characters section, Noboru Sunayama (DesertMan.exe's operator) set up the tournament to try to take ProtoMan away from Chaud and announce the World Three's return in 3, while the Red Sun/Blue Moon tournament in 4 was made to take the strong Netbattler and Navi to help save the world (may be considered a subversion though since it's still a legit tournament, as done in the epilogue).
12:09:41 PM Jun 1st 2012
Can someone tell me the bonuses for each game being inserted into Slot 2 of Double Team?
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