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06:33:24 AM Oct 30th 2014
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You could also refuse to accept the newly elected ruler of the galaxy, even if it was you, if you simply wanted to go to war with everyone, at least in 2.

" From the original game, there's the Gauss Autocannon. Each round doesn't do much damage by itself, but it fires 4 times each turn, and unlike the sequel's Gauss cannons, they halve the effectiveness of shields, making them viable for longer than their energy-based contemporaries. 4X, meet More Dakka."

You can also add the autofire mod onto lots of weapons, fire 3x for full damage but each shot is less accurate

Another thing is that if you use bioweapons to wipe out a population in 2, at least when I played the game, it completely wiped out the colony too, as in I had to build everything from scratch again.
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