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04:55:01 PM May 23rd 2014
I saw the Thwarted Escape item, and I got curious: What about Mac and Linux?
09:07:19 AM Aug 25th 2012
edited by sxpanda
Luna Game End is out, someone should probably create a section of tropes for it. I'm actually quite new to the site and know next to none, so I can't really do it myself.

10:14:24 PM Aug 26th 2012
edited by Harmonex
Did anyone else notice that after this was released, all traces of "Luna Game 5" were changed to "Luna Fangame 5" on Equestria Gaming, lunagame.net, this site, the Creepypasta wiki, and the wlp wiki? Weird considering the file-name doesn't use the word "fan" anywhere. Also, all comments (not just my own) mentioning the similarities between End and 5 on the official Youtube video were deleted. It's as if someone's trying to wipe the slate clean, which is coming out far creepier to me than any of these games.

[EDIT]: And now the Youtube video seems to require approval for comments.
09:49:34 AM Aug 27th 2012
edited by sxpanda
Well, comments seems to be up again, yeah Luna Game End was probably a little inspired by Luna Game 5. Though I don't see what the big problem is.
10:15:17 AM Aug 27th 2012
edited by Mechy
No they weren't. First anyone could comment, then they started deleting all comments about the similarities with lg5-fangame, then comments had to be approved. Now they just wiped the entire comment section and disabled them.

Stop lying.
12:45:06 PM Aug 27th 2012
edited by sxpanda
12:47:17 PM Aug 27th 2012
you know that "edited by sxpanda" is still in the corner of your post right?

too bad I didn't QFT your post claiming the comments had always been disabled.
12:50:41 PM Aug 27th 2012
Yeah, but, yours say edited too. And yeah, I admit I said that, I had made a mistake though. I thought I remembered that being a thing, but remembered it hadn't, and edited to correct myself.

Anyway, I'll agree with you on the suspicious part, but everything seems to be sorted out now anyway so I'm just going to enjoy the fan game and the canon game and forget all these crazy problems.
12:53:07 PM Aug 27th 2012
Whatever you say panda.
01:20:38 PM Aug 27th 2012
Mechy. Sx/Norix. Stop fighting. Yes, you both edited, but the time-stamps on those edits line up, mostly. The issue has been resolved, but that doesn't mean that the issue was okay. Having just looked at the other wikis, Youtube, and Eq G's comments section, I can see that this was a little bigger than I first realized.

People were blocked and comments were locked, and the comments were unlocked. Pretending that none of that happened is silly.

That Luna Game End was inspired by the fan-game also isn't an issue (well, maybe some take issue, but the creator of the fan-game doesn't if the Eq G comment is to be believed), just the fact that most people who talked about it were quietly removed. I was one of the blocked people, and, considering that I didn't resort to hateful commenting or profanity, it was really uncalled for. That being said, I am not bothered now that the issue has been resolved, but I won't be forgetting it.
01:01:51 AM Aug 15th 2012

Basically a literal example of "The Trailers Always Lie".
06:53:46 PM Aug 22nd 2012
Heh, maybe it didn't lie. Luna Game 5 has been released under the name Luna Game End (probably to distinguish itself from the fan-game). Site. http://www.lunagame.net/games.html

Eq G article. http://www.equestriagaming.com/2012/08/luna-game-end-creepypasta.html

I haven't played it yet or read the article. Scared to do both.
11:57:07 PM Jun 23rd 2012
edited by Harmonex
Is there enough of a real example of Platform Hell to use it both figuratively and literally in this article (the pun is begging to be used)? The item-collecting in Zero was certainly frustrating, though not entirely difficult. 4 might have come close since they don't tell you where to go (barring video play-throughs), but that's a bit subjective on my part. The "one-time" nature of the games adds another level of difficulty since you don't get to retry.

I'd like some opinions on this matter before I go and add it. I could technically put it on the YMMV page, but still...
10:06:42 PM May 9th 2012
I had a question about the website itself. I was clicking around on the links at the top of the page and one of them (I can't remember which) lead me to a red test pattern. Naturally I was too freaked out to get much past that and closed the tab. Does anyone know what's up with that? Is this recent?

10:45:02 PM May 9th 2012
07:29:16 PM May 22nd 2012
After the static, it just shows a 5. This would suggest that a "real" LG 5 is coming soon. I'll have to remove the "made canon" line on the main page after I post this given the new developments. Here's to some new interesting trope material when the new one is out.
06:44:42 PM Apr 6th 2012
edited by Harmonex
Just played through LG 3 again, and I found something neat. I was playing without sound for obvious reasons, so I'm not sure if anything else happened, but if you just WALK into the pit instead of jumping over, it will throw you out. I tried over and over again, but the game refused to end until I jumped over first.

[EDIT]: I just attempted it again but sprinted over (actually forgot to un-sprint, but that's beside the point), and the game ended normally. Though I've played through enough times to realize that there's at least four different images for the end. If anyone finds out the exact number, that'd be great.
10:42:10 PM Apr 20th 2012
10:20:57 PM Mar 3rd 2012
I think the article looks a lot better now, but maybe we should move LG 0 up? Put them in numerical order instead of release order?
02:30:21 PM Mar 4th 2012
I think it might just be better to keep in the games in order of release. It's how they are listed on the author's site, so I'm guessing that's how it was intended. Though, I'm really not for certain..
03:30:08 PM Mar 4th 2012
Alright, I guess we'll have to wait for the original creator to post a new game to see if s/he wants to change the order. Assuming, of course, that more look-alike fan games don't appear first. Also, I like the page image, but I feel like a creepy shot of the game with a creepy quote would be more fitting. Maybe "You shouldn't have done that." with a shot of LG 3's shredded Luna?
01:45:18 PM Mar 5th 2012
I think that's a great idea!

You think we should change the article's main image and replace it use that same creepy shot/quote? Or maybe just add the new image to the Luna Game 3 section?

Or possibly get some more feedback from the rest of the community on what to do with the page before we make any more changes? I'm not exactly sure just how many have been following the page recently, but it still might be a good idea to talk it over with everyone else first. Hell, maybe others think the article could be improved by moving Luna Game 0 up to the top. I'm not the creator and I'm not sure how exactly (s)/he would want things done. I think it's better to let the whole community decide on future—larger—changes (y'know, if possible).

tl;dr: We need more input
05:53:18 PM Mar 6th 2012
There's a few reaction videos posted. Is there a trope for stuff like that?
06:02:17 PM Mar 6th 2012
Also, in this video there's an Ursa Minor at about 3:00. I can't for the life of me figure out how to trigger it. I'm assuming it's an Easter egg.
07:24:42 PM Mar 6th 2012
1) I'm not for sure what trope; but if it's a 'reaction', it's most like to be in the YMMV trope area.

2) Yeah, I saw that as well. I actually didn't realize there was a whole second part to it until I watched that video and replayed the game.

Sorry I couldn't be too much of help there...
04:21:50 PM Mar 2nd 2012
A fan game 5 was made. It looks and feels like the others, so how should it fit in the article? http://www.equestriagaming.com/2012/02/luna-game-5-creepypasta.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jloSbEfsbA
11:43:11 AM Feb 7th 2012
Is there any way to play this game series on a Mac?
02:12:53 PM Apr 16th 2012
05:53:45 PM Aug 25th 2011
I saw that the fourth game contained a Shout-Out to Ben Drowned, but I don't want to play the games and find out what it is. Can someone tell me what it is?
09:30:26 PM Aug 29th 2011
"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"
03:49:04 PM Aug 30th 2011
One of the characters says that?
01:13:46 PM Sep 27th 2011
Yep, right after Luna hits the ground.
01:10:58 PM Jan 12th 2012
edited by LightsaberGuy
No one actually says it. It only appears as text on a blank screen displayed to the player.
02:25:00 PM Apr 16th 2012
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