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07:36:28 PM Apr 27th 2014
Should Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey and the upcoming Lego Ninjago: Nindroids be featured here? They feature the same platforming/puzzle/action gameplay as the movie-based games. Having LEGO Rock Band on the page pretty much throws out the "Movie-based-games only" thing anyway.
06:25:33 AM Aug 20th 2013
I must've missed something... Is "Lego Marvel Super Heroes" already out?
06:03:53 AM Aug 1st 2012
I've been trying to find a trope to fit a particular issue in Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7, but either there isn't one or I don't know what it's called.

The issue: Harry might as well not be in the Free Play part of the game; if he wasn't stuck in your party by default, I'd never use him.

In Years 1-4, he had four rare or unique abilities: Expecto Patronem, perfect broomstick riding, Invisibility Cloak, and Parseltongue. The first wasn't used very often except as an in-character replacement for Ridikkulus, but the other three were used in a lot of puzzles.

By the later parts of Years 5-7, anyone can use a broomstick (in the only two places you get to use them as such), most everyone has Expecto Patronem, and cauldrons with Invisibility Potion litter the place (and there's only one puzzle that uses invisibility anyway). Ron and Hermione have been gifted with one truly unique ability each, which are used in practically every room, and (due to the requirement to follow some spectacularly bad concept degradation on the author's part) Ron now has the ability to hiss at random and crack any Parseltongue code (rather than just the plot-required one).

So I was thinking of something like "Story-Induced Redundancy", to cover situations where the development of the characters to fit the plot removes all the uniqueness from one of them, reducing them to space-filling eye-candy at best.
07:14:57 AM Aug 1st 2012
You want Lost and Found for this type of query.
01:14:22 AM Aug 2nd 2012
Thank you o wide-stepping one, will repost there.
06:35:04 PM Jun 4th 2012
What about the first crossover LEGO game, Creator Harry Potter? I don't see any info on it in here... but I don't know enough to add any.
10:02:05 AM Aug 3rd 2012
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nevermind, saw the topic
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