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05:23:34 PM Jun 9th 2013
Der Langrisser — would it be appropriate to include an entry under the Der Langrisser heading about the (intentionally very, very bad) translation done by "Lang Fan D00d" as an April Fool's joke? It was made by the same group that did the actual English translation — note that they are both "fan translations", and thus, effectively only playable via emulation, which is why I ask. Also, what would be an appropriate link for it if so, given that it was made by running the Japanese script through Babelfish or something similar multiple times (J > E > J > E > J > E, etc)?
12:45:08 PM Jun 10th 2013
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You are describing a type of Stylistic Suck. Specifically, it's Intentional Engrish for Funny using Recursive Translation. Feel free to use any combination of these if you want to add to the page.
07:21:21 PM Oct 18th 2011
Question about canon story line. Is it true that the Light Side choices are canon? This makes things rather uncomfortable due to the racism against the Dark Tribe
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