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04:34:21 PM May 19th 2014
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Since I'm not familiar with the TVT posting style, I want to make a few recommendations for minor edits. Anything in \\___//s is what I would like to add.

Fetch Quest: \\You'd be surprised at how many times Shaowee loses her Erhu...considering she's a musician.//

Inexplicable Treasure Chest: They spawn just like monsters.\\..of course, some of them ARE monsters -> should link to Chest Monster page//

Nigh Invulnerable: Certain items or skills give you immunity to physical or magical damage. Templar classes in particular get one that gives both. \\Part of the storyline quest makes you overpowered for a back-to-back boss fight, including giving you defense stats equivalent to a Lv180+ character in a Lv45 dungeon. Also, some monsters can also make themselves immune to attacks.//

Our Fairies Are Different: \\The level-up fairy carries a hammer.//

Prestige Class: \\The first four classes have an option of two classes at Lv50. One that continues a similar playstyle to what they're used to, and one that drops all of the old weapons in favor of completely new ones.//

Shout-Out: The Dot Nuri minigame is a shoutout to Super Mario Bros., and the Baker Street area is a big shoutout to Sherlock Holmes. \\Let's not forget the Matrix-like area that appears as part of the Lv170 class change, complete with a monster named Agent Neo. -> Should link to The Matrix page//
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