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06:08:13 AM Dec 15th 2014
Removed this one: Since it really full of error. It didn't show up in 99% of the compilations because most of the compilations came out before KQ 8 was released. When KQ 8 was released they actually did sell it in a bundle collection. There is only one collection in which it wasn't included, and that's a collection that was barebones and lacked quite a few things, mostly because of compatibility issues (who knows the reason why KQ 1 original was left out).

  • Canon Discontinuity: The game has not shown up on any of the compilation CDs of the series and has only since been re-released on Good Old Games. Not entirely true when the game first came out in 1998, it was part of the "King's Quest MASK/Collection Bundle (1998)" (which included all eight games at a discounted price, Most of the compilations (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997) were released before KQ 8 was released (two of them include previews of KQ 8). There was also a long period where the game was entirely incompatible with newer versions of Windows (it took the fan community to actually make a patch to work in Vista/7/8). The only compilation that came out after KQ 8 or the C Ollection Bundle, was the 2006 release (also found on Steam). This is not saying much as the 2006 compilation (the only other recent compilation to be released after KQ 8) was a buggy mess (and was missing the original King's Quest 1, and out of the box working version of KQ 6 for windows, and missing or corrupt files on many of the games, and a outdated version of Dosbox, outdated windows-only version of King's Quest 7 (incompatible with 64-bit windows versions)). GOG's bundles are the first compilation to include the fan created patch, allowing the game to be sold again.
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