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08:05:01 AM Sep 19th 2017
I edited Call-Forward and Foreshadowing because of the soon-to-be-cutlisted CallForward.Kingdom Hearts page. Some things needed to be moved around, especially those entries that were examples of foreshadowing but written as Call-Forward (and vise versa).

The thing about Vanitas and Riku isn't a Call-Forward. Vanitas is connected with Ven and Sora, not Riku. The design choices are misdirection, not Call-Forward. Moreover, the design choices that foreshadow events in the game are not Call-Forward but rather Foreshadowing. Also, the KH 2 quote from Xigbar can't be a Call-Forward to this game because it happens chronologically after; it was just teasing the player and establishing an ordering of events (and also showing that Xigbar may have retained his memory of the events of that period, unlike Xemnas).
05:47:52 PM Feb 14th 2011
edited by FerreTrip
Sonic Shadow. Tell me this isn't a Shout-Out.
10:48:14 AM Jan 25th 2011
OK, whoever is adding Aqua as an Ensemble Darkhorse, STOP. An Ensemble Darkhorse is not just "an unexpectedly popular character"; it's an unexpectedly popular "secondary/MINOR character". Aqua is one of the freaking PLAYABLE characters of the game; that means she's not at all a Darkhorse. And honestly, bypassing hate from the yaoi fangirls isn't such a big achievement considering the Straw Feminist Real Women Never Wear Dresses factor at work (Namine can't fight, Kairi's a rookie with a "girly Keyblade", and Xion is only competant when she sucks the skill out of Roxas. This is all used as further "justification" for why these characters suck. Since Aqua's an Action Girl, she doesn't have any "justifications" for hating her, and the yaoi fangirls will naturally like her more.)
12:45:02 PM Dec 17th 2010
In the opening cinematic of the game, there's a brief shot/cut of the Terra, Aqua, and Ven looking up at the night sky from a cliff face. My eyes might be deceiving me, but there seems to be a fourth individual in the background, facing away from the screen. It doesn't look like any of the current Keyblade wielders in the series. Who is this person? There's no way I'm the first one to notice this figure.
09:29:47 PM Dec 17th 2010
...I'm pretty sure that's just one of the training rings you see in the beginning of the game when it teaches you to move and stuff, or one of those decoration things. Doesn't look like a person to me, at the very least.
10:19:37 PM Dec 17th 2010
Probably. I was pretty skeptical from the outset - and my vision is rather poor. My bad
10:21:55 PM Dec 17th 2010
Now, how do I dispose of this post - or is it immortal in the digital realm?
10:21:24 PM Dec 3rd 2010
shouldn't the Wingblade command style count as the Power Gives You Wings trope? because Ven practically floats in the air- and those sowrs are made of Ven's power. Your Milage May Vary, though....
09:42:35 AM Nov 10th 2010

In order to be this trope, the characters have to be unlocked after completing the game. This is not the case.

  • Death Seeker: Ventus becomes this at one point. If he's dead, then he can't be used to create the χ-Blade.
    I'm asking you as a friend, just... put an end to me.

In order to be a Death Seeker, a character must be seeking death through battle and is looking for a worthy opponent to kill him. It's not just "character who seeks death." Please read tropes before adding to a page.

I'm questioning the presence of Decoy Protagonist on the page to describe Ventus and Terra. Both of those characters are equally the heroes of the story with Aqua, even if they don't end the game still standing. I'm tentatively removing it unless someone can come up with a good explanation of why they fit.

  • Especially when you think about Zack's determination to date Aqua after he becomes a hero. Anyone who's played Final Fantasy VII should know what happened to him after he became a hero.

This is pretty much just speculation - what happened to the characters in canon is not guaranteed to happen to them in KH. Just look at Aeris.

This trope is when events later in the media make an earlier event funny (or funnier). Neither of these qualify.

From Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!:

And there's building Castle Oblivion, though she really couldn't have predicted the Organization finding it.

It was attracting natter and isn't really a case of this trope, anyway.
06:01:37 PM Oct 9th 2010
edited by DrakeClawfang
How is Mega Flare's status as a gamebreaker subjective? The devs themselves said "it's too strong, we're gonna nerf it". Besides, "subjective" is itself a subjective term, a lot of stuff on the page can be described that way.
07:43:47 PM Oct 9th 2010
The trope itself is a subjective, and subjectives aren't supposed to be listed anymore. That's really all there is to it.
10:15:17 PM Oct 9th 2010
So the Game Breaker trope is to be de-listed from all pages now because it's subjective? Why, a lot of tropes are subjective, that's why we have YMMV isn't it?
10:35:02 PM Oct 9th 2010
10:37:56 PM Oct 9th 2010
Ah, alright. Don't agree or understand, but thanks for explaining.
10:01:55 PM Oct 18th 2010
The Your Mileage May Vary exile is a pain in the neck, amirite? Oh well. Also, wasn't there a seperate page for subjective entries?
05:00:15 PM Mar 22nd 2011
edited by Darkaros
Late, late, late response... But if a subjective trope is lampshaded or otherwise considered true from an objective point of view, such as the developers commenting so, then it would be considered objective and be placed on the main page (...As long as people don't start adding subjective examples below it). See What Goes Where on the Wiki, under Exceptions (It doesn't specify Lampshaded examples, but you can follow other tropers' examples on pages such as RuneScape and its They Changed It, Now It Sucks! example); the YMMV flagger is disabled by inserting "In-Universe" or "Invoked".

Now the problem is the Mega Flare Game-Breaker example isn't even on YMMV, and there's a risk that adding it to the main page will encourage other people to add subjective examples. Oh well.

Edit: Retrieved:
  • Game-Breaker: Mega Flare. It's pretty easy to synthesize once you know what you need* , and only takes up two slots in the Command Deck. What does it do? It does very high damage to all enemies in a large radius, usually enough damage to kill them outright. Or, to put it another away, it nukes everything on screen! It was so strong that the developers singled it out by name to say they were nerfing it when translating the game for Western players—now it has an insanely long recharge time. It's reached memetic status on the GameFAQs boards. Any time someone tries to compare the strength of two keyblade wielders, someone will inevitably post "Megaflare GG."

Up to fellow tropers on whether to move to YMMV or add invoked tag and add to main page.
01:21:48 PM Oct 1st 2010
has anybody noticed that Xehanort is an anagram for "No heart x". Seeing as most of the KH's villains (or those who has full control over the darkness) has 'x's' on their names? i just kind of wondered.
02:06:05 PM Oct 1st 2010
Incorrect, mmhm. All Nobodies in Organisation XIII have an X in their name due to the naming process.

It's all on our various pages; the obsession with "X", why the Nobodies have them and what Xehanort's name is an anagram of (both "no heart" and "another") once the X is removed.
05:17:58 PM Sep 22nd 2010
Just as a note, I moved the deleted crowning moments over to their proper pages.
10:00:28 PM Oct 18th 2010
But not the Crowning Music Of Awesome. Fix, please? There was a song off there I wanted to track down.
09:02:52 PM Sep 10th 2010
Does the "The secret ending also ends with it implying that it is Sora's destiny to unite all hearts." phrasing make anyone else think Instrumentality?
02:04:32 AM Sep 11th 2010
Oh good. It wasn't just me.
07:35:00 PM Aug 8th 2010
edited by RhymeBeat
Now that the trope has been rnamed Faux Symbolism it's apparent that the entry here fits more under the realm of Rule of Symbolism as apparently Square Enix has Shown Their Work this time.
11:26:25 PM Jul 8th 2010
I think the fact that the dummied-out Ven Keyblade is called "Light Seeker" implies that Kingdom Key D is just being used a placeholder sprite.
02:08:28 PM Oct 1st 2010
All things are possible.
03:09:16 AM Jun 23rd 2010
edited by HarpieSiren
Whoever keeps adding that "Prince of Heart" thing. Since you say so yourself that there IS NO SUCH THING, then it does not count as an "I knew it", I don't care how pure Ven's heart it. Never mind that I'm no stranger to the KH fandom and it's theories and I've only just heard of that theory NOW.

And another thing, even if Ven does have a pure heart, aren't the circumstances completely different than how one becomes a Princess of Heart?

  • Ven: Darkness is forcibly removed
  • Princesses: Are so pure and good that their hearts get filled with light.
10:28:48 PM Dec 3rd 2010
yes, and was it not for Sora's heart- Ven would be dead. Xehanort said it himself in his report.
04:33:26 PM Apr 3rd 2010
Wouldn't Aqua fighting Ven count as I Know You're In There Somwhere Fight?
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