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10:27:09 PM Sep 19th 2013
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Anyone else think Mondo wasn't possessed at the end and instead just wanted to rule the moon?

In fact doesn't he say just that before the final fight?
05:51:43 AM Sep 20th 2013
A little bit.

I think whoever initially wrote the Downer Entry ending got something very wrong: the point of him slicking his hair back wasn't to show he's the same as David, but to show he's still alive in there. That's Mondo's Character Tic. I think it shows he's still kicking inside that skull at least somewhat.
06:53:44 PM Sep 20th 2013
Not to mention he is The Dark Side of the moon and has glowing red eyes. Plus the last stage is called Chosen By The Moon, possibly referring to Mondo as apposed to mission one, The Man Who Chose the Moon, referring to David, Who you play as in Mission 1
12:26:56 PM Jun 11th 2013
Anyone else thinking that the main character here could be a much more badass and less loser version of Travis Touchdown?
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