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03:56:54 PM Feb 28th 2016
Would the inclusion of US Navy shipgirls count as an Author's Saving Throw? One of the complaints about the game was the lack of Allied representation (and that the Abyssal fleet seemed to be a stand-in for the Allies' navy in WWII), and now we're actually getting Allied warships in the game, so...
06:42:26 PM Jul 20th 2016
That's now what saving throws are about, though. The game was doing just fine, and including more ships is not really a significant change. The devs were never against having allied ships, either.
07:58:00 PM May 28th 2015
edited by Redrich
Can the some info about Fairies be added to Character page or, well, anywhere? Their cuteness levels are of the charts and seeing as they are the ones manning guns and piloting the planes, they do a hell of a work in universe.
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