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05:30:19 PM Jan 8th 2015
The Love Triangle in Jeanne D'Arc
05:38:11 PM Jan 8th 2015
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So, I don't think some of the stuff in the Love Triangle trope previously listed in Jeanne D'Arc is accurate.

Like, there is some solid evidence that Gilles actually does like Jeanne.

Gilles says a few interesting things to Jeanne throughout the game's story. One of these is when Jeanne changes into her new outfit, and while everyone is astounded by her new disguise, he notes how "becoming" she looks. A more damning example would be when after his hometown, Brittany, was attacked, he opens up to her about his own isolation, and confesses that she "set his heart free". He even takes the gem that contains Gilvaroth that was meant for Roger because he wants to show off for Jeanne.

EDITED: for clarity.

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