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01:58:14 PM Apr 30th 2012
Can anyone please explain why this page is titled "Jak 3: Wastelander"? To my knowledge the game doesn't have a subtitle in any territories, either in its native US or in Europe/Australia (where Jak II was given the subtitle "Renegade", which is reflected on the wiki). Should the page be moved simply to "Jak 3", for the sake of accuracy and consistency?
01:05:49 AM Dec 6th 2012
I was about to say the same thing. 'Wastelander' is in no respect whatsoever an official subtitle for the game, and I don't even know who's idea it was to put that in the page's title. Jak 3 would definitely be the factually correct thing to list it under.. I don't know how to fix it though :P
09:42:25 PM Nov 21st 2014
Uh, yeah, two years later and this game is still listed under a title somebody pulled out of their rear end. The game has never had an official subtitle, and the only place this one appears is here. Why some Troper decided to make up a subtitle and stick it up on the page is known only to him/her, but the fact is it shouldn't be there.
02:11:33 AM Nov 22nd 2014
Yeah, that ought to be moved to Jak 3. I can't find any evidence of the expanded title either.
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