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10:37:50 PM Sep 18th 2017
Is Lucy named after Lucille Ball? I wasn't sure whether to add it to the Shout Out section, but considering who her parents are, it'd make sense as a reference.
04:16:44 PM Mar 3rd 2016
I know this has come up already, but now that the final year of the comic is coming to a close, I propose creating a separate page for it. It would probably be best to wait until everything's over (including the last annual), but since transferring everything over might take a while, maybe we could start now?
09:16:52 AM Aug 28th 2015
edited by Abdoulhay
About the shout outs Injustice:gods among us was released before the Avengers wasnt it? Anyways would it really make sense for a Dc property to mention Marvel? If does let me know .But I haven't told what the mistake was! Flash catching the arrow fired at him by GA that subsequently exploded somehow referenced the same scenario in a movie that came out the following year?(damn time travelers...)
06:37:01 AM May 13th 2015
Hello, people. How do you think, should we begin making Recaps for Injustice Comixes? It's Year Four already. I can start if you think it's good. If you agree, I think that we should start by Years.
01:07:49 AM May 22nd 2015
Honestly, the comic should even have it's own page, at this point this is not a promotional strip anymore, it's a full-blown series already, with more length (almost 100 issues!) than other series focused on a character.

So yeah, go ahead, if you need help, count on me, since I'm following the series closely as well.
11:36:26 AM Jul 20th 2015
Good. I'll start soon. What about one page per Year?
06:56:23 PM Jun 21st 2014
What's up with all the bashing of the mobile version? I've had the game for a few months not, never paid a cent, and I'm AWESOME at it. While the computer cheats even more than the page indicates, it's certainly not at all an Allegedly Free Game.
07:42:25 PM Jun 21st 2014
Any complaints can be removed. The main wiki isn't for that.
11:47:02 PM May 30th 2013
Please stop adding in General Zod and Scorpion into the character list or mentioning voice actors for them. They have not been confirmed as playable characters and are only rumors.
10:17:55 AM Jun 1st 2013
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Seriously why in the hell are people still adding them?


You know what? someone seriously needs to lock this article to stop this shit from going on.
01:07:37 PM Jun 3rd 2013
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Oh...aaaaand Scorpion's been confirmed, trailer video and all.

Well...shit. SORRY

But it doesn't mean Zod's been confirmed too, just Scorp.
09:13:35 PM Jul 13th 2013
While you do have a point, your point just got completely ruined by unfortunate circumstances.
01:36:19 PM May 15th 2013
Where has this second set of DLC characters come from? I can't find anything about them.
02:38:49 PM Apr 16th 2013
With regard to the character sheet, I noticed a few of the Main Universe characters (Notably Dick Grayson/Nightwing and Doomsday) have spoilers for their Injustice-Verse counterparts. Should we remove those/add entries for their Injustice Counterparts? I know this gets kinda complicated with Nightwing. I'll grant that say, mainstream Doomsday and Ares have no real bearing on the game's plot (albeit they might be the ones from the star Labs missions), but the versions that do have relevance are the Injustice Versions.

10:50:44 AM Apr 16th 2013
What about Ma and Pa Kent from Evil Supermans universe? Were they killed when they disagreed with there adopted sons actions or are they too afraid to speak out?
12:24:28 PM Dec 19th 2013
By the time the comic ends they're still alive, but it doesn't look like Superman will let them out of the Fortress of Solitude.

Either they got fed with his crap and defied him, or they're in confinement somewhere his paranoid son thinks them safe.
06:05:04 PM Apr 7th 2013
Would it count as a sort-of meta Foregone Conclusion that the vote (and therefore popularity) based 'tournament' created by the developers to big up the game in the run-up to release has Batman and Superman in the final?
12:55:57 PM Apr 18th 2013
Yes, definitely. I guessed almost every battle (other than Green Arrow vs Hawkgirl, because I didn't factor in Arrow), and I'm a bit slow sometimes, so it definitely was.
10:29:14 PM Feb 27th 2013
Umm, why Captain Marvel is actually called Shazam? I mean there is whole trope(that he is trope namer for) for people getting his name wrong...
02:34:25 AM Feb 28th 2013
edited by Zippo27
He is now. With the DC Relaunch in 2012 Captain Marvel officially became Shazam. Nether Realm Studios is using that version of the Character.
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