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07:16:01 AM Apr 18th 2012
Removed the following:

* IGotBetter: [[spoiler: How the heck did Capell return from the moon?]]

I Got Better was renamed to Unexplained Recovery due to misuse of the Stock Phrase nature of the old name. I haven't played the game (nor have any interest in the genre), though, so I don't know if Capell's return qualifies as an Unexplained Recovery.

Could someone who has played the game fix this if it is a valid use of UR?
10:48:16 AM Apr 18th 2012
I've beaten the game, and although I forgot most of the plot, I remember the ending.

Basically, the final boss is fought on the moon, I think. Capell destroys the last chain linking the moon to the planet, after the rest of the party returns from the moon via the chain. There's no way he could've come back, as he could only destroy it from the moon, and not from the planet; plus, there was no other known way to come back. He just shows back up at the very end, and it isn't explained how he got there. I've heard a theory that him coming back was just a dream from Aya's point of view (Capell's love interest).

I hope that helped.
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