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06:41:23 AM Mar 29th 2015
A Nightmare Fuel page Y/N? The second season and some parts of Chrono Stone deserves it so badly.
09:51:05 AM Sep 10th 2015
Sorry, I already made one without permission.
05:03:07 PM Jan 14th 2013
Don't we need a Headscratchers page? There are so many plot holes and other tidbits I can think of that are worthy of mentioning.
08:59:38 AM Sep 25th 2012
Can Kirino really be called a member of the Five-Man Band? He was always advertised as more important than he really was.
10:31:24 AM Apr 23rd 2012
  • Cute Shotaro Boy: Well, duh.
    • Notably Toramaru, being in sixth grade. Naturally everyone was shocked.

One, Cute Shotaro Boy has been renamed to Adorably Precocious Child. Two, this trope is highly misused and this example does not give enough detail to see if it applies; please check the definition at Adorably Precocious Child before re-adding.
05:24:50 AM Jan 28th 2012
Ho Yay page. Y/N?
09:22:24 PM Jan 29th 2012
06:07:04 AM Jan 31st 2012
Yes, we could use all of those pages, and a Funny page.
04:35:43 AM Mar 9th 2012
A Shout-out, Hey It's That Voice! and a Badass page. We must get cracking!
12:01:00 AM Mar 26th 2018
Drinking Game page and Pantheon Page? For example, Endou can be The God of The God Hand, Gouenji The God of Super Ringers, Fubuki The God of Two Siblings In One and Daisuke The God of Terrible Hand Writing.
10:14:03 AM Jan 19th 2012
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09:58:22 PM Dec 26th 2011
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This probably must go in the Character discussion page, and if it indeed does, I'll pass it. For now about Fudou's situation in GO, that would turn the fan (and seiyuu) jokes about his benchwarmer and Rummage Sale Reject status into a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment or Harsher in Hindsight (at least Hilarious in Hindsight, depending if you consider it funny or not)? It fits more on the YMMV, but personally this troper feel very bad now.
11:50:55 PM Dec 27th 2011
Well, him being homeless and or in deep poverty was already hinted at in the original series. Which is why it didn't surprise many people to find out that he was still homeless in ''GO'', so I would put it in the YMMV for now.
06:06:33 PM Dec 28th 2011
edited by themadfujoshi
I was taking more on the Like You Would Really Do It and leave him poor, so I was kind of waiting for at least the standard happy ending, seeing as almost everyone are doing well. I knew he was in deep poverty, but never considered the idea that he was homeless back then. But again, it didn't surprised many people he was still poor or worse but at the same time many in fact were surprised (like this troper), since they were hoping Fudou managed to overcome his economical problems.

I'll put is as a Hilarious in Hindsight / Harsher in Hindsight but yes, it's a YMMV
12:34:25 PM Dec 30th 2011
I dunno, I thought he wouldn't be able to get a job because of his personality hence him being homeless. Personally I was hoping that he was mooching off of Kidou, but that's just the Yaoi Fangirl in me. I guess you're right about the Hilarious in Hindsight / Harsher in Hindsight... I guess it also means that he no longer averts being a Loser Son of Loser Dad... (This post is sort of unneeded, I just wanted to reply....)
05:41:23 PM Jan 1st 2012
edited by themadfujoshi
It's hinted that Fudou was a Delinquent, or at least started to hang around with not-so-good company. So maybe he couldn't find a job for his "records" (Tobitaka could be excused because Hibiki probably led him at charge of Rai Rai Ken), add to that his jerkassery even if he at the end he had a heart of gold. His homeless status could borderline to Fridge Horror if we think how he became homeless in the first place. It's cliché but he could be living with his mother at least. What happened to her? or why is he living in a bench? Well all that until the anime or people with the game reveal everything.

Funny enough, he watch Raimon's final match with Kazemaru, the one he hitted with a ball just to keep it during a match, and probably who didn't talked that much with. As a Yaoi Fangirl, I know what you mean.

And to keep this as a discussion, yes, he no longer averts being Loser Son of Loser Dad. With all this, the Hilarious in Hindsight / Harsher in Hindsight takes more strenght in the second part, he'll Never Live It Down maybe? At least give him a breathe. It almost looks like Akihiro Hino knew about Kaji and the fans jokes about Fudou and kept breaking the haughty to give a lesson about that there's some things you shouldn't be laughing about (don't worry, I always want to reply).
01:23:19 PM Jan 2nd 2012
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I agree, he probably was a delinquent, I'm not sure about the hanging out with the wrong part though. Also on the subject of Tobitaka, I'm pretty sure he dragged himself out of the wrong crowed after FFI, as evident by his different composer in GO. He probably is also running the Rai Rai Ken to keep his idol's image alive since Hibiki is probably busy with the Resistance. (Some random Fridge Horror, What happened to Toramaru's mother and shop, since he isn't running it?) Knowing Fudou he probably had too much self pride to live with his mother, or did not want to burden her. I ordered the game I'm just waiting it to arrive so I'll probably keep and the wiki updated on what happened.

Well I'm sure he was only grouped up with Kazemaru and Kabeyama because they are exclusive to Dark and have a different cut scene (Shine probably shows Midorikawa and Hiroto, in place of that picture.)

Yes, he probably is Loser Son of Loser Dad, though he might be okay with that, we might not know until the anime gets to this.

Oh and adding to this discussion, do you think I should add a character entry for Yukimura? I seems like he will appear again if the screencaps of the game are right.

05:36:36 PM Jan 2nd 2012
edited by themadfujoshi
Well, when they're telling Fudou's backstory it's briefly shown some random Delinquents behinds him YMMV. Yes, he did; but you said it, he's running the Rai Rai Ken and for whatever reason he's working, Fudou somewhat is the same (as we can assume he dragged himself of that too) case but he isn't, but then again... About Toramaru's mother I don't know. She got better, maybe? Or Nonomi could be in charge of the restaurant. Ah, I almost forgot that's Fudou of who we're talking about. Yes, he could be a hobo for own choice (so to speak); being, well... Fudou. Still it has a little of Fridge Horror, he decide it or not, or at least makes harsher the Harsher in Hindsight. Until we get to know everything, if things for him only keep getting worse, it might well be Hilarious in Hindsight / "Funny Aneurysm" Moment. You're getting the game? Lucky you, I wish I could get it.

Right, right, forgot Shine. I'm only having in count what I know of Dark due to my bias for Aphrodi, Kazemaru and Fudou himself.

And we can't assure anything with the anime. For example, in the anime we see Yukimura as a bratty kid and really not much Character Development is seen so far, but in games they go deeper on his backstory and personality; heck, when he finally understands everything and talks with Fubuki, he cries. It's no a bad thing, tho; like the main page says they cut some details and go deeper in others. But in Fudou's case being ok with it is a bit of a downer, IMO. I'll add the failed subversion of the trope to his entry.

I don't know, it looks like he will as it's almost sure we'll see Fubuki again. As far as the anime GO and what I've seen about the in-game Yukimura on the web he really looks for Fubuki's approval, and the last one seems pretty fond of the kid as well. I guess you can add it, even if so far is just a minor appearance.
05:59:11 AM Jan 3rd 2012
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Well it's not really stated tat Fudou got himself out of the wrong crowd, and he still has pretty much the same personality as before so who knows, maybe he tried to get a job, fan art tends to show him working Odd Jobs or as a house husband, but that's just Fanon, so nobody can be sure. I'm not sure if everything is getting worse for him, because in pictures he seems somewhat happy/content, and it's no like his life was any better before. Well, I just mentioned Toramaru because I tend to associate Tobitaka with Toramaru and thats how I got off topic. Who knows maybe he is still running it and the whole Right Hand Man thing is a side job, or his mom could have gotten better.

Yeah I'm biased for Dark too, mostly because I could care less about any of the Aliea Academy characters.

I suppose I will add Yukimura when I get home.
12:46:34 PM Jan 3rd 2012
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True on that, I guess that once a Smug Snake always a Smug Snake. About the odd jobs and the Fanon we can take again that Fudou is too prideful and arrogant to take them, specially if you consider some of his old teammates cold see him as the Burger Fool. I was taking the things getting worse part objectively, and as you said it his life wasn't any better and things like living in the streets wouldn't affect him that much, he can look "happy/content" despise how awful his situation is. Like I said it's a bit of a downer if things keep getting worse and he goes along and is "ok" with it because he's used to it, unfortunately. About Toramaru, I still think Nonomi could be helping Toramaru's mother.

Well I like Hiroto and Midorikawa, but Dark got most of my favorite characters and my bias for them is pretty strong. Still Shine is more popular due to Natsumi, but going again with my bias I prefer Fuyuka. Too bad for Aki, out of the three she was my favorite.
11:12:22 PM Jan 3rd 2012
edited by PoochyEXE
I have Dark, and as far as I can remember of that cutscene, Fudou wasn't explicitly stated to be homeless. He's napping by the soccer field at the riverside plaza, but it was also late enough in the evening that it doesn't completely rule out the possibility that he's just lazing about after work before returning home. He says something along the lines of "I just nap wherever it's convenient," and he certainly didn't seem distressed or dissatisfied about napping there. It struck me as more like those times early in the FFI arc where he's loafing around while everyone else was practicing. If he were homeless and living under that bench, I would've expected him to also be sleeping there in one of the other version-specific cutscenes, where Tenma runs into Kazemaru on a morning jog (also by the same soccer field) before school/work.

As for Toramaru, I'd assume his mom got better. In fact, there's an optional sidequest from late in the third game (only accessible well after you've left for Liocott, I think it becomes available somewhere around chapter 7-ish) that you can trigger by going back to Toranoya and talking to her with Toramaru in one of the top 4 slots (i.e. as one of the characters following Endou). If I remember correctly, in the cutscene you get for completing that sidequest, his mom mentions she recently tidied up the house, which probably requires much more energy than she could've mustered just a couple chapters earlier. I think she also explicitly said she's been getting somewhat better, but I don't remember for sure.
05:55:13 AM Jan 4th 2012
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(I'm going to use twiiter-like notation to reply to previous posts)

@themadfujoshi: Yes that's quite true he has too much Pride to let himself go to that level.

Well I don't HATE the Aliea Academy characters in fact I quite like Saginuma I was kind of pressed for time to explain this, but I believe that most of the characters for Aliea academy are over rated and cause people to over look other the rest characters. Also I like the characters exclusive to Dark more as you said.

Personally I was hoping that Endou would end up with Touko and I wasn't quite sure which manager (discluding Haruna, and on that subject i hope she ends up with Kogure,) I was more in favor of him ending up with. Though I was fairly glad to see that Aki may have ended up with Ichinose, but I can't help be to feel bad for Rika.

@Poochy EXE: True it never really said he was, but I sort of inferred that he was because of his clothes. All of the characters whom have jobs (other then the characters in the Pro League) dress as such (in suits or uniforms,) but I suppose your right on the fact if he was living there he would be in the other cut scenes, and people who generally work in Japan tend to go out after work for drinks, so maybe he was just being lazy.

I haven't gotten to that part in the 3rd game (I'm sort of going out of order in how I played them) so I didn't really know and just went off of what I saw from the anime.
07:05:40 AM Jan 4th 2012
edited by PoochyEXE
^ Funny thing is, I always thought Rika would be the most likely to still be single. XD Her clinginess would probably scare off any man.

Also, Yukimura does reappear later in the game, albeit in a much smaller role - enough to provide satisfying closure to his story, but not much more than that. (Same for Minamisawa, in case you're interested.) I'll refrain from spoilers, though, so as to not tempt anyone.
12:42:44 PM Jan 4th 2012
Ha, yeah thats true, it surely over whelm anyone she ever tried to persue.

Yeah I did notice that Minamisawa was in a different uniform in the credits; but I guess I'll wait until I play it to find out (and I gonna wait till I beat IE 3 to play it cause by then my japanese ds should arrive...
02:24:30 PM Jan 4th 2012
edited by themadfujoshi
Poochy.EXE: ok, ok but then again who wouldn't have thought that Fudou was homeless with his clothes? Maybe he in fact has a lousy job. I've just played the first game (with the Remastered Patch) because my japanese is on weaboo level, but I try to be at date with info from people who have played the other games, so unfortunately I have to guide more or less with only the anime. On the cutscene thing, maybe this kind of events are exclusive from version to version? You could be right too and he's just being Fudou. About Toramaru, we can assume his mother got better. Oh, yeah; Rika's... Intense personality would probably scare most of the guys, she's the most likely to stay single. I can see a Christmas Cake here, if we take in count that Rika's father left his mother because he couldn't stand her and Rika has a Strong Family Resemblance on her mother's character, well...

Nonentity Z: Alright, I didn't said you hated them LOL! It just happens for the bias for Dark's exclusives. Touko, of course! how could I forget her? She was one of my options too. Aki and Ichinose is one of the ships I like; as for Rika, I admit she drived me nuts sometimes with her clingyness, but I'm not surprised "things" didn't worked out with Ichinose. About Yukimura, I guess with even a minor re-appearance he can get his entry in the character sheet.

To keep this somewhat on-topic, LesYay can be considered when Aki takes Fuyuka's hands during the Neo Japan match? come on, both blush and all. Also Touko on a mild example of Covert Pervert, as of 31 episode when she tries to peek on the guys while chaging and then going to sleep with them on the Inazuma Caravan (well, at least for Endou).
05:14:47 AM Jan 6th 2012
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@themadfujoshi: Yeah, I know I just wasn't sure if I made it seem like I didn't... I agree with you it's easy to assume that Fudou is jobless/has a bad job by his clothes (or it could have been an attempt at having a character the looks 'modern' on Level 5's part.) Eeyup Rika might end up a Christmas Cake.... still I feel kinda bad about that personally I found her and Ichinose's 'relationship' hilarious (all I could think was, dear god he's whipped.)

Well as I play IE3 it makes it seem like Ichinose and Aki were intended to end up together, so now that I look back at it I'm not surprised.

Yes I could see some Les Yay there and their part. Also I saw a lot of Les Yay subtext between Touko and Rika (to the point were I ship them together seeing as neither of them ended up with anyone probably.) As for Touko, maybe her crush on Endou sort of led to the and could be seen as UST on her part.

And I added Yukimura.
06:46:01 PM Jan 6th 2012
edited by themadfujoshi
Nonentity Z: Nah, it's ok. About Fudou, well... We can conclude that "Rummage Sale Reject + found sleeping on a bench = Hobo", if his homeless status turns out to be wrong, at least we can say in our defense that Level-5 has the fault for the first part of the equation, if they intended to make him look "modern" or a failed attempt at the urban/hiphop/rap style or whatever; for me the problem is the color scheme, he wouldn't look that bad if his jacket and his pants had diferent colors. This is one of those times I wish some of the artists would look at fanarts and sort if they really were intending to make Fudou look "modern", or at least look at tendencies, but that's just me and I'm not informed about current fasion tendencies in Japan. About the fanart thing, I say it because it seems (and to be honest they sometimes imply it) that aside from the seiyuu, Level-5 are more or less aware of what's doing the fandom, which means that, um... And I thought about the relationship: "man, Ichinose is a REALLY Nice Guy if he's THAT patient to deal with Rika's clingyness"; he won (or well, assured it) my apretiation and respect just for that, LOL.

It's not that surprising, and I'm ok with it, actually. I would love to see Aki and Endou together but, Ichinose is awesome too (her bias for Fudou is talking).

So, should I put Les Yay for that? About Touko and Rika I'm not sure, I saw them more like a comedic Tom Boy And Girly Girl or Those Two Girls in how sometimes Rika annoyed Touko, but I guess when it's about girls the Les Yay has to be more noticeable for me, as the cited Aki/Fuyuka case, or maybe I only notice it when its from Touko and the managers (my favorites). I've seen that Touko appears in the game, but I don't know what she does exactly. About the UST, we can see that Touko likes Endou, but she's more relaxed about it, maybe because she knows about Aki and Natsumi's feelings (or at least Aki). I took the Covert Pervert part for those two cases of the onsen and the caravan, but oh well...

Another thing we should list in the main page is the Dude, Where's My Respect?. When I finished the first game and all that, you basically stay in the last chapter, with some NPC's suffering from Welcome to Corneria (one particularly annoying one is one Gouenji's fangirl next to the main building's entrance, but she was annoying to begin with); but going back to the respect, it certainly feels like Pokemon, you're never the campion of FF, or at least aknowledge as the winner by other people sans Raimon Soichirou. Another in-game trope, there's some girl in the Judo club that tells Endou: "Hey, Endou! Would you like to be my Judo partner? We can practice leg locks! Don't worry, I will not hurt you!", more or less like that. And to the funny entry (if there's ever one), in-game when we're not yet revealed that Kidou and Haruna are related, we see Kidou mumbling about Haruna while Doumen, Hemni and can't-remember-who-else talked about the gossips about Kidou involving a girl. Then Doumen makes a comment along the lines that Kidou "is on the move" while Hemni complains about "its always the quiet ones, right?!".
06:08:01 AM Jan 10th 2012
You're right the colors are what pretty much ruined it but it makes it that much funnier because, it's Fudou, wearing pink!. Also his other outfit wasn't that 'hip' either... True but I'm sure Level 5 just wanted what would be easiest to animate both in the the video game and in the anime which is why no outfit is very detail, but it doesn't explain the clashing colors.

Aha true any man who can keep up with that, deserves respects. Though as I said I'm pretty sure Aki and Ichinose end up together opposed to Rika and Ichinose.

I dunno I always thought that Touko would probably be the only person who could put up with Rika... I'm sure Touko picked up on the other mangers (excluding Haruna) because, who can't?

Well the case of Dude, Where's My Respect? gets better, the NPC's have changing dialogue in IE3 depending on your progress, like after you win FFI all of the NPC's around Raimon Middle have congratulatory dialogue.

Yeah that would go under the funny entry. There is also another moment were Toramaru and Tachumukai argue over who's better Gouenji or Endou, but I'm not sure if it measures up.
08:19:26 PM Jan 10th 2012
edited by themadfujoshi
Well, I can take the pink, but not with that green. It doesn't have to be complicated to be trendy, just a change to the colors of his jacket and pants and he's done, but oh well, you already said it, "clashing colors".

Yeah, I'm pretty sure of that too. Now I wonder, what's doing Rika right now? Maybe she's running her mother's restaurant, which again bring us to the Unfortunate Implications and even a Christmas Cake.

So Touko could be considered Bi the Way or some trope related? I always thought of Touko as One of the Boys, which makes her even more cool for shipping for me but ok; also, when she is first introduced and starts to travel with Raimon she interacted more with Kidou, even showing an interest in him or what he said in the same line as she was interested in Endou (or at least it seems the writers had that intention, but decided to fully guide Touko's interest towards Endou); that would have been interesting if it were developed further, I like the idea of a Kidou/Touko. I'm sure no one would go close to Haruna with that kind of intentions, even Touko, if Kidou is around. But since it's Touko, we're talking about, I insist in the Covert Pervert for the episode 31 case.

Well, it does get better, but it's still there. I think we should list it, at least for the first game.

That Kidou gossiping almost looked out of character, but sure it was funny; too bad it didn't made it to the anime, but I guess it would have ruined the tense atmosphere during those episodes. Also Tsunami stoping that shoot... With his face. The funny entry needs to be constructed as well as the others.

Talking about entries, I know the second season is Darker and Edgier, but the second half of episode 44, full episode 45 and most of 46 could be considered as Accidental Nightmare Fuel with a bit of Fridge Horror and Mood Whiplash? Those are three of the most scary and depressing episodes. Fubuki is going though a self-steem issue pushed further by Atsuya: I know, he's trying to snap him out of it, but sometimes it just looks like Atsuya is a real dick towards Fubuki, mostly on the "they only need a forward" issue, making feel the real Fubuki as no one needs him, and the in the re-match against Epsilon Atsuya gets dragged to Fubuki's Heroic B.S.O.D., getting one himself and then the whole Fubuki gets a whole Heroic B.S.O.D.. Then Kazemaru, despise what the Fan Dumb part says about being emo for not being fast enough, we could see this comming from the start of the season, it's just that the anime gave very few moments to focus (but key to understand this) on Kazemaru's insecurities. What makes it Fridge Horror with a bit of ANF is that Kazemaru, the sane man of the team and the captain's Number Two, is pretty much suffering a nervous breakdown and no one notices until is too late and he leaves the team, focused on Fubuki's performance (well, in Atsuya and this influenced in Fubuki's problem) and later crisis; and it makes it worse that at least only Endou talked to him before he left even if he didn't understand what he was muttering, but at least understood his reasons during the DE match(and maybe Kidou suspected something during 46); but again, you remember anyone talking to him until his departure? Kazemaru tried but, Endou didn't seem to understand, as if that was weird on him. And dear Arceus, his expressions during the Genesis match didn't helped (Fubuki's one when he's talking to Atsuya during 44 is pretty freaky too). And then Endou's Heroic B.S.O.D., which is self explanatory. It isn't a Mood Whiplash when your pluckly, happy-go-lucky, keeper Endou sits in a corner under the rain to cry, and stops eating and playing?

Sorry for the rant, I miss the Troper Tales.
06:05:05 AM Jan 11th 2012
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It's okay, feel free to rant, I just find it fun to discuss Inazuma Eleven because its rare for me to talk to anyone who even knows of the show.

True, the green is really what makes the outfit clash horrible. Though this might say something about Fudou's fashion sense, or lack of.

I always thought of Touko as that... Though this might be due to he One of the Boys tendencies. I never really though of Kidou/Touko, mostly due to my support of Endou/Touko... Also due to some other headcanons I have about Kidou... (this opinion is mostly due to him never showing any interest in woman/most people, that I've seen, but who am I to speculate.) Though I suppose that pairing could work out quite nicely. I like the idea of it better then Tsunami/Touko because I never really though they could be anything more then Platonic Life-Partners and that their personalities could clash too much if they were to be more then that and ever Level 5 seemed to abandon this shipping. On that matter of Haruna, that is one of the reasons why I ship Kogure/Haruna because I believe that Kogure would have enough guts to bypass Kidou(not sure if this is on topic). And okay for the Covert Pervert thing

Eeyup a Heartwarming entry should be constructed as well because, there is a lot of it.

Yes Fubuki's BSOD could be seen that way, because the feeling of not being wanted is terrifying and to add on to it, he's an orphan and utterly alone so he had nobody to help him with it. I suppose this is why he became so attached to Someoka because he was one of the few who seemed to care. Also as an extension to the Fridge Horror about Kazemaru, think about how bad Endou must have felt after he realized what he was putting Kazemaru through? Kazemaru has been noted to be Endou's closest friend think of how shity he must of felt when he left him. No wonder he went through a BSOD shortly after. Oh and on the Darker and Edgier note the first 10 episodes of GO could also be seen as Nightmare fuel, I could help but to feel utterly terrible for Tenma. All he wanted to do was play soccer but he was put into such a crap sack situation....

10:25:34 AM Jan 12th 2012
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Here themadfujoshi, forgot the handle's password.

Nontentity Z: Tell me. Inazuma is popular in Brasil, Chile and partially in Mexico, unfortunately, I'm not in any of those here Down The South.

So Level-5 is trying to say that Fudou has a terrible fashion sense, or is daltonic? Wouldn't be surprised if Hino decided to give us more stuff to make fun of him, and if anything that happened during the 24 hours TV special told us anything, is that everyone from him to the seiyuus, are aware of what's up the fandom, which again worries me. Add to that that in a B'sLog magazine edition Hino was interviwed and commented his desire to make an Otoge for Inazuma Eleven, in the magazine they even add that he's seriously thinking about it. I don't know if I should Squee or laugh about that because, well, Endou and Kidou make cameos in the Kyabajoppi (better known as Girls RPG) game adaptation for 3DS.

The Kidou/Touko is more on Touko's side in my headcanon, but otherwise Kidou only seems interested in soccer and Haruna wellfare, so I think it's that he might have an interest, but he has other priorities right now; and going off-topic, aside from Kazemaru, he's the sane man of the team and the most clever guy. Pffft yeah, Kogure is daring enough, but I LMFAO at the though of Fudou/Haruna, Fudou only doing it to piss off Kidou. I insist on the Covert Pervert part as a personal thing: everytime I see Touko I can pretty much see myself (but I practice Taekwan-do), and if I were her I wouldn't waste an opportunity like in the onsen or sleeping in the caravan, but that's just me.

The heartwarming thing is that it's in the YMMV page. If someone starts the heartwarming page we can erase the YMMV there and be more specific. My favorite is the beggining of episode 27, anyone?

And add to THAT Atsuya adding insult to the injury, he was being TOO rough with Fubuki, even if he just wanted to help him; about no one helping him that extends pretty much to anyone with some kind of issue, that's why we have There Are No Therapists (and a slightly Adults Are Useless) in the main page. I also find it interesting Aphrodi's interest in Fubuki, but he didn't lasted enough in the team to bound up like Someoka did with Fubuki.

Hoooooooo I can pretty much feel it, but Endou fully understands of what he was doing to Kazemaru in the Dark Emperors match; his Heroic B.S.O.D. comes from Kazemaru's departure and, if I can recall, he thinks to himself that he pushed too far that he made him abandon the team; the thought that HE was doing this to his childhood friend is pretty frightening if you put yourself in Endou's position. Also tell me that Kazemaru's expressions during 45 almost seemed like he just saw Endou die? Dear Arceus, Kazemaru's expression come back to my mind...

And my Arceus, episodes 37-38 are pretty nightmarish on their own. Just think in how painful must be Beast Fang and Koutei Penguin Ichi-go for Genda and Sakuma respectively, and emotionally for Kidou. It gets worse when you see how Sakuma and Genda clench themselves in pain, specially at the end of 38 when Sakuma uses the hissatsu a third time; Arceus, that scream, that scream, that scream, that scream... Note And they add the SFX of Sakuma's bones breaking. Oh, and Fudou's main purpose there is to make things even worse, everything he does there makes things worse, from giving the ball to Sakuma and Genda to beat up Kidou to giving the ball to Sakuma again after doing Emperor Penguin No.1 a third time, just imagine being Kidou and witness how your friends destroy themselves and cross the Despair Event Horizon almost to madness, while some random Jerk Ass push them forward to it. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but those two episodes are some of my Accidental Nightmare Fuel and tear jerkers; Well, Aki's crying too, so I'm not alone in that.

Oh, Tenma... I agree with that. I also was with Tsurugi when in that match the other team tried to break Tenma's legs, that's pretty nightmarish for me (despise what americans think of soccer, it's rough on it's own and fractures are pretty common. I've seen several and it's NOT a pretty sight). You can pretty much replace the soccer for an actual fight in those episodes (along with the second season of the first anime) and you have a normal, nightmarish shounen.

Maybe it's unrelated to the second season, but the matches writers are the scriptwriters of Digimon Tamers, if that says anything about second season.

Off-topic, are you a brony or pegasister? The eeyup tells me something, LOL. And tell me you had the idea of pony-fying Raimon/Inazuma Japan...
05:58:32 AM Jan 13th 2012
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Ha, I know how you feel, I normally use the username of Nonentity X but I forgot the handle for it also...

I'm pretty sure Inazuma Eleven is also really popular in Europe from what I've heard. Same here, I also live in Eagleland were almost nobody even knows about this series.

I would say they might be trying to enforce his bad taste in clothing because even when he was shown in casual clothing before it wasn't what anyone would call "stylish". It would be kind of hard NOT to be aware of the fandom, especially since it's really popular in Japan.

Yea it probably would be more on Touko's side (speaking of one-sided pairings am I the only one who can see subtle hints of Gouenji->Endou?) if anything, and yup he really is only interested in soccer and his sister and seems to be the type to not realize his feelings. I really don't see myself in any of these characters, except for Nishiki.

Ha, yeah Fudou would do that (I even saw it done in an ask account) he would do anything to piss off/get attention from Kidou.

Maybe Atsuya didn't know he was being rough with him because he seemed to be more willing to a violent and didn't know how to be gentle. Yeah, but I'm sure that Aphrodi knew that he wasn't going to be on the team very long so... But Someoka did seem to help him out a lot I mean in the third season(well in the game for the third season at least) they seem to be acting like some sort of couple...

Yeah those events probably were traumatizing for both of them...but it seems like they both got over it rather fast. (Or did they?)

I agree, the Shin Teikoku episode were terrifying. The thing I saw as the most Accidental Nightmare Fuel inducing was Fudou's many Slasher Smiles. That also makes the second time that Sakuma and Genda were severely injured while Kidou watched powerlessly.

Yes, watching Tenma almost getting injured must have been traumatizing for Tsurugi given what happened to his brother. True it would be hardcore if it wasn't about soccer (even so it's still Nightmare Fuel inducing) because for those first few episodes I couldn't help but to repeatedly say "Poor Tenma..."

Ha yeah you exposed me, I'm a brony (well pegasister) and I can't help but to think of Mark and Dylan as being ones too just because~
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Back to the old handle. I was using another pc and forgot this handle's password, lol.

It's popular enough in Europe that the first movie is going to be released in cinemas Note. We're waiting for the next episodes and the movie in latin america, as we don't know yet if the movie it's going to be released in DVD or cinema (problably the first). The series could be more popular here in the south, if it weren't for Executive Meddling, giving the show stupid schedules in other countries like Perú and Ecuador; at least here in Colombia in an accesible (and good) channel gets the schedule mon-fri 9:30 A.M. Unfortunately, it seems that 60% of the fandom in latin america is Fan Dumb, thinking that it's only the anime and if they know about the games Note, think the anime is first. I have a kind of sucky luck, and always end up finding it, specially those unbearable, squeeking and shallow fangirls that wet their underwear at any sign of any of the Inazuma All-Stars (I particularly HATE when they mention that Kazemaru is emo). I don't want to sound snobish (too late for that), but it seems that the Inazuma Fan Dumb here is that one that can't read/speak English, which gets us to the squeeking fangirls. It makes sense in that the english fandom is the second biggest one after the japanese, and it goes beyond the spanish one by too far, so if someone from the spanish fandom with zero knowledge on english or japanese goes to look for information about the games, for example, will end up like "the blind guiding the invident", as if he/she finds information in spanish it will probably be from not-informed people (I've tried it, and trust me, you can only find BS). But as I have bad luck calling the spanish Fan Dumb to which I can't discuss things like the Accidental Nightmare Fuel in the second season for example, I also find that small but brilliant that makes me feel like I'm in the english/japanese fandom; and unsurprisingly, they're from Chile and can speak english/japanese and thus are at date with whatever comes out about Inazuma (sometimes it's just relaxing to discuss what we're discussing here in my original language, you know? Not that doesn't mean that I'm not enjoying this either). I would say that the best spanish-speaking fandom is the Chilean, they've been saved from my Scrappy-status towards my native language fandom. Have you ever read Level-5's Facebook? It's always filled with snark (including me in that croud) about why they don't bring the games to America, lol.

Ohhh we're going to the Distortion World for making fun of Fudou like this, at least we can consider it as an out-universe Break the Haughty. Ok, you're right on that, and now I'm scared.

I wonder what's doing Touko now? From all the non-manager girls, I thought they wouldn't bring her back, and bring Rika instead; I guess she's more popular than I thought, but I like that. Kidou is the man, natch. Nishiki? Nice. And no, you're not the only one, but I see it more like EVERYONE -> Endou. You can't deny Endou's girth.

I guess he didn't realized he was making things worse and got too far, considering that Fubuki is too sensitive about his flaws, at least during that time. Yeah, still, I wished he would have stayed longer. It's good to know that at least Someoka didn't abandon the "help Fubuki" ship.

Endou is so airheaded and happy sometimes that I can't tell if he feels guilty about Kazemaru, and that could make him the perfect Stepford Smiler. As for Kazemaru he seems to be okay, given the Manly Tears at the end of the second game/season, and as expected, all that made them realize how beautiful and special their friendship is. You only can feel bad for Kazemaru in those episodes, he was actually making a progress with his speed, but then Always Someone Better kicks in and he feels stalled and useless. Oh, and thanks for that last question, I just had an idea for a fanfic, along with other for Hobo Fudou.

I think we saw the same Ask Blog. I have one, but I can't draw and the best I could do was some sort of trolling Ask Kazemaru as Aphrodi.

Wooooo Fudou's SlasherSmiles are bad enough on their own and go worse when you realize that he's enjoying Kidou, Sakuma and Genda's suffering. Ohhh how could I forget that? Now his thoughts when Raimon is practicing with Teikoku are more melacholic and sweeter(?, it show us how much he cares for his friends); he thinks about when he joined Raimon and feels guilty for "abandon" Teikoku Note but taking the Shin Teikoku events we can tell that part of his guilt could come from that second time Sakuma and Genda got injuried, and this time worse as they could be cripled and he, again, could do nothing for them. All that makes me think if Fudou really has some sort of Freudian Excuse about his sucky life compared to that of Kidou, and yes he gets his heart of gold, but if we take in count that he worked for Kageyama it's almost sure he talked Fudou about Kidou on how talented he is and that he was adopted by a wealthy family, probably to encourage Fudou's rage, making him think that it's unfair he doesn't have the same luck (at least subconciously) and thus pushing him to show his abilities in a very, very, very cruel and sadistic way (and possibly subconciously discharging his frustration in Kidou, Sakuma and Genda). To add more trauma to Kidou, his new friends are getting injuried to help his old ones; because they want to help Kidou, his friend, and he wants to help his friends, so they help him because his friend's friends are their friends too; and you could partially blame Kidou for Someoka having to leave the caravan for his injury by taking Sakuma's shot for him, despise being previously injuried by Fudou; off-toppic, if Emperor Penguin No. 1 did that to a leg, I don't want to imagine how much damage it does if you recieve it in the head. Shin Teikoku arc is Accidental Nightmare Fuel as a whole, and 38 title could easily be It Got Worse: starts bad, ends horribly worse.

I guess once Tsurugi saw how much Tenma loves soccer and knew about the legs thing, inmediately remembered his brother and could imagine how painful must be not be able to play, and see that suffering again, no matter who, got him to his Even Evil Has Standards moment Note. If Inazuma Eleven manages to have Nightmare Fuel with just being about soccer with superpowers, I don't want to think about with actual fights and direct violence.

My mind inmediately turned Endou, Fudou, Kazemaru and Aphrodi in ponies, I need to work in the others too, lol. Tell me you thought in Tachimukai and Fuyuka in a pegasus like Fluttershy, and tell me Endou is Pinkie Pie. And since we're talking about crossovers, I recomend you the PokeIre tag on Pixiv.

On a totally random note, I'm dragging my former P.E teacher to Inazuma. I'm The Corrupter!! Long discussion is long.
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Well I guess its good that the fanbase in Europe is that big sadly The Movie isn't something to get all that hyped up about. Well that goes for most fandoms for an Anime Of A Game, and it probably is worse over there considering the Dub Name Change (which is kind of stupid considering that the entire anime -minus the FFI arc- takes place in Japan) so it would be harder for them to know their actual names. Well since I'm from Eagleland and their general hatred for The Beautiful Game there is pretty much no chance the series will ever be exported to the USA, so almost nobody in USA even knows of the series. So I really don't have to worry about the whole Dub Name Change thing. Well I'm pretty sure that the Inazuma Eleven episodes get subbed faster in Spanish then they do English (from what I've seen,) though knows how correct they are.

Ha, and an update on if Fudou is homeless or not, I've seen a lot of recent fan art on Pixiv portraying him as being apart of the Italian Pro Leagues along with Kidou. I'm not completely sure how accurate this is but most of the fan art were drawn by people who have seen the new movie/played the new game.

I think Touko is still aiding her father who apparently is still the head of Japan (I'm not sure if this is right or not.) Recently I've began supporting the ship of Tsukimura/Touko due to me scouting him on my team, in the games, and he seems to be somewhat of a lady's man. Hell yeah Kidou's the man not even a bench get in his way. Eeyup I see a lot of myself in Nishiki, thats probably why he's one of my favorite characters in GO... Dear god, yes it is EVERYONE->Endou I need to draw a chart of it be to long to list all of them. Though I wanted to put special mention to Gouenji->Endou because it seems like this whole "Holy Emperor" thing is a ploy to get Endou's attention (in the last cut scene of the game it looks like their making up from a bad brake up.)

Though maybe Someoka leaving was for the best before he became a full on Emotional Crutch for Fubuki.

Hoo, now I can't stop picturing Endou as a Stepford Smiler. Maybe that's why he seems more negative/realistic in GO, his mask could have broke. Though apparently the whole Always Someone Better wasn't the only reason Kazemaru left. BUT I haven't gotten there in the game yet.

I have an Ask Blog too but I haven't been very active due to playing these videogames. I normally just blast the AskShirou and Ask-Kidou with questions because those blogs are really active.

Eeyup, Shin Teikoku!Fudou almost verges into Complete Monster territory despite the Freudian Excuse. Though he does get kicked in the ass later. Also the whole Shin Teikoku arc was slightly different in the games, the entire Teikoku team (minus Sakuma and Genda of corse) played a role in figuring out what was happening with Shin Teikoku (though like a third of them got beat up by Fudou) and Sakuma and Genda really only went with Fudou to protect Kidou (I think, my japanese isnt all that great but i think thats what happened.) Well Someoka took that shot out of his own free will i don't think anyone(other then maybe Kidou) would put the blame on Kidou for Someoka leaving. Good point but then again Sakuma's mind was already messed up at the time.

Well I'm pretty sure they don't have sakka super powers I just saw the hissatsu techniques as something of a metaphor for a move on the feild (like any other sports anime I think)

Ha now you're making me picture the mane six as Inazuma Eleven characters. I also drew a few of the characters as trolls since its the easiest way to sort out thr Love Dodecahydron that exsists in this show YMMV.

09:33:13 AM Jan 18th 2012
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I wouldn't be completely pessimistic about the games being brought over to the USA, since I recall Hino Akihiro has stated in Nintendo Power that he wanted to bring them over, and they've actually filed for the trademark in the USA already. Although that was also around the time of the last World Cup, and they seem to have suffered Schedule Slip quite a bit. The second game's also been announced for a European release, by the way.

As for Touko and her father, I recall a mention of "former Prime Minister Zaizen" during the Holy Road nationals, and I also vaguely remember Touko saying something suggesting that they're just there as fans.

Coincidentally, I JUST independently discovered that PokeIre tag on Pixiv last night. XD Also found out that Nimbasa City in Pokémon Black and White contained plenty of Shout Outs to Inazuma Eleven in the Japanese version, including the fact that it was called Raimon City (but written differently) with the motto "inazuma kirameku kagayaki no machi". Which was the first time I've ever run off to Bulbapedia with something in mind to add. XD
06:25:44 PM Jan 18th 2012
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themadfujoshi here, again forgot the password.

Nonentity Z: Hopefully, the fanbase made enough fuss about the games and the anime to encourage some to play the games, at least the gamer community seems to aknowledge that it's Better Than It Sounds. As for the European fanbase, again it looks that some of the spanish (from spain) fandom know them by their dub name, but it seems that a big part knows about the Dub Name Change and sorts; again I quote the investigation and the disponibility of information issue. You're right on that problem with the Anime of the Game fandoms, so I'll guess I just have to ignore them and keep with the english/japanese fandom, hands up.

I also have read something about that, but I wasn't sure. I guess that after we learn about what he really does, we'll Never Live It Down the WMG of being homeless, like the issue with bananas. If Fudou was in Italy, why he still has such a bad taste in clothing? Just look at Someoka, but YMMV on if he looks good or like a gangster.

It's ok, no ship is crack in Inazuma Eleven, I find myself thinking in Touko/Tachimukai and Aphrodi/Kazemaru (likes traps); as for my game, I snatched Sayaka from Sarii's team, and looking by her dialog she took an eye for the team, specially in the part "don't worry, I'll take care of you"; and Sakuma, the first moment I could get people from Teikoku, he appeared in my first round, and it didn't take too long for Genda to appear after that. About the EVERYONE -> Endou, sometimes it even looks as EVERYONE <—> ENDOU, really really; that's one big close team. Pffft! Endou and Fubuki ran away together and watch the last match in a laptop, nuff said. Also, am I the only one who sees Kidou as a Memetic Bad Ass? Not Kageyama, nor Fudou, not even a bench stops him! Not even mention how he's depicted in fanarts. The Ki Ishi is taking force in Pixiv. Yes, that Ishido is his Uke, but again it's not surprising, almost any ship you can think of is there. That reminds me, to keep this as a discussion, I was thinking that the Inazuma All-Stars could be memetic sex gods, given how many fanarts stars them, no matter with who are they with (in that regards, anyone is used to ship them, ANYONE), or maybe launchers?.

It's so relative, so in the long run Fubuki's dependence on Someoka could have been worse for each other? I need to re-watch the second season and make a serious report about the characters and relationship trees, maybe it will help me with Pedagogy.

That sounds good, but I think that this whole Fifth Sector with Gouenji made him mature (or at least open his eyes) and got serious, dropping the mask. Well, the circumstances in which Kazemaru abandoned the team are different in the anime and the game.

I was excited that Erotatsu answered me, so I kept replying in her Ask Kazemaru, and it ended up in this. Come on, tell me that Kazemaru in his Dark Emperor uniform isn't Fetish Fuel.

Hooo to me the moment he passed the ball to Sakuma expecting he could do Imperial Penguin No. 1 a fourth time was his Moral Event Horizon for the episode and scratched the Complete Monster territory. I know some events from the game are different from the anime, but Fudou did really beat up part of the team? That's messed up. I'm not saying the team is blaming Kidou or something, I said it with the benefit of hindsight, from the viewer's POV, and maybe Kidou... Maybe becuse he seemed more affected about Sakuma and Genda than for Someoka's injury. About Fudou's Freudian Excuse, I don't take the excuse part for what he did to Sakuma, Genda and Kidou, for me he deserved his benching and maybe a little more, I mean, he almost cripled Sakuma and Genda and despise he "fix" things up with the two of them and Kidou and is all in the past, he shows no sign of remorse neither after the match and/or during the third season, but again, it's Fudou. I don't get tired of saying it: Shin Teikoku arc name should be "It Got Worse" with Accidental Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker (YMMV on that last one, tho).

Poochy.EXE: Really? That sounds promissing, hope they release it at least in the next world cup or earlier... Earlier, for the best (Schedule Slip is not weird for Level-5). Yeah, don't talk about that, please...

Well, at least they appeared. So Touko is having the good life, or is she doing important stuff, or the game says nothing at all about her?

LOLOLOL really? It's not a big that like Ina Ire (fujo), but at least it has plenty of artwork, it's good to know that I'm not the only one that likes that crossover. In the english version of Pokémon Black and White when you challenge one of the soccer players in the stadium he tells you that he'll form a team and call it "Pokémon Eleven". I wish I knew more japanese to see those Shout-Out of the japanese version. I also had an idea for a fanfic crossover of the two franchises. So, I don't want to sound like a fool, but... What means "inazuma kirameku kagayaki no machi"? My japanese isn't good.
08:31:19 PM Jan 18th 2012
As far as I can remember, the game doesn't say much about Touko, although she does seem to be as upbeat as ever. She and her father were both dressed pretty formally, so I'd presume they're at least still doing something important.

And "inazuma kirameku kagayaki no machi" means "shining city where lightning sparkles".
10:15:17 AM Jan 19th 2012
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Poochy EXE: Oh, I see. I wonder what she's doind that she's using a formal dress. LOL Ol! Thanks! It indeed sounds like something coming from Inazuma. Pokémon soccer, it would explain the Hissatsu. Fudou has a Snivy.
01:22:29 PM Jan 24th 2012
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@AsamisaKY: I hope so, I got into the games because of the anime, now I can't stop playing them. Yes i see a lot of the European fanbase using the dreaded dub names, but as you said they seem to know that there is a alternate name for them.

Maybe Fudou just has a bad sense in style, or he just doesn't care. I noticed something a few days ago about his outfit though, his jacket is the same color as the penguins in Emperor Penguin 3 (which is normally associated with.) So maybe that's a justification for the jacket, just not everything else. Yes Someoka does look like he's in the mafia.

About Kazemaru/Aphrodi, they recently have had some sort of appearance love child. Yeah I can see that ship. ha, I believe Sakuma will give up eventually, and return to Genda. Well there would be some exceptions to EVERYONE<->ENDOU like Fudou and Sakuma who only care about Kidou. But it is a really close team. Yes Kidou could be a memetic everything, his hammyness and badassery make it this way. I've also seen him used as a Memetic Sex God (I would post examples but its NSFW just look up zombiecowboy on tumblr they have a lot of good examples, and Some Fubu art....) Hoo boy, oh yes Endou (and Gouenji) are a Launcher of a Thousand Ships and a Memetic Sex God. I also see a lot of IshiFubu because of GouFubu.

Well yeah Someoka would have shifted into an emotion crutch probably. OR, Fubuki could have wanted to fix himself to be sutible for Someoka and could have gotten through it himself with Someoka's help. *Rant Ahead* I also don't understand why people believe Gouenji and Fubuki were ment for eachother, they barely communicate after snapping him out of his issue.

Yes probably, though he seemed somewhat more serious when he entered GO maybe because he already knew.... Well in the game it's pretty similar Kazemaru did feel underapriciated and said Fubuki was much better then him in speed (adding to Fubuki's problems) and seemed like he was going to leave anyway, but then Genisis came with a Curb-Stomp Battle and beats up Kazemaru after he managed to get past them, Hiroto was teffified and what he is leading by this adding to his Character Development. Eventually Kazemaru is put on an ambulence which is driven by an aliea academy member which fixes up the lose Plot Holes in the anime.

Oh, that's cool. You RP for Inazuma Eleven? I always wanted to do that but I never had anyone to do it with, though I would probably end up being Someoka or Kogure and for go I would be Nishiki (I already kind of rp as him), Kurumada (he needs more love to.), or Amagi because I find him amusing and easy to relate to. I mostly just end up asking random questions I never got to do something like that but that real cool. Oh yes that uniform is quite the Fetish Fuel and that person draws it well.

Eeyup lets all agree that Shin Teikoku!Fudou was a Complete Monster, thank god he gets better. Yeah, he was mostly effected because they were his underlings and people he felt responsible for, so he didn't want to let them down, again. Another reason one could be grateful for him getting benched is that he gets fouled ALL THE TIME whenever you put him in making him difficult to use in game. Yes, in the game he is shown pushing around/beating up (depending on your interpetation) Henmi, Doumen and some person I don't remember after they rush into Shin Teikoku's battleship to get back Sakuma and Genda. Also Sakuma and Genda were also beat up by Fudou in order to quiet them around Kidou. Well he never really fixed up the loose ends with Sakuma of Genda only Kidou really ever forgave him and Sakuma just kind of went with it and Genda is never mentioned. The entire second season could be described as that.

Also sorry for all of the "To be continued" things I've been mainly reasponding during school because I get distracted whenever I try to on my own computer. Also I just starting playing GO and will keep you updated on anything you need realated to that.

@PoochyEXE Oh I see I was pretty sure they were still doing something important but I wasn't sure.

06:54:30 PM Jan 27th 2012
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@NonentityZ: Me too, I started with the anime and then got the EU game with the Remastered patch (to see the original names); I'm taking a break after almost beating the post-game challenges, the Earth element team and the last team are giving me headaches to get the S Rank, the last team is Egregious about scripted events because when I used the Inazuma-1 the GK recieved it as it was a normal shoot. Well, again, those who use the dreaded dub names in EU seems to be the anime-only fans.

Maybe if his look had the penguin colors it would be understandable, but only the jacket goes with it. If Fudou is supposed to be in the Italian Pro Leage, then Someoka would be playing with him, right? That also makes me wonder about Fideo and a little about Demonio (I know Demonio isn't that lucky in the game, tho).

Hey, I could use that with the Ask Kazemaru blog. I'm starting to feel bad about Sakuma and Genda, and that again gives idea for a fanfic (about that, I realized I tend to like Angst a little too much, all my ideas so far are Angst). Of course, everyone loves Endou and the exceptions prove the rule. One has to wonder is these are Endou's true intentions for such a close team. Pffft! I almost forgot Kidou's Large Ham, thanks maybe for his badassery and Awesomeness by Analysis (this troperette's sister hates him from the first time she saw him solely for his Everything Is Better With Penguins, and since then refused to watch the show and know the character a little better); memetic everything, Do We Have This One?, but yeah, memetic everything. Endou and Gouenji are the most glaring examples of Memetic Sex God / Launcher of a Thousand Ships, but I was talking about all the All-Stars: Gouenji, Endou, Kidou, Fubuki and Kazemaru.

Oh well, Inazuma is always open to interpretation, I guess Fubuki could have wanted to get better for Someoka; I need to pay more attention to this ship. About GouFubu, they're forwards, they're sexy and have issues, do the math. IshiFubu isn't that popular, Miyukiko always complains about the lack of art of those two even on Pixiv.

About Kazemaru, it seems they decided to expand on Kazemaru's issues and left aside the Genesis incident in the anime, but it would have been interesting that what you tell me about Hiroto's horror about beating Kazemaru would have made it to the anime, adding to his Character Development there too; plus, it would have added more horror and drama to the second season. I knew about what happens to Kazemaru in the game and the ambulance thing, but my japanese isn't that good to read text yet.

I try, but I guess I'm not that good at it, at least I'm practicing with someone through Deviantart notes. If I were to roleplay, characters like Touko or Midori are easier to me due to my personality, but as Aphrodi goes I RP him more like his A God Am I self. I drop random questions too, that's why the issue with the uniform's Fetish Fuel came in the first place.

Dear Arceus, if those details you tell me about the game had made it to the anime, Fudou would be a perfect Complete Monster, and yes, thank Arceus he gets better. Poor Kidou, feeling he let his underlings and himself down; hands down at how he dealed with it through the second season, not the only sane man, but again being The Smart Guy show he's one of the most centered characters. So you had to bench him in game? Maybe his constant fouls were on purpouse to let him there in the first place. Dear Celestia, now I can't take out of my head the images of Shin Teikoku arc plus Fudou beating up Genda, Sakuma (and the rest of the team. I understand why that didn't made it to the anime, so child or family unfriendly). Right, right, Sakuma went along with it because of Kidou; and poor Genda is always left aside. That's what I tell my former P.E teacher, and that's probably the best season.

Talking about the second season/game, I just started, and since I can't read japanese (roughly understands when it's voiced dialog) I'm completely lost. Oh, Fridge Horror! About the dark balls, when they destroyed Raimon and other schools, didn't crossed your mind that people, hell kids might have got injuried or died? To the hell if it's soccer balls or not, are freaking buildings falling over people.

And talking about the Teikoku boys, I always compare them as the main cast of South Park. Fudou is Cartman, Genda is Kenny (either because he doesn't get that much screentime nor says anything) and Sakuma and Kidou go between Kyle and Stan. Inazuma Park, maybe I should draw that.

Don't worry, I have the same problem. I can't get close to the pc/laptop to do my homework because I always get distracted. Blame Pokémon and Inazuma Eleven games themselves, can't do my work and even when I'm playing one I start the other.

10:42:22 PM Jan 29th 2012
The "hissatsu shoot turning into a normal shoot" thing is actually a graphical glitch in the game. If the goalkeeper successfully catches or punches away a hissatsu shoot without using a keeper hissatsu himself, in the catch/punch animation, the ball won't have the hissatsu fireball-like effect at all. Whether or not the goalkeeper is successful is determined before the animation even begins. I'm pretty sure I've been on both sides of this glitch quite a few times.
05:50:26 PM Jan 30th 2012
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@PoochyEXE: Still, it's frustrating if you've been having a lucky strike of S rank matches the first time you play them. Talking about graphical glitches, I want to see that Snow Land Stadium one that makes the players look like they're moonwalking.

I'm thinking, if some people at GBA Temp made a patch for the first game to see the original names, maybe they can do it for the second once it's released in Europe? Several sites recomend to turn off the audio to play the game without going crazy for the bad dub, and the names itself are a pain in the "a" if you know the japanese ones. Either way, I REALLY hope they make one for the EU release.
08:35:55 PM Jan 30th 2012
If you have the game, just have any match at Snow Land Stadium and draw a really long arrow that isn't terribly bendy (i.e. don't zig-zag or U-turn), and don't give the character any more movement commands (marking an opponent or drawing another arrow for them). As they follow the arrow, it'll happen eventually.

I actually discovered it by accident. I'm not sure whether the funniest part was that it was Tsurugi of all people, or the fact that he had the ball at the time. XD
09:34:30 PM Jan 30th 2012
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@PoochyEXE: I don't have the game, but I asked artist Miyukiko who has it to see if she can do it.

If I had the game, probably as soon as I could have matches in the Snow Land Stadium I would waste my time seeing everyone I can think of moondribling, for the lulz!.

I got some Lampshade Hanging from the inatter. Someone points out that Haruna and Kidou being siblings, and yet they don't look alike that much. And for the funny entry (if there's ever one) Shinsuke coments that Kidou's glasses look like melons (maybe he was talking about watermelons). Remember that one of the things criticized in Kidou's GO look were his glasses; Ascended Fanon or Sure, Why Not?? Maybe it's a coincidence, a funny one. Also, Ishido / Gouenji is the incarnation of the "like a boss" meme, thanks to his increased hammyness these ten years.

06:44:55 AM Jan 31st 2012
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@AsamisaKY- Same I started with the subbed anime and eventually I wanteed to see what the games are like and got addicted to them. Yeah, well I can say that the scripted games get worse as you go on to the point were in GO you have entirely scripted games (it gets better though). Yeah the people who use the dub names are mainly just pople who watch the dub.

Myabe he just doesn't care about that kind of things because his previous outfit also wasn't the best, then again.... I finally got to the part were he first appaers in GO and yeah, he really just seemed to be passing through/lazy other then homeless because as PoochyEXE pointed out he doesn't appaer in any other scenes in that area were as Kazemaru does. I wouldn't be suprised if Fideo was but Demonio....

I wouldn't be suprised if someone already did. Yeah they (Sakuma and Genda) could be a very angsty pairing of the hurt and comfort sort. Naw, I think Endou is Oblivious to Love in the case of his male harem....or is he, he could always be use it to manipulate them, but I don't see him in the Manipulative Bastard light, just as a possible Stepford Smiler. Well some charcters in The All Star are more then others Kazemaru and Fubuki(YMMV) don't get it as much as the others. Oh and Fubuki could be another Memetic Badass.

Well that could have just been my bias talking. Thats probably why I'm not as fond of GouFubu as I am SomeFubu cause I prefer pairing characters by compatibility. This is why I'm also upset that there isn't more of that pairing and why there isn't more fluffy Amagi/Hikaru fan art because it has the potential even if Amagi isn't a Cute Shotaro Boy (though in my opinion he was when he was little).

Yeah I like that they did expand on Kazemaru's issue but the moment did make you sympathize with Hiroto and makes more sense of what he does later. They could have always toned it down for the same affect. Another thing I'm glad they toned up is the situation with Ichinose in the third arc because it isn't AS dramatic in the game than it is in the anime. Also the game was more shippy of Ichinose/Aki in that moment. Well I'm only an Advanced Beginner in Japanese but its enough to get whats going on.

Ha, we could probably rp sometime seeing as how Midori act twords Nishiki. I also chose those characters due to their personalities, I tried to RP as Hikaru and I failed miserably.

Dear Gog yeah, he was also somewhat of a Complete Monster in the anime just toned down (or up). Yes thank Primus he gets better and geniunelly seems to regret it. Oh and Kidou and Fudou get a somewhat implied fluff moment in the third game, right after Kidou was told about Kageyama's death he gets a Cry Cute moment and and the scene cuts off to outside of the building (probably giving Kidou some space) where they were told neither Kidou or Fudou appaer despite being in the previous scene, I saw this as an implication that Fudou was conforting Kidou. I could be wrong though. Kidou's Character Development is one of the main reasons why hes my favorite character. No I didn't bench him after you were allowed to put him in games, despite the 30/70 chance of getting fouled he still manages to steal ball. Side note Kidou and Fudou learn eachother Hissatsu techniques, they both learn Emperor Penguin 3 and Killer Fields naturally. Genda probably also went along with it because Sakuma did. I do feel bad for Genda too... Well the second season wasn't actually my favorite the third is for me but I would say that the second season did have some of the best developments.

I honestly wouldn't be suprised if people died....even though it wasn't really implied.

ha, Inazuma Park would be awesome, but I think that Fudou is more on th Craig side while Shin!Fudou would most definately be Cartman.

@PoochyExe and @AsamisaKY I haven't gotten to the Haruken match yet so I can't give my imput. But there is elements of the new games the in my view could be considered They Changed It, Now It Sucks, the first would be scouting, they made it obscenely hard to scout some character because for most you would have to scout another character and so forth send you on a mad goose chase. Another would be the battles, they changed from being four person to five person, and suddenly applied the laws of physics, making them somewhat diffulcult. Lastly there is the Keshin feature which I see as a double sided sword, while it CAN give you an advantage (depending on it the other team is using avatars as well) it leaves your charcters drained and somehwat useless but the new addition of letting you use items during matches makes up for it.
08:05:27 PM Jan 31st 2012
edited by PoochyEXE
Personally, I like the new 5-on-5 battle system just fine. It's a bit harder, but I like that. (I guess I'm sorta like Endou in that manner. XD) The yak shaving you have to do to recruit some characters, on the other hand...well, it's probably the first time I've been disappointed in an aspect of a Level-5 game.

Also, you could use items during matches the third game, although you were limited to 3 per match. I think there was no limit in the 4-on-4 battles, but don't quote me on that.

And on the other hand, the Shoot Chain mechanic became a LOT easier to perform, since you can still do it even if the opponent has a chance to attempt a Shoot Block.
02:04:58 AM Feb 2nd 2012
edited by AsamisaKY
@NonentityZ: the games have the addictive potential of Pokemon, and me being a trainer for quite a time now, finds it pretty easy from being a trainer to be a coach. Well, in the latin dub we kept most of the names save from a few Scunthorpe Problem cases with Mamoru and Kageno's names in spanish (Endou was changed to Satoru, and Kageno to Sombra which means "shadow" in spanish. It Makes Sense in Context for the last one). Still, that doesn't avoid some people writing the names wrongly.

Maybe he got used to so terrible clothing that he's unable to pick something decent now, being in one of the world's fashion capitals and all. Brilliant, but Lazy Fudou is Brilliant, but Lazy; maybe he looked for another bench after Tenma found him, so maybe if Tenma told anyone about him being around (and Fudou might knows Endou and Kidou work around Raimon), they would find him if they decided to pay him a "visit". Poor Demonio...

Now I'm waiting for Erotatsu's reply in her Ask Kazemaru about the love child, lol. For me, anything comming from Teikoku has high Angst-hurt-and-comfort ratio; here you might realize there's more going on with Genda than what Hino showed in games and anime, maybe an unintentional waste of more Character Development Note. I was joking! I also see Endou more as a Stepford Smiler, but a Manipulative Bastard sounds great for a One Shot fic Note. About the All-Stars, it's ironic Kazemaru doesn't get as much publicity from Level-5 as the others, and yet he won last year's Anime Grand Prix for Best Male Character, down this year by Kirino, still getting 2nd (note both are traps, and Kirino is Kazemaru's sucessor of sorts); Fubuki is pretty popular too, and like Kazemaru he hasn't that much publicity (YMMV) either. Fubuki already has Bad Ass Adorable, but we could consider Cute Bruiser too.

Well, you'd be surprised that there isn't as much GouFubu fanwork as you might think. Again quote Miyukiko, who said that despise being a widely accepted shipping, there's not that many fanarts about them. About Amagi/Hikaru, just give it time, if there's fluff potential the japanese fandom will be over it, just like the Kariya/Hikaru ship; it's getting pretty popular and it popped up only for their character song, but with a title like "Afterschool Chemistry", well... Hey, I find little Amagi pretty adorable too.

Maybe those details about them explain the Hiro Kaze on Pixiv, apart from the Aliea connection; that aside, it could have been used to get Character Development and derailment for Hiroto and Kazemaru, respectively. Ohhh, anything Ichinose-related brings tears to my eyes; I'm glad they decided to expand on that too, again for development and audience Tear Jerker. I had Manly Tears when I realized I could somewhat read Hiragana and Katakana this week, thus more or less following some of the dialogs (there I could read the dialogs and understand that Kazemaru's issues really had the potential to end up like they did in the anime, or worse), good thing the game also has Furigana.

Sounds good to me, but be warned: sometimes I sound OOC, either be because of my mood or I'm distracted. But aside from that, I do my best to stay IC and write as literate as possible (but that depending on the RP). I have yet to discover which character I can't rp, I can count my R Ped characters with one hand.

I'm about to show my former P.E teacher how of a Complete Monster Fudou is in just two episodes Note. Kidou gets a Cry Cute moment and there's implied fluff with Fudou? I must see that, even if the fluff really wasn't there. Oh, Kidou and Kazemaru are my favourites alongside Aphrodi; Kidou's Character Development is well played, going better from beating Endou to becoming his smart guy and strategist. So Fudou is just difficult to control, I'm not surprised. Or maybe Genda went along with it for Kidou too (and or Sakuma), remember that the link said Genda was seemingly close to Kidou, even more than Sakuma, but then again as time passed and Hino decided to fully add Fudou in Teikoku's equation, Genda turned into Teikoku's Zoidberg, and again that makes me feel bad for him. And that's exactly why the second season is the best for me, more drama, Darker and Edgier and lots of Character Development.

It's not implied, but the idea freaks the sh*t out of me. I mean, that's pure High Octane Nightmare Fuel there somewhat softened by a soccer ball. Again, I'm not surprised the actual destruction scenes of Raimon and Kidokawa didn't made it to the anime because they're very disturbing in the game.

I need to get ot date with my RP and shake off my lazyness and start to draw something to update my DA. Maybe my next update will be something about Inazuma Park (I don't think I can finish that Reshiram painting). Hibiki is The Chef and Kudou has Garrison's JerkAssery.

About the recuitment thing, I'm having problems with that in the second game. I already beated SP Fixers and Hakuren, but they don't appear in the teams list to recruit players. About the system in GO, that sounds pretty annoying. About the 5 vs. 5 I wouldn't have problems, again I quote my experience in Pokemon, so a little change wouldn't be a problem. Well, I guess they knew about the draining issue so they allowed players to use items. But yeah, if the new recruitment system is that annoying it could be seen as a They Changed It, Now It Sucks, but Scrappy Mechanic would fit more.
05:37:13 AM Feb 2nd 2012
edited by NonentityZ
@AsamisaKY: Really? I suppose thats good that the latin dub kept the names for the most part. I was never a strategic trainer but now I''m somewhat warping into using strategy as a coach.

Ha, well the moment seemed more like a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! than that but it could also work. Kazemaru seemed to have known it was him so they also seemed to have seen eachother a few times before. Which brings me to two points 1) Kazemaru is just as likely as Fudou is for being homeless because he is seen more then Fudou is roaming about the park late at night. 2) I find it funny that Tenma knows all of the Inazuma Japan members by name EXCEPT Kazemaru (though Kirino later explains who he was) and maybe Fudou but he never mentioned his name unlike Kazemaru (in reaction Tenma was like oh why does that name sound familiar?).

On another note, yes what Miyukiko said was correct in that all of the characters from the original seem to know who Ishido Shuuji is. I forgot to say this in my last post but I quite like EnIshi because of the ANGST.

Eeyup, Teikoku does have a lot of angst potential from all its been through. Yeah I to wish that they explored Genda's character more... Maybe that's exactly why they don't endorse Kazemaru as much, they don't need to. I also see Memetic Badass potential due to the whole Bear Killer thing.

Really? I guess I'll look it up on pixiv when I get home but I just assumed so because almost ALL of the fanfiction on is Gou Fubu or Aliea Academy related. Yeah I wonder about the whole Kariya/Hikaru ship too, but I don't favor it as much as Amagi/Hikaru. I really wonder about that character songs implication.

True that is a good explanation for that ship along with the fact that they both failed at obtaining Endou interest in the end (YMMV). Same here Ichinose has some what of even bigger Stepford Smiler. Oh thats good thats a pretty big achievement in learning japanese, I learned most of my hiragana and katakana through my involvement in the UTAU fandom. The furigana is helpful but I also like kanji, they act a contex clues if you know them well.

Okay I don't mind if it gets OOC sometimes it can be fun! My dA username is NonentityX but I haven't used dA in forever.

I hope you don't scare your PE teacher off from the Complete Monsterness. Yes Teikoku has its own Love Dodecahedron*. I have A LOT or favorites which are yeah, Genda pretty much turns into the No Respect Guy at least to the fandom, I'm sure Teikoku and Neo Japan still appreciated him though. I think the reason he wasn't given much on screen development is because he wasn't prevalent to the main plot. Though I do find that idea on his character development interesting, getting knocked off of his pedestal must have been devastating for him. I like the Third Season because I like the characters introduced and the plot makes more sense to me in hindsight. Also I found is more bitter sweet which is the type of things I appreciate more.

i agree the scene where Kidokawa is beaten into a pulp by Aleia Academy is utterly terrifying espically if you remember how much pride they had in their abilities. Hoo boy they probably didn't want to mention deaths because it would have bumped up the rating.

I need to catch up with my Homestuck and OC R Ps too.... I porbably will only post my art on tumblr because I've basically given up on posting art on dA. Crossovers are fun annd those are very good matches. Hitomiko would be the principl/mayor.

I'm pretty sure you can't recruit any of the SP Fixers because they appear again in the story. Though Hakuren and other teams become recruitable after some story events (I'm sure you already got past them by now). Yeah I got used to the 5v5 battles it was just a little scary at first. I suppose Level 5 was trying to avoid It's the Same, Now It Sucks! which they did.* The new scouting system most definitely counts as a Scrappy Mechanic to me at least.

@PoochyEXE: True the new 5 on 5 makes you that and stratigize more and they also improved the battle system by having to go up to people to battle them rather them randomly appearing like wild Pokémon. Yeah it is annoying that you have to basically recruit half of a team in order to get one charcter, I miss the old scouting system were you would just battle the person of just answer question(I'm still trying to recruit Saginuma but I can't figure out the answers to his last few questions despite all of them being about him)

Really? I didn't know you could do that in the third game, but I guess that makes sense though I never would ha
01:08:11 AM Feb 9th 2012
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@NonentityZ: it doesn't avoided some people complaining about the name change of Endou. I always tell those people it could be worse, it could be the EU name change.

Fudou is the embodiment of the "screw this/that/it", at least with his attitude. If Fudou is playing in Italy's pro team and Kazemaru in Japan's one, they might see each other from time to time, that extends to Someoka and Gouenji too (also Aphrodi calling Someoka without honorifics, I've read that Aphrodi might play internationally). About Kazemaru roaming at night, is he a stalker? A creep? Being homeless could be possible as his clothes while not as bad as Fudou's, I would choose a better hoodie, jacket or whatever. I'm not surprised about Tenma forgetting Kazemaru's name, he's so birdbrained in general.

Anything involving Ishido has angst potential if it's with any of the original Raimon.

Well, my ideas with Teikoku are mostly about spite, abandon and loneliness. You have a point there about Kazemaru, but sometimes when you don't see him next to Endou in the O Ps and E Ds and things like that it starts to feel as a sort of Zoidberg; but then again, there's LOTS of merchandise of him. The BearKiller thing it goes along with the Pintsized Powerhouse's Bad Ass part.

Yeah, the GouFubu fanart is somewhat scarse, that extents to IshiFubu, I don't read Inazuma fanfics because most of what I've found is lame PWP, and I like my PWP in doujins. About the charasong, someone wrote that "it's the gayest Inazuma song so far".

Unlucky Childhood Friend and the hero didn't prefered redhaireds, LOL. I'm surprised with Ichinose's Stepford Smiler, it almost makes me forget he got through some hard stuff. I'm starting to recognize some kanji, and helped to understand the part where Touko tried to sleep with Endou and the managers flip out, mostly with the "suki" and "mi" kanjis I could read; also with "otoko", "ko", "chikara" and "onna". Also kanji names.

LOLOL! I'm devidevi2, send me a note when you want. It's been a while since I go to DA since I've been RP Aerith on Tumblr (and I'm actually doing it pretty well). Talking about Final Fantasy VII, I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed that Mari from the SP Fixers looks a little too much to Elena.

He's more scared that I insist him on watching the episodes together so he can understand more plus give them a deeper analysis, but the Complete Monster part is what has dragged his interest in Fudou's character, plus his Freudian Excuse. My Teikoku Love Dodecahedron is Kidou<——->Sakuma<——Genda<——->Kidou<——->Fudou I'm crazy. Kind of sad how he's put aside, and about Teikoku and Neo Japan, the last one seems like an attemp to get back what he lost through the serie (his friends and title/respect, for example); and the first one the most likely captain if neither Kidou or Sakuma are around, so he might have at least his old partners. And that's what makes it so sad, he's not prevalent for the plot, yet he had a big potential, he's still popular in the fandom. Darker and Edgier are my thing.

About Kidokawa, the terrifying part for me was how crude were the animated cutscenes with the beating part: the Mukata brothers lying on the floor, the player running away in horror while a dark ball almost decapitated him destroying the score thing. But Raimon's one takes the cake, they showed the moment the buildings were destroyed in such a detail. The mere mention or implications of death would have made it even more Darker and Edgier, and I love how Level-5 got crap pass the radar with this game and also.

I need to catch with my OCs RP too. I mostly use Tumblr to stalk on artist like Miyukiko and Chanface and RP there is easier. Inazuma Park, Inazuma 1000% Maji, PokeIre the possibilities are endless (I still have an idea for a Poke Ire fanfic, but it need to be constructed). Endou's mom would be Sheila, Someoka would be Craig and Fubuki would be Tweek.

I can't wait to get other team's players, even if I've found some pretty good random players for example, and it seems Miyasaka honours his stalker status as it didn't take him too much time to appear before me in a random match in Hokkaido. Well, some tweaks here and there can change the playing experience for good or not. Should we list the Scrappy Mechanic in the main page? Several game sites complain about the scouting change in GO.

@PoochyEXE: well, the 5 Vs. 5 sounds promiscing, and I'm glad they changed the random battles thing: walking in Inazuma world is like an endless cave full of Zubats, at least in Pokemon if you stay ot of the grass, water or caves you're safe from the random encounters.

I cry everytime someone in my team is out of HP/TP and I can't give them a little push with a sports drink or stamina bar. Thank Arceus they changed that.
04:05:39 PM Feb 11th 2012
edited by PoochyEXE
^^^ Regarding the SP Fixers, you generally can't recruit characters from story teams until you're past the LAST time any of the team appear in the story. The same goes for, say, Oumihara - you can't recruit them immediately after you beat them in the story match, since several of them appear again later in the chapter. But once you're past that point, you can recruit them.

^ You do realize there's an Encounter Repellant equipment item in each game that completely prevents all Random Encounters, right? You can't get it until you've seen the ending in the first two games, but in the third game, you can get it pretty early on - just talk to the model shop owner in the shopping district (the guy you brought the Mikage Sennou helmet to in the first game) after you've collected 5 Pin Badges.

Also make sure you don't have anyone wearing the Encounter Bait items, since you can get those VERY early in the game.
04:04:25 PM Feb 12th 2012
edited by AsamisaKY
@PoochyEXE: I know but not knowing exactly WHEN I can start to recruit is what bothers me.

And yes, I know there's an Encounter Repellant, and I know you don't get it until the end in the first two games. But still, in Pokémon you can get it pretty early, but a whole 99x supply wouldn't be enough for the godamned Zubats; in Inazuma Eleven, wel... You already sid it, you can't get the repellant until later. At least encountering the Loads and Loads of Characters is kind of fun.
09:32:55 PM Feb 12th 2012
edited by PoochyEXE
^ Ah, yeah, the not knowing when they're available thing bugged me too in the second game. They fixed it in the third game, though - when you use the scouting machine, any team/character not listed as "????????" in the menu is fully recruitable (if a character is set to show up later in the story, they simply won't appear in the menu), and there's no "walk around for a bit" delay after selecting a character. In general, I think they patched up all the annoying elements of the first two games in the third game (including making the Encounter Repellant obtainable early on). Hopefully this also happens with GO (especially the scouting system), since as awesome as the main story portion was, the Endgame+ content suffers from a bit of bugginess and Bonus Feature Failure. It really gives the impression that they were rushing to meet a deadline.

Personally, InaIre was one of maybe two or three game series I've ever played where I didn't mind Random Encounters at all - the soccer battles and tons of opponents have enough variety to keep it fun, plus the Fight Woosh is relatively short. (Stupid Zubats! Quit making me waste 20 seconds staring at the Fight Woosh every 5 steps!)
06:08:20 AM Feb 14th 2012
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@AsamisaKY First of all I would like to say Happy Hearts and Hooves Day to you all. yeah they shouldn't complain at least it isn't as bad as that dredded dub and from the sounds of it the Spanish dub is good also.

Haha, yes, yes he it. Here is some proof. I think they are atleast. I would also like to point out that the extra scenes involving Fudou and Kazemaru are really awkward. It's better when it's just Kabeyama and Kazemaru because it makes more sense for those two to talk more. But they make up for it by Fudou acting like he doesn't want to be there. Kazemaru wasn't being a creep he was just running around (thats how Tenma runs into him most of the time) at night. Hmm, honestly I don't think either of them are homeless but it was just a possibility/suggestion. I'm not surprised either, all of the other characters (minus Kirino) didn't know any of the other Inazuma Japan members (by name/appearance) outside of the Break team (and Kogure for some reason, mostly due to him showing off and introducing himself in a narcissistic —and hilarious— way.)

Oh yes anything Ishido Shuuji related brings up angst.

Same here, though I wouldn't say spite they seem to have taken responsibility for their actions. yeah he pretty much is the Zoidberg of the All-Stars, I mean even Toramaru got a major part in one of the endings, I kind of wish they would credit Kazemaru more. Thoug he does make up for it in merch.

I didn't know fanart of the pairing was scarce mostly because I don't go looking for it. Hmm, I guess I'll have to listen to it for the sake of my shippings.

Oooh thats good, If you really want to learn Japanese I recommend getting the Genki textbook.

Okay I'm watching you now (ha). It might be better if you send a note first cause i would never get around to it. I might bug your tumblr account using my ask account (which will be funny due to the character.) Also I saw that AskKazemaru answered your recent question. I never played Final Fantasy sooo.

I need to you Homestuck shipping methods for the Love Dodecahedron that exists. Like I see Kidou and Sakuma as Platonic Life-Partners but Sakuma wants to be more then that. Also that Kidou and Fudou have a love hate relationship. I think all of the members of Neo Japan wanted that. I also like Darker and Edgier but for some reason that arc didn't appeal to me as much.

Oh yes that part would deffinately count as nightmare fuel when the page it set up.

I stalk them too (well less then I stalk Doraya, zombiecowboy and dee mostly due to Miyu's OTP). I want to make an Inazumastuck crossover. Though I disagree with Miyu's choice in characters for the Uta No Prince Sama crossover. Yes the possibilities are endless~

Oh yes I love some of the random encounter characters like Uin in the first and Hiranezumi in GO. I noticed the Miyasaka thing too and I couldn't help but to laugh. I will add it to the main page.

@PoochyEXE Personally I don't mind the random Zubats I use it for training also I didn't know about the Encounter Repellent I'll have to look for it now.

Hmm yeah you always have to wait to recruit in the main games at least. In the third game you have to wait until you beat the game to get characters from FFI.

YES the Endgame+ does suffer from Bonus Feature Failure I STILL can't find Sein's team even though I followed the given directions.
01:02:18 AM Feb 15th 2012
edited by AsamisaKY
@NonetityZ: Thank you, dear; have a happy Hearts and Hooves Day too. The latin dub still has it's problems: the dub company was having problems with it's owners about in the 36-37 episodes, that's why there's some errors there Like. Then it got better until it hitted the Okinawa Arc, where whoever was in charge didn't know that the "u" in Josuke and Gran is mute; but after that got better again until the beggining of the third season, where AF the Dubbing House was fully disbanded, Inazuma falling in the Dubbing House part which is one of the worst companies since it has the habit of not paying the actors. Several voices changed in the third season and is rumored it will happen again for the next dubbed episodes. At least the translations are pretty close.

Well, I think we were both right on Fudou: he's a NEET AND a pro player in an overseas teamI'm shocked. Look around here and you'll read some info about the movie novelization: Endou is a pro player, and as absurd as it sounds Fudou is a hot topic for his attitude and play, and everytime he shows up in a match is carefully reported in the news. Ironic, since Kidou was the most likely to be succesful and... He became a teacher. Fubuki is pro too, and Kazemaru and Kabeyama play together in Japan Pro Team. My headcanon tells me he was creeping around Endou's and Fuyuka's house, and Tenma is the unfortunate soul that always catches him. Funny they admire them so much, yet they can't remember their names or faces even when some of them are professional players now.

About the textbooks, Im using one I copied on my college (and we have a damn good library), it's basic but it helps a lot and when I feel confident enough I'll get the other text books that follow the one I have.

I've been a little busy with college, and I still need to think in a good way to answer your last question (I'm not satisfyed with my last answer); so sorry if it's taking me more than I expected. About Final Fantasy, just Google "Elena Final Fantasy VII".

Teikoku offers infinite possibilities for Love Dodecahedron. Yeah, but... I can't help but seeing Genda's No Respect Guy more than I do with the other players.

I met a guy studying Philosofy in my college, and I thought I found someone to discuss the Accidental Nightmare Fuel and Fridge Horror of the series. Okay, who will start the page?

I liked Miyu's choice for Inazuma + UtaPri crossover, tho. I also need to work on my Inazuma/Pokemon crossover, and as crazy as it sounds, it starts to makes sense in my head. So far, it's two long-fics corresponding to the first two seasons (don't know how to work Pokemon with the third season yet). If I ever write them I might write a fic about the events in B/W as chronicles it's insane, since characters from there will be appearing such as Touko (how to forget her?). Okay, no more spoilers.

I can't think in anyone from the random battles that I like in the first game, but I like several from the second such as Kamui (the Ainu masked girl that I talked you about. Awesome name to boot). Yes, the same happened to me in the first game with Teikoku: Sakuma was the first-or-third one in the list on my first scouting from Teikoku as soon I could do it.

Another example of Bonus Feature Failure: many of the event players such as the young Raimon are only avaible if you challenge the team of the oppsite game of yours, and even for regular scouting you need players FROM THE OTHER GAME to get the one you want.

05:51:47 AM Feb 28th 2012
edited by NonentityZ
@AsamisaKY: Well all dubbing and reprinting places have that sort of problem for example A good amount of dubbing unneedingly puts characters on First-Name Basis in an attempt to make it relate able to other cultures and people without knowledge of Japanese culture. The people who dubbed it in Spanish may have not known of the proper pronunciation.

Yeah, I saw that article right before I saw your reply. I'm mildly surprised. Though this might also give fueling to FDKD, due to both of them probably being on the same team and Fudou also may have returned with Kidou because he seemed to be well informed on what was going on and Kidou's position* So I might have been right about them living together (or not.) Not exactly, Fubuki and Kidou are still on the Pro-league team I think it just might be off season or they took off to take care of the whole Fifth Sector mess. I'm pretty sure Tsunami and Tachimukai also play together on the Pro-Leagues since they seemed to have came together in the videogames at least. Tenma and the other seem to know them by name* in the a part were you have to fight Shuu's team. Though they didn't recognize them appearance wise.

That's good learning languages are always fun.

I've been very busy with school and watching other things. It's okay, I need to update that account anyway, I really dislike the current art/answers I have on it.

Not just with Teikoku but the entire series. I want to add a Love Dodecahedron entry to the YMMV but it would all be in my point of view...

Someone else already started the page for us, though now the others just need to be started. I just don't know very much about indexing... For the Ho Yay page do you think it would be okay if I put a picture of Fubuki and Someoka's infamous be like the wind scene as the page picture or would I have to start a new topic for that?

I just don't think that her choices correspond with the characters personalities very closely. I think that Kidou should be Hijirikawa and Fudou should be Ren for example. I really want to draw a crossover between the Teikoku kid's and Mawaru-Penguindrum because, penguins.

In GO I became much more fond of the random characters because you have to make a bucn of new teams with them for some of the tournament battles (like an entire team of characters with fire attributes or a team using no goalie moves). There are a bunch of characters I want to recruit from other teams and GO like but alas, Scrappy Mechanic.

In GO one major Bonus Feature Failure other then the recruiting is that after you beat the game if keeps on saying you need to beat the final boss again and it won't go away. Also I cannot figure out were the hell to find and beat Team Zero. TBC

10:13:35 PM Mar 13th 2012
edited by AsamisaKY
@NonentityZ: I know, but tat doesn't make it any less annoying, specially when they were doing such a great job and they didn't keep track of the pronunciation and respective VA for characters. At least the Koujiro case was the first and last one, they keep refering each other by Last-Name Basis.

Ho Yay even outside camera, no doubt they want to exploit Fudou/Kidou ship. Well, so everyone o at least most of the main characters are pro-players and are taking a break to deal with Fifth Sector's plans. About recognizing idols, we just can assume that most of these kids can be as airheaded as Tenma sometimes.

I'm dealing with French better than I expected.

I'm working more on my Aerith Ask/RP blog these days. I'm surprised how well I'm doing with this character.

A Love Dodecahedron for the YMMV page? Listing all names and working on it would take half a life.

I'm not that sure about my indexing skill, either. Sure, it's the staple scene of the show's Ho Yay.

Knowing her OTP, it makes sense why she did those choices for the crossover. There's an artist on Pixiv called Rana Amarilla that did a Pingu and Teikoku crossover fanart. I had enough time to think in the third season involving Pokémon and finally came with the idea that the World Tournament can involve something with the Dream World *. I also was thinking in one or two aspects being Darker and Edgier to go with Pokémon BW and Inazuma's second game/season in regards to violence, ethics and morality (basically what BW and Inazuma's second game/season did). For chronology, it would be: first game/season, second game/season, BW game novelization prequel and third game season; but with the news about BW's sequel I'll have to wait... Again or.

I'm a bitch in that aspect. Once I win a tournament with a single-element team or something, I ditch most of the players unless they have damn good stats or are Bishounen*. I wonder if they're going to fix the Scrappy Mechanic in Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stone.

Ahhhhh yeah, when I was talking about the "rival team" I was refering to Team Zero; look for Splash Tomato in Twitter and she might help you to find Team Zero. And about the game keeping on saying about beat the last team, that's a trope called Welcome to Corneria and it's just as annoying as in the first game. That should be in the index without a second thought, alongside with Dude, Where's My Respect?.
02:19:13 AM Mar 14th 2012
edited by PoochyEXE
^ Wait, do you mean she may have some sort of way to unlock Team Zero without having to find someone with the opposite version to link up with?

And as for the Scrappy Mechanic, I'd bet they'll change it in the next game. Level-5 has proven themselves to be good at improving previous' games mechanics in sequels.
07:52:18 PM Mar 14th 2012
edited by AsamisaKY
@PoochyEXE I think I did't explain myself pretty well, or at least omitted information: Splash asked a friend to send her her Dark game to gain access to Team Zero. I thought NonentityZ had problems with finding Team Zero's location in the game.

I wish they could prove themselves with their games exports to America.
06:12:22 AM Mar 15th 2012
edited by NonentityZ
@AsamisaKY: Well yeah, but all productions must Jump the Shark at one point of another and I suppose that the one that makes the spanish dub must have been in a slump of something.

Ha, yeah of course they would want to exploit shipping as much as possible seeing how most of the fandom is made up of Yaoi Fangirls though they probably want to make is less blatent to non-shippers who play the games for the hell of it. Though I bet everyone could see the blatant relationship between Tsurugi and Tenma* Another thing I would like to point out/rant about is that the anime and games seem to Ship Tease different pairings. The anime likes to Ship Tease Tachimukai/Haruna while the video games seem to favor Kogure/Haruna*. For instance all of the Ship Tease moments between Tachimukai and Haruna in the anime are completely missing or condensed in the games* Also the anime was a little bit more shippy of Tsunami/Touko and Endou/Touko but it was mostly due Adaption Expansion.

Not exactly, she didn't make Gouenji Ittoki who normally gets shipped with the character she made Fubuki. Ah, so your working on your crossover, is it going to be a fanfiction?

I keep characters who have useful moves of stats, or just bishounen or have punny names. I hope they do mix the Scrappy Mechanic , though it was fun to go on a quest for items BUT some of the items you had to find were a one time only thing and if you didn't know that (like me) you can't get a good majority of characters (this is why I can't recruit my sort of beloved Senguji.)

I didn't mean that the NP Cs are saying I need to beat the game, but the the flag on the map whenever I got to the map it's always at the spot where I need to go for the final match. Though Welcome to Corneria is played straight in that you need to talk to some NP Cs in order to get an items for recruiting characters, so their dialogue would change.

@PoochyEXE and @AsamisaKY: I didn't know that you needed to link up with another person in order to unlock Team Zero, whoops. I thought you could encounter them in the game, I guess I was wrong.

09:25:02 PM Mar 19th 2012
edited by AsamisaKY
@NonentityZ They actually were on a slump. I think I talked about the problem inside the dub company when the problems with the series started.

Well, with Loads and Loads of Characters shipping is inevitable (and rentable), and with both game and anime they can stretch the possible ships. Cases like Haruna + Tachimukai/Kogure or Touko + Tsunami/Endou should be a clue. So dependinf if it's on the game or the anime we see more Ship Tease for a ship or another*.

I still like it, tho. Yep, there's no way it can be a fancomic or something like that, as I can't draw or even have where to work properly*. Now with the announcement of BW2 I'll have to wait to play and see how they resolve all this issue about N and Ghetsis, the same goes for the third game*. One thing for sure is that this is going to be ASS LONG, a compilation of 4 *fics: the BW novelization and the 3 main fanfics; and it doesn't get better as my brain started to work on the sequel crossover with GO hint. Maybe something like Inazuma Park works better as a comic.

As much as I would like to keep talking about the crossover and everything I've thought so far*, T Vtropes falls short for these kind of things. Again, may I suggest you to send a note to devidevi2 in DA, or a fanmail to or; preferably to the second as I've been more active there.

Maybe if they change the one time item for quantity of common items to avoid Lost Forever it might work. Thanks to Pokémon it's not usual that I miss key or unique items, but I know your pain. BTW, did you get Hinano Kinsuke and Kurosaki? Just curious.

At least they kind of treat you different when you beat the game, not that your mother don't recognize you as the champ, or anyone for that matter. We should put Welcome to Corneria in the main page.

Nope, you have to link with someone with the opposite version of the game. One Game for the Price of Two in full effect, at least in Pokémon we have the GTS and random matchups; in GO you need someone NEAR YOU with the other game's version to unlock the Bonus Feature Failure; like the special downloadable players from the previous games, special items and sorts.
06:10:18 AM Mar 30th 2012
edited by NonentityZ
@AsamisaKY Eeyup Hino loves ship tease, and he's probably aware of Inazuma Eleven's huge shipping fanbase. Though the different ship teases sort of annoy me due to supporting one out come of the ship tease.*

I'm just on edge about it, I'm not as avid with following Miyu as I am with other Inazuma Eleven fan artists*. I think your idea would be better off as a fanfic anyway. I have the materials to draw properly, I'm just lazy. You seem fired up about this crossover I hope it goes well. Side note, I'm kind of sad that BW2 isn't on the 3DS I think it would look awesome on it.

I guess I could help you with the characterization on the Inazuma Eleven part though I am not very knowledgeable on the Pokemon aspect, I would have to replay my game. You could contact me on my tumblr which is as I previously mentions I'm more active there then I am on deviant art. Also I could do the concept art (for both concepts) if you want that way it buts me to work so I could stop being lazy.

Ugh, I hope so because the current system is really annoying; I'm tempted to replay my game so I could regain the Lost Forever items, but I'm so close to 100% Completion as it is, soooo. No, but now that you mention it, I will try to. (I also sort of want to get Shirosaki )

I suppose we should place Welcome to Corneria as well as Bonus Feature Failure on the main page and YMMV respectivly, well, at least the games improved since the first games.

Uuuugh, the only reason I even wanted to play Team Zero was due to needing an item you get after the match to recruit Toramaru. I guess I can't then, and I don't know anyone who would lend me Shine, nor do I have the money to buy it. Ugh, I hope Level 5 fixes this in the next game, though Bonus Feature Failure is nothing new to Inazuma Eleven.
02:43:30 PM Mar 31st 2012
@NonentityZ With Loads and Loads of Characters it was bound to happen. I don't have an OTP and I like most of the ships, so the difference between anime and game Ship Tease is not a problem for me.

I need to follow other artists like Doraya* and zombiecowboy. Maybe it would work as a comic, but it would require too much time and effort that I should put on university, not to mention the means*. If I ever write this an adaptation would be the "solution". About the side note, it comes as a bit of Fridge Logic that the secuels are for DS, as maybe they were thinking that people that played the first game on the DS don't feel forced to buy a 3DS to play the secuels and therefore being excluded*. It also comes to mind that maybe they were going to do this all along. If it makes you feel better, my money goes in that the RSE remake will be on the 3DS.

Help is always welcomed, wether it's for Inazuma characterization or Pokemon*. Oh, concept art? Thank you, even if I feel a embarrased for the possibility of having concept fanart of concept fanfiction. I'll write you on Tumblr about what I have until now.

Maybe you get the 100% Completion and then restart your game?

Alright, Welcome to Corneria will be on the main page and Bonus Feature Failure on YMMV. Good thing that Hino knows how to get better for the Inazuma games.

Too bad to hear that, and even if you have the money to get the game you still need another japanese 3DS. Tell me, I've heard that unlocking Aki/Natsumi in Blizzard/Fire is a real pain, as you have to beat the post game matches with S-Rank or something like that.
01:29:31 PM Mar 4th 2018
edited by Dghcrh
03:50:13 PM Dec 4th 2011
Should Inazuma Eleven GO get a separate page? It looks like it will run as long as the first and logging the tropes might start to get confusing.
05:22:09 AM Jan 28th 2012
Sorry for the late reply. I'd be cool with this.
05:22:10 AM Jan 28th 2012
Sorry for the late reply. I'd be cool with this.
10:26:56 AM May 23rd 2012
Actually, I was thinking of doing this.
11:00:37 PM Dec 3rd 2011
edited by Eliptl
Image Picking: The current picture is full of Late Arrival Spoilers; I know when I checked what Inazuma Eleven about, it spoiled me on Kidou (okay fine, he joins the protagonists early but the next few aren't as excusable), Fudou, Hiroto, and Midorikawa.

I propose we change it to this screenshot of the Inazuma Eleven Strikers opening, which doesn't spoil on who makes it into Inazuma Japan; and also illustrates how we aren't joking when we say this series has Loads And Loads Of Characters.

03:31:59 PM Dec 4th 2011
Seconded, the current picture does ruin A LOT of the Heel Face Turns. Though this picture does spoil the fact that Burn and Gazel join forces but that was inevitable.
11:52:09 AM Jan 3rd 2012
Thirded. Knowing the lineup really spoils the beginning of the 3rd third season (as well as parts of the second in the case of Hiroto and Midoriwaka.)
03:37:46 AM Jan 4th 2012
I'm all for it.
12:39:06 AM Jan 11th 2012
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