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10:46:59 PM Jul 20th 2013
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Under Shown Their Work, is it possible that Halsey is just that smart? Jorge's armor modifications made it unable to accept the re-entry pack.
10:01:37 AM Jul 21st 2013
That entry is bad. Other than Halsey's journal, none of it is Shown Their Work, instead just Freeze-Frame Bonus and commending the game's attention to detail.
10:39:15 PM Jun 30th 2013
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Sorry, guy who put Armor Lock in the "Difficult but Awesome" section, I attempted to at least move it to the YMMV page, but something went wrong with the copy/paste function, and now it's gone.

It was wildly inaccurate, but I did sincerely try to move it intact. My bad.

EDIT: Never mind, I had an old page open. Into YMMV it goes. But seriously, if you ask just about anybody, it really was wildly overpowered.