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08:27:08 PM Sep 30th 2017
The description is very long and cluttered. I propose we put the classes and specializations into a folder at the very least.
02:16:29 PM Mar 11th 2015
edited by agnosticnixie
>** Some of their naming nomenclature is also loosely based on Arthurian legends, which is British folklore note .

Its roots are entirely welsh and breton. The oldest extant versions are welsh and breton. Hell, the only corroborating sources outside of mythology are welsh and breton in origin. It's "some historians" in the same way some historians say the Bhagavad Gita is somewhat a hindu text.
03:11:21 PM Jan 8th 2013
So, uh. Where is all the shipping? I need shipping. And fanfic with shipping. And fanart with shipping. And a fandom with shipping. *twitch*
11:35:08 AM Feb 1st 2013
go make it yourself
12:54:55 AM Feb 2nd 2013
Already on it! Though it's no fun alone. (Also maybe I shouldn't be jumping straight into Crack Pairing territory. Oh well.)
08:24:56 PM May 13th 2013
People are already pairing Rox and Braham.

I sense Rytlock + Eir in the future.
03:56:01 PM Aug 16th 2012
In the forum thread we are talking about trying to get a bunch of tropers onto one North America server. None of us over there have any particular preference at this time. Anyone over here who wants to add their 2 cents?
12:11:07 PM Aug 1st 2012
edited by Belian
I forsee a LOT of tropes being added to these pages. Just to stay ahead of the game (pun not intended), I think that we should start up a Characters page that is devided into "race," put general race tropes there, and then devide the characters into their respective races. Probably with a a separate section for "personal story" tropes in each race and possibly separate out the members of Destiny's Edge (or other major teams).

EDIT: Also might want to devide the main page into "gameplay" and "world/story" tropes.

What do other people think?
09:18:09 PM Aug 1st 2012
I can sort of agree to having a separate character page for the races, and all the important NP Cs for one race are all in one place. I don't think we need to move tropes that apply to the race in general, like the Five Races, or the asura being the short, annoying, smart ones.
12:45:23 AM Aug 16th 2012
I would also like to add my agreement to this idea.
04:38:16 PM Aug 16th 2012
Just decided to set up the character page. What do people think of the organization?

(I realize that it will almost certainly change at some point, but I think I got most of the bases covered.)
06:53:32 PM Jul 27th 2012
Charr: Blizzard Orcs or not?

This is starting to be a bit of a war, so I thought we could get a discussion going for it. I can sort of see the argument people are making, claiming that the charr are Blizzard-style orcs, but I'm a bit reluctant to claim Our Orcs Are Different here. They are a Proud Warrior Race, and have a lot of cultural similarities to Warcraft orcs, but they aren't orcs in either name or appearance. How closely does the trope need to be to apply?
04:30:29 PM Jul 28th 2012
Blizzard Orcs are defined by 1) being green, 2) shamanistic, low-tech culture, 3) being a Proud Warrior Race. Charr are big-cat-people, are atheist and tied with Asura for the highest tech-level in the game, and are only kind of a Proud Warrior Race. A Charr is perfectly happy with being a merchant or an inventor if it's in service to their Legion. As mentioned in the article, they're more a Proud Soldier Race.

In summation, not Orcs.
03:10:33 AM Aug 19th 2012
They're really more of an inversion of the orc tropes. When they were shamanistic they were Always Chaotic Evil, low tech, and generally the whipping boys of the universe, pawns of greater evils. So, aside from the shamanistic culture and looking like cat people, they were Tolkien orcs. Now they're athiest and industrial, but have more character depth, are treated as individuals who can be good or evil like any other playable race, and are definitely a proud warrior race in that their life revolves around their legion; every individual doesn't have to be a warrior(only the most flat, one dimensional proud warrior races fit that definition).

So in summation, totally orcs, just a lot of playing with the trope.
03:49:13 AM Aug 19th 2012
Here's another way of looking at it; humans, despite being the same old humans, occupy the standard position of elves in this game, even though the sylvari more closely physically resemble elves and have the whole closer to nature thing going on. Charr, likewise, don't physically resemble orcs, but occupy the same basic place in the game as a standard blizzard orc would.

And the trope namer for Blizzard orcs are rather technologically advanced, themselves, so that's not an instant disqualifier.
12:28:15 AM Aug 20th 2012
edited by DarthAcerbus
But we're not calling the humans Our Elves Are Better, are we? Occupying the same narrative position that orcs usually occupy does not make them orcs. They share some similarities in narrative and culture, but not enough to be Our Orcs Are Different. None of the races are standard fantasy races (except humans, but duh), so let's stop trying to shoehorn one of them into a pre-existing mold they don't fit.

EDIT: Just saw we totally are calling the humans Our Elves Are Better, my bad. And even though yes, each of the races got an Our X is Different, Charr are far enough away from orcs that they shouldn't be included as Our Orcs Are Different.
12:13:03 PM Nov 12th 2011
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