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10:24:29 PM May 10th 2012
edited by PPPSSC
Acceptable Breaks from Reality:

"A Willing Suspension of Disbelief is a must for almost any work of fiction. There are certain elements of story or gameplay where realism would simply make a work tedious, difficult, or confusing for the audience. Thus there are ways in which works will be blatantly, unabashedly unrealistic, and nobody really minds. See the Rule of Cool"

This is not relevant to the Gameplay and Story Segregation example, because neither paying nor not paying the debt are unrealistic, they just happen not to match. I changed it earlier because of Square Peg Round Trope, and it is an index anyway.

Furthermore, Tropes Are Not Bad, so the Justifying Edit isn't needed.
10:13:40 PM May 31st 2012
Pretty much agreed with the above. I'm not sure about the Index thing (though it's probably right), but for the example Gameplay and Story Segregation fits better.

Please, if you disagree, say something here before sticking it back on the page.
03:09:25 PM Dec 12th 2011
Someone just added Soren as an Ineffectual Loner. While he does have the right personality for it, he does not have the right role. According to the trope description, the Ineffectual Loner will never win the war (even if he does win battles) and is lucky if he doesn't lose to The Dragon. Keeping this in mind, I think he doesn't qualify. I'll remove the trope for now.
03:10:05 PM Jun 26th 2011
When does the game suggest that Ilyana is as young as 14? She left her home four years prior to Path of Radiance (revealed in a Ch. 12 info conversation), and is a flirt (revealed in her supports with Zihark). I'd say she was at least the same age as Ike, unless there was something that explicitly stated otherwise.
11:16:05 AM Jun 29th 2011
Okay, since I didn't get a response, I'm just going to go ahead and delete that part of the Panty Shot line, unless someone has supporting evidence.