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05:18:15 PM Dec 2nd 2014
I disagree with the Medieval Stasis trope, to an extent. While the game pertains the 60's look for familiarity's sake, it's clear that at least the evil US focused heavily on sci-fi weapons like laser guns and "sniper-cannons", as well as stealth armor whilst clearly having a less extreme form of nukes that sort of doesn't destroy the world entirely. Which is what creates the entire series.

I think it's a clear form of war over culture. Nazis likely would continue to worship their Fuhrer and wear depressing gray if they would have survived, as their jingoistic nature doesn't allow for much loosening up.

Also, while it's supposedly canon that it happened between 1945 and 1961, I feel like divergence should have happened earlier, like in the 1930's, at the latest in 1945 before the actual bombs fell. Atomic bombs didn't create ghouls and giant spiders in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, did they?
09:10:50 PM Apr 11th 2013
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Should the description on this page be rewritten? As this is the main page it should be describing the series and its common mechanics, overall plot, history, cultural impact, etc. as a whole, yet after the first two paragraphs doing that fairly well it starts gushing about the first two games while giving all others only a token mention.

That, and the 3rd and 4th paragraphs are pretty weak in what they are trying to convey. Character customization and the options to choose between being good, bad, or flat out evil are standard affair in an RPG, yet the description implies that it is something special. Either a better, more Fallout-esqe example should be used or, if the idea is to note that Fallout was one of the earliest examples and is therefore a case of "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny then should be noted as such.
07:44:00 PM Nov 17th 2012
What happen to the Fallout Tv trope page there all gone...
12:30:34 AM Nov 18th 2012
Redirects to work pages from Main/ are being cut. You can get to the main page using the subpage list in the sidebar.
06:36:38 PM Aug 14th 2011
edited by ChrisHighwind
I must be a bad person with no respect for the classics.

I've heard talk of the first 2 Fallout games being the best computer RPGs out there, and I really enjoy 3 and New Vegas. However, seeing as I'm used to the Bethesda Fallout gameplay, it's so jarring to go to the gameplay of the Black Isle Fallout games that I can't get into them no matter how hard I try. Is this normal, or is it bad and I should feel bad?
09:42:02 PM Nov 2nd 2011
edited by SamMax
An opinion is an opinion. If you feel bad for not being able to enjoy Fallout or 2, don't worry about it. Maybe you just need to treat them as games unrelated to Fallout 3 and New Vegas, but I never even played Fallout or 2, and yet I am still responding to your question. Maybe I should feel bad just saying that, but I don't. Again, maybe you should treat 1 & 2 as an unrelated series, but I have no right to an opinion, so I don't know.
11:36:47 AM Jul 26th 2011
So wait, Fallout has a main characters page now? Does that mean the ones for Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 should be deleted?
12:19:04 PM Jul 26th 2011
Nope. Instead, we should delete Characters.Fallout and expand Characters.Fallout 1 and Characters.Fallout 2. That's just my personal opinion though...
04:06:03 PM Jun 21st 2011
There should be something in the article that says what system(s) each game is for.
06:56:24 PM Dec 23rd 2010
So why is it that New Vegas is the only fallout game with a characters section?
04:32:37 PM Nov 26th 2010
The unpleasable fanbase entry should probably be updated now that New Vegas has been released and the glittering gems of hatred at NMA have reacted positively to it. I'd say that it's now an unpleasable base due to the broken base that Fallout 3 created, with one side on the side of they changed it now it's awesome and the other being on they changed it now it sucks. That said, New Vegas seems to have walked the line pretty well, though both sides have their criticisms.
10:41:22 PM Jun 26th 2010
I'm contesting an example I removed. (check the page history)

Even though I agree with it, I think it's way too opinionated for this page. If you look at the examples on “Better Then It Sounds,” you’ll see that all of it's entries are sarcastic while the complaints of this example aren’t.

And "Better Than It Sounds means that, when described objectively, it has a lot of problems that make it sound s lot less good than it actually is?"

Ok then, let’s take a look at the "objective view" of Bioshock.

Ayn Rand fights The Mafia, twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Then you show up and resolve the situation. With a magical hand that shoots bees.

Yeah… No.

12:09:36 PM Jun 27th 2010
Is there a trope for something that has a lot of flaws but is still good?
10:51:49 PM Jul 22nd 2010
Umm...well damn, the closest I can think of is better than it sounds...Anyone interested in doing a yttw?
04:31:46 PM Nov 26th 2010
edited by UncannyGarlic
Wrong place, please delete this.
02:14:35 PM Jun 6th 2010
Why is there no It Just Bugs Me?
09:31:27 PM Nov 2nd 2011
There is Now! Though it was renamed Headscratchers since you asked, in case you didn't notice.
08:33:40 AM May 24th 2010
Given that all of the games are called "Fallout" why is the title of the page "Fall Out"?
01:34:51 PM May 24th 2010
Because you got linked from a page where someone improperly wrote it as a Wiki Word. Not everyone knows to use the {{ }} brackets for one-word titles. It's a fairly common problem.
03:44:05 PM May 17th 2010
I think this trope page should be split into five, one for each game and one to link them together.
02:23:54 AM May 31st 2010
Yeah, the page is really getting overly long.
12:13:17 PM Jun 27th 2010
I'm voting in favor of splitting the page into one for each game, like we did with the Kingdom Hearts series. Might get started on doing it myself tonight if no one else wants to.
12:24:16 AM Jul 28th 2010
Same here. This page is comically oversized and splitting them would allow for more specifics pertaining to each game.
10:14:45 AM Jul 29th 2010
edited by Utritum
Look, we have to do something actively if we want to split the page and not just sit around writing about it and waiting for someone else to actually do it.

So... could someone out there be as nice as to post one of those trope repair things? In all seriousness, I do not know how you make those.
01:22:08 PM Jul 29th 2010
You're already known, so it's no issue. Just go to "forum", find Trope Repair Shop, scroll to the bottom and find "create new conversation". Click, and you're in business.

In the meantime, perhaps the best way to get action is to provoke you all into doing so (I'd gladly split myself but I don't know enough about the series). I've add a float box that currently is a bunch of red links but will look beautiful once this page has been successfully siphoned off. Use the Pokémon page as a guide if you're not sure how to do it correctly, but the general rule is, specific game elements go on the game page, while universal elements go on the main page.
06:28:57 AM Mar 28th 2010
Is there some trope for the fact that if you add modified FEV to the purifier in Fallout3 in the broken steel add on the FEV in the water can kill you, and due to a game bug other people drinking it can kill you as well. Karmic retribution perhaps?
02:35:57 PM Mar 31st 2010
Nice Job Breaking It Hero.
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