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11:01:11 PM Aug 1st 2017
edited by Tawa
This page needs some serious work. Most of the entries either explicitly or implicitly exclusively refer to the third game, but EUIV is much more popular and relevant at this point. I'd be happy to update it soon. I'm not sure on a few things, though:

There's a few entries (like Defeat Means Friendship and Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys) that were added onto as the game was updated, rather than the entry being dynamically updated as the games progressed. Should I leave these or consolidate them?

Also, there are several entries (like Cursed with Awesome and Crutch Character) that are effectively advice disguised as a trope. Do these belong on the wiki?
06:45:44 AM Jan 30th 2014
A lot of examples on the page seem like they apply only to one game in the series without specifying which, though I assume it's III much of the time. Could someone who's more familiar with the differences between installments than I am take a look at it?
04:39:38 AM Mar 1st 2012
There are two liveblogs in the Main/ namespace. Any way of recovering them?
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