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03:59:38 PM Apr 16th 2016
Is Tagen Battou in The Drowned City Difficult, but Awesome or Awesome, but Impractical? Can one fall into both categories at the same time?
01:47:31 AM Apr 17th 2016
They could, but I can't say exactly as I am not familiar with the game.
04:59:59 AM Apr 20th 2016
What is the line that separates Difficult, but Awesome from Awesome, but Impractical? If I had a clearer idea I could figure out where the skill falls under.
10:47:50 PM Mar 31st 2013
Now that there are four games released, could we consider organizing this page into "Series" "EOI," "II," "III," and "IV" folders? It's a hot mess trying to find tropes for the games individually now. Maybe even consider separate pages? But given the nature of these games, that may not be warranted. It's just too disorganized right now I think.
02:50:19 AM Apr 1st 2013
It's getting fairly large, although I think a number of tropes would land into the "series" folder due to appearing in multiple games. I don't find it un-navigable yet, personally.
01:57:52 PM Mar 3rd 2016
I don't know about seperating by game, but would it be ideal to have folders by letters? It's become pretty big at this point.
07:36:07 AM Jul 17th 2012
I removed a whole bunch of very large, complainy Guide Dangit examples because I feel they can easily be solved without a guide. Case by case: the floor pit maze in Etria Odyssey on B 27 F may seem to require an insane amount of trial and error to avoid all pits, until you realize the enemies on the floor actually avoid the pits and all places an enemy has passed are safe to cross. And yes, the enemies trace a path to the exit and nearly all treasure chests. The teleporter mazes can be brute-forced; the limit for notes you can place can be avoided by removing notes for teleporters that take you to any useless location. (you can then mark those teleporters with a pit icon until the only teleporters marked as teleporters will always take you to the next floor) On Primevil's elemental attacks: he uses one of the attacks every 4th turn, one every 5th turn and one every 6th turn, giving priority to the less frequent ones. Yes, this isn't easy to figure out, but by no means impossible either. More importantly, people have beaten him using strategies that DON'T require figuring out the turn order, and in fact would have worked if it was randomized. A boss having attacks that can destroy you regardless isn't an example of Guide Dangit and doesn't belong there, period. (move it to Nintendo Hard if you insist on complaining about it on a TV Tropes page) All of the above applies to the 6th stratum of Heroes of Lagaard too.
01:27:50 AM Apr 17th 2011
Should Chronic Backstabbing Disorder be added?

The one of the Shogun's skill forces him to instantly kill both enemies and allies if their health goes down to a certain point...both situation happens quite frequently.
08:27:43 AM May 9th 2011
edited by PLA
I heard of a bug in the same vein, said vein being the questionable hijinks of the Shogun. I have not confirmed the bug, but supposedly a Shogun can use Inspire or Negotiation on a dead ally to trigger Bloody Lance.

I'm not entirely sure what that would equate to in real terms, but it sounds kinky, and illegal.
08:42:33 AM Mar 4th 2011
Removed several examples that seem to be in the wrong place. Designated Villain had several problems. First off, the good things Visil has done are not glossed over at all. All of the paper scraps in Lost Shinjuku as well as most of Ren and Tsuskuru's dialogue is there to make clear how he worked to save the world and keep Etria prosperous, respectively. More importantly however, he's never played as a villain to begin with, making the trope misplaced. Fake Difficulty: false claim of something being "literally" impossible. Since that was the only example, I figured it might as well be removed completely. Limit Break: why is the alchemist's limit break a more notable example of a limit break than... well, all the other limit breaks? Retraux: removed any YouTube links that were broken, along with their bullet points. Underground Monkey: plenty of examples in the game, but no palette swaps on enemies. (very common aversion. See 3rd paragraph on Palette Swap) Villain Protagonist: in addition to numerous errors (particularly the fame and fortune line: that's what you're offered for NOT entering the door; you know you have nothing to gain but the truth and possibly your own death by entering) this is completely out of place. The protagonists are never portrayed as villainous.
11:04:22 AM Nov 19th 2010
Removed "This is probably to make up for the fact that a full support healer/buffer class is no longer accessible." from the Adam Smith Hates Your Guts entry as it is very much possible to use a Monk with a Prince subclass or vice versa to gain access to all the healing you could need.

I also went through the entire text and removed some discussion, emphasizing of everything, and Word Cruft. I'm pretty sure I didn't remove anything of importance, but check if you want.

Also, does anyone else think it would be a good idea to make the image a screenshot of both screens, to show the whole mapping and labyrinth thing? Art of a few random classes doesn't really say a lot.
10:32:41 PM May 9th 2011
Personally I think both screens would be a good default when the bottom screen actually does something.
12:32:06 PM Oct 1st 2010
With the release of the third game now in the US, perhaps we could change its page art with some cool art from the 3rd game now? :D
12:40:10 AM May 30th 2010
Wait... this is in both 'Eastern RPG' and 'Western RPG'?? Was it an intentional fusing of both game styles?
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