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05:15:55 AM Feb 10th 2016
Why aren't the tropes beginning with A visible on the main page? None of them are commented out.
05:17:33 AM Feb 10th 2016
Never mind. It seems a null edit was all that was needed to solve the problem.
12:11:06 AM Oct 25th 2015
edited by MarioRocks428
ok why is this game listed under horror games? It's Mickey Mouse, not Silent Hill.
05:18:05 AM Feb 10th 2016
True, it's a game starring Mickey Mouse, but it's much darker than your typical Mickey Mouse adventure.
03:24:57 PM Sep 1st 2012
Once the sequals come out, will folders be made for each game?
05:19:42 AM Dec 5th 2011
This article has WAY too many links to the Oswald and Mickey articles. I understand why we need one link, but if I want to go to that article I'm going to do it the first time I see the link. It's not necessary to have every occurrence of the frakking word be a link to the article. I'd fix it myself, but being lazy - and there being probably a hundred links - I'm hoping someone has a script which will get rid of them. If not, post here and I will fix it.
02:22:24 PM Apr 9th 2011
I thought there should be a High Octane Nightmare fuel and Nightmare Fuel section for this, and I made one for Nightmare Fuel, but I then immediately got a message from Ultimatum saying it was more like a discussion. I'm pretty new here, so could anyone tell me exactly who this Ultimatum person is, and what I have to do to fix my edit?
12:24:51 PM Nov 24th 2010
We should put a separate Shout-Out page for Epic Mickey, considering all the Disney references in just about everything in this game. Any Disney-geek tropers up for the challenge?
03:53:24 PM Nov 14th 2010
I think that the Laconic for this game doesn't fit the game as well as it should. This game isn't about being Darker and Edgier anymore. I think it should be changed to something more like "Mickey redeems himself to his friends and his fans." Or something like that. That's really what the story seems to be about. What do you guys think?
06:06:43 PM Nov 14th 2010
seems about right.
07:39:32 PM Oct 31st 2010
We have a YMMV section now? How lovely!
11:49:15 AM Oct 23rd 2010
I really think the Phantom Blot's status as an Ensemble Darkhorse is subjective as well. You don't need to look any further than to our own forums to see that his "makeover" is not something that has been met with unanonymous approval. The article also makes it sound like the old Blot was universally seen as "a "lame", goofy villain, whose worst crimes were just stealing some jewels".
11:58:13 AM Dec 31st 2010
"Unanonymous approval"? As in approval that is signed? Did you mean unanimous, as in "everyone agrees?"
07:39:26 PM Oct 17th 2010
To the person who deleted all the subjectives, we have a YMMV tab now so the examples could've been moved there.
08:00:02 PM Oct 17th 2010
edited by KillerClowns
I'm not sure if the cleanser will be bothered to do so or not, so I'll grab all the examples he deleted and move them appropriately. We'll probably have to trim it a bit — if not raze it outright — once the game comes out, since it's a lot of talk about What Could Have Been and the game's development history. Also, for future reference, You Could Always Edit It Yourself. At any rate, feel free to check over my work and make sure I didn't miss anything.
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