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01:23:00 PM May 4th 2013
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Ok Can someone check on this? Part of why I ask is Eat Lead is far from being unique to the Matt Hazard game and is in fact a cliched line common in a number of mostly action based media.

02:14:51 PM Sep 19th 2011
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This game has four different AI partners available, however you are stuck with the same two as long as you use that same profile. Beacuse it is impossible for any one person to have more than two partners I was hoping we could pool our resources and talk about them, possibly even move this info to the main page when it's done.

Kid: A young, very energetic guy. Whenever a teamate goes down Kid immediatly rushes in for a revival. (At least for me.) Some of his lines include: "I'm livebloging this whole thing right now! My hits are gonna be through the roof!" "I just heard my hometown got wasted!" and "I used to wanna move here. Not anymore."
11:37:25 PM Sep 19th 2011
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I had Cyrus and Kicker.

Cyrus is the token black man. Kicker is a red neck. I can't remember the lines because I have not played the game in a while.
03:05:19 PM Jul 18th 2012
I got Kid and oldman oldman seens to be just a veteran soldier he somethimes makes offers to start a construction company after everything is over with the rest of the team so they can get rich as well as making comments about buying beer for the rest of the team if they make it out alive and about how proud he is to be part of the EDF i never pay much attention to what the AI partners say so i cant really describe oldman more than that
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