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01:55:08 PM Apr 20th 2018
Should there be separate pages for the Diablo I game in particular and the Diablo series as a whole, like there is for StarCraft? And if not, what makes it worthwhile for StarCraft and not for Diablo?
10:43:31 AM Jun 28th 2012
I have an addition, but I'm not sure which trope it should be under:

  • In the second act of the game, the Prince of Lut Gholein tells the hero that the women of the local brothels have been sequestered in the basement of his palace for their safety during the crisis. The locals complain about it, saying surely he's keeping them for his own pleasure. As it turns out, The Prince's intentions are both honorable and pure, but demons spawning from a magical gateway have infested the caverns below his palace, and have broken into the basement. The women are all dead by the time you get there. Apparently, he hadn't even gone down to check on them in all that time!

Is this Deconstructing [[The Women Are Safe With Us]], or are there other tropes/methods more appropriate for it?
03:43:34 PM May 22nd 2012
Where is it confirmed that the Rogue is Blood Raven and the Sorcerer became the Summoner? I've seen it several times, maybe it's in some supplementary material I've never read (or seen).
11:01:51 PM May 18th 2012
This trope page is rather sloppy, Perhaps we should scrap this page and split it into two pages for Diablo one and two. Currently the page has all three blended together, when three has its own page... This leads to it feeling messy.
03:24:42 PM Apr 13th 2014
Yeah, especially considering this page is starting to have a lot of tropes.
08:21:52 PM Apr 21st 2014
The page is over 575K characters. Splitting Diablo 2 to its own page is a must-happen at this point.
09:06:30 PM Apr 23rd 2014
I've split Diablo II to its own page. Tropes specifically for that game need to be moved to that page and cleaned up, and tropes with references to multiple games need to be honed down to just talking about the first game wherever possible.
03:26:38 AM Apr 30th 2014
The trope move is complete; now, this page's entries need cleanup and Zero-Context Example processing.
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