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06:57:07 PM Jul 16th 2014
Informed flaw: In ronaldo's route, it reveals that Otome is tone deaf. It doesn't effect the plot at all though.
01:55:11 PM May 25th 2014
So, pulled the Whole Plot Reference examples from the article. Seriously, the fact that they're not even the same genre should alone be enough to point out that this game is not a Whole Plot Reference to Neon Genesis Evangelion, a giant robot show, just because they both include religion and the end of the world. Especially given that Mega Ten as a franchise is always incorporating religion and the end of the world into its plots and has been doing so since before the existence of Evangelion.
07:34:00 AM Feb 28th 2012
Isn't it time to create a character index for this game?