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05:11:36 AM Jan 23rd 2015
I don't understand how this trope applies.

Jedi Truth: Hugh Darrows publicly states that his Panchaea project will directly fix the high amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and help restore balance to the world's ecosystems. Technically, he's not lying.
07:35:17 AM Jan 23rd 2015
With no further context, it doesn't apply.
08:01:15 PM Jun 18th 2013
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Which characters attack the player if he has a gun out, and do the newspapers count as The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything? If the player shoots up the Detroit PD, the newspapers will say a assailant walked in and started shooting(The cops outside also turn hostile and will immediately blast you to death the minute you leave the PD), along with a photo of a man whos face resembles Jensen. If he uses stealth, the newspaper says missing evidence as the reason the precinct shut down. This is just one example of the newspapers changing to your actions.
01:58:52 PM Mar 18th 2013
Neuropozyne is pronounced noo rop zēn, I believe. Just in case anyone is curious. Vowels are like: Neu (neu ron) rop (pop) o (ah) zyne {team)
06:36:45 AM Jun 9th 2012
Defictionalization: A lot of effort went into making sure that the 'Twenty Minutes Into The Future' look felt right, including the fashion. It looks futuristic, but not too distanced from today. As such, there are official clothes you can buy that, whilst not 100% identical, have a similar look and feel to the game's clothing. http://eu.deusex-store.com/category/29_Deus-Ex-Official-Collection
04:33:20 PM Feb 10th 2012
Now, i havent played DE:HR and i have only seen a few clips on Youtube but i saw the Extra Credits video about it and made me wonder if it is really that difficult to solve the "if the rich kid has the better augmentation available, how can the poor kid compete with that?" problem? First of all take a look in the Heroic RROD Real Life section with this sentence so i dont have to write all of it: "Humans are capable of using only one-third of their muscles' potential strength (even when hyped up on steroids) due to a biologically implemented mental block" Conspiracy aside, why cant in the DE:HR universe have robot arms that act as a normal limb and only activate their full potential in a andrenaline rush life or death situation but without the drawbacks of having your muscles become mush by the effort? I mean it just raises an eyebrow in how the robot arms can shape into rocket launchers and other cool stuff but something as simple as a having the arms just be calibrated to be functional as a normal arm isnt the first thing the scientist do
06:38:46 AM Jun 9th 2012
Augments were first created for people with missing/faulty limbs, which is why the creator of augmentation was so bitter - his leg was FUBAR but his DNA strongly rejected augmentation, so he couldn't get a new one.
05:27:27 PM Jan 21st 2012
The Ungrateful Bastards example can be averted, as noted now. Should it stay on the page, then? It does apply if you don't do things perfectly, and the only reason I found out it was possible was a sheer damn lucky tranq headshot.
08:32:50 AM Jan 23rd 2012
@Zaptech: Re-read your edit after I made mine, that's a pretty good one. Still, even the guy who was saying that it might be better if he died came off as more philosophizing rather than condemning of your actions, which most of the others came off as. If the example stays on the page, would this be alright?

* [[UngratefulBastard Ungrateful Bastards]]: SWAT. If Adam gets through the Sarif Manufacturing plant with absolutely zero casualties, along with defusing a ''bomb'' and successfully conducting a hostage negotiation to convince a cornered, desperate terrorist to release an innocent woman unharmed, all they do is bitch at him because the terrorist leader escaped. Even if Adam manages to take Sanders down alive, one of them will muse that it might've been better if he died so that he couldn't spread his views anymore.

04:49:47 PM Jan 6th 2012
Would it considered irony that the hookers in the Hung Hua Hotel are against augmentations, despite most of them having two obvious 'augmentations' (Chinese woman aren't famed for having large chests)
05:28:31 PM Jan 21st 2012
Uh... 1) If it's not mentioned in game, you can't really say that that is the case and 2) There's a difference between something like that and having pieces of your body wholesale replaced.
12:07:19 PM Apr 14th 2012
No reason they couldn't have been forced to get those as well.
04:14:15 PM Dec 26th 2011
If someone with skill has time on their hands, do they want to rewrite the main article? Because it's completely devoted to pre-release expectations which is pretty inappropriate now. Really we want a story summary, followed by background expectation, a short line about divided opinions and the excepted critical response to the game nowadays. I don't think I have the confidence to write it, but it really needs to be done
11:33:49 AM Dec 21st 2011
Could the fact that crazed guards run towards grenades rather than away from them be a reference to a certain zombie game?
09:26:11 PM Oct 22nd 2011
Jensen's blades shoot out of his cybernetic arms in the middle of his forearms. The blades are spec-ed to 35cm or 13.8 inches. If the blades emerge from the middle of his forearms, how are the blades stored in his arms? Maybe a blade made to be like Batman's cape until a electric charge is run through it?
09:28:23 AM Oct 18th 2011
Whoever wrote former PM John Howard's email to Picus captured his voice brilliantly. Also, cyberpunk settings seem to love the idea of a divided Australia - Gibson's Bridge series did the same thing.
12:54:15 PM Sep 27th 2011
edited by Chongomaster
Does anyone else think that Anticlimax Boss is too long and nattery? What should be done about if it?
12:57:45 PM Sep 27th 2011
Nevermind, I moved it to the YMMV tab.
02:41:46 PM Sep 19th 2011
Is there a trope for cases like with Jensen's apartment, where a game uses a view of a character's home as a way to provide information about the character?
07:17:39 AM Oct 13th 2011
I don't think so, maybe we could call it Apartment Door Into the Soul or something.
03:59:31 PM Sep 16th 2011
I don't want to start an Edit War about Megan Reed Complete Monster status on the YMMV page. So I'm starting a topic here to ask what is the issue here. I know Deus Ex is quite the polarizing game but it's annoying to see edits I made being deleted twice with a "what, what?" for sole explanation because someone doesn't believe what I wrote. It should be useful for further questions on the matter, especially concerning the endings.
08:32:57 PM Sep 16th 2011
'Complete Monster' is reserved for people who have no redeeming qualities. While talking about Patient X, she acts guilty as hell, and when she finally gets around to revealing the truth, she's practically crying. She also acts shocked when she sees what Darrow is actually using her work for. She also does try to save Adam's life when Namir is attacking her. I'll grant that she adapts to her new situation way too easily, and the ending paints her in a dickish light, but she clearly feels guilt and responsibility. Unless you can provide evidence that she's faking, Complete Monsterdom is beyond her grasp.
08:37:03 AM Sep 17th 2011
edited by CapitaineSchizo
Thanks for the answer. I admit she feels guilty at the beginning of the game but I think (Hence the YMMV problem) the C Mdom is slowly building afterwards, ending up with the Moral Event Horizon in The Stinger where she's heard joining Majectic 12/Illuminati because she is willing to work on The Plague project. That would also mean Bob Page broke the cutie but that's another matter.
06:53:09 PM Sep 17th 2011
The only complete monsters are Zhao and Page, really. Darrow at least tries to redeem himself. Also, holy crap guys, spoiler warnings?
09:52:43 AM Sep 19th 2011
Is there really a good reason to believe that she KNOWS she will contribute to the development of a biological weapon? The "nano virus chimera" could also be a pure For Science! project, from her perspective.
11:42:11 AM Aug 29th 2011
Is there a trope for product names that are ironic, or at least really suck? Because, the Icarus Landing System? Really? If I was going to get a parachute, I wouldn't want one named after a guy who fell to his death.
06:53:59 PM Sep 17th 2011
Fridge Brilliance: If Icarus had had the Icarus system, he never would've fell.