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01:19:44 PM Sep 9th 2015
Begun cleanup of the page, turning it into a non-SD one. I'd really appreciate some help on this.

The original text is here: Sandbox.Deadpool.
08:06:29 PM Jul 2nd 2013
... does this really have to be Self Demonstrating too? I hate to be a stick in the mud, but the joke really gets old.
01:55:13 PM Jul 3rd 2013
For what it's worth I'd second changing it to a straight trope-page: we have the entire Deadpool article (and related subpages) for the Self Demonstrating jokes. They're...getting pretty stale. It would be nice to just explain the game.
09:18:03 PM Jul 24th 2013
I third that. You can only expect very few people to contribute to the page with such a major style limitation. And that is a TERRIBLE practice for this wiki.
02:54:08 AM Jul 25th 2013
edited by
Make this article a normal one, and then find a way to add the joke one to SelfDemonstrating.Deadpool.
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