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10:20:23 AM Jan 15th 2015
Is the Shout-Out line 'Oh, it doesn't stop there... [...]' substantiated? It lists the items that play a similar role in both 'Darksiders' and Zelda series, but they are actually pretty run of the mill nowadays. Items or skills that reveal hidden objects, mark other objects on the map or allow to collect various substances are definitely not the characteristic elements of Zelda series. Collecting shards of Armageddon blade is also blatantly generic and has much more in common with 'Lords of the Ring' than Zelda. If the blade had a shape of three triangles or included them in the design, that would be a Shout-Out. Collecting the Armageddon Blade is a plain example of Reforged Blade.

The only valid entry in the first two paragraphs is the one about Portal Gun. This is an obvious Shout-Out. It wouldn't be (or would be much more ambiguous) if the portals weren't blue and orange though.
08:24:39 AM Apr 30th 2013
Why is the title two words? It's only one, which you can see on the page image.
08:48:42 AM Apr 30th 2013
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It is one word. Titles show whatever the link you followed. So you came from a link that said Dark Siders, but if you click on Darksiders it'll work. Same as any page. For example: In Dia Najo Nes.

If you want to fix it, that'd be appreciated. I'm guessing someone did CamelCase because it's simpler than using brackets to make a link.
01:17:32 PM Sep 1st 2012
Should we add a Franchise tab for the series as a whole? It seems rather awkward that we're listing things on two separate pages for the two installments, along with the fact that there is a book (The Abomination Vault) and a comic out with some references to them, but we still have "Darksiders" only being a link to the first video game.
09:48:57 PM Feb 25th 2011
Why is this article written as "Dark Siders"? Isn't the tile of the game "Darksiders"?
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