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08:24:39 AM Apr 30th 2013
Why is the title two words? It's only one, which you can see on the page image.
08:48:42 AM Apr 30th 2013
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It is one word. Titles show whatever the link you followed. So you came from a link that said Dark Siders, but if you click on Darksiders it'll work. Same as any page. For example: In Dia Najo Nes.

If you want to fix it, that'd be appreciated. I'm guessing someone did CamelCase because it's simpler than using brackets to make a link.
01:17:32 PM Sep 1st 2012
Should we add a Franchise tab for the series as a whole? It seems rather awkward that we're listing things on two separate pages for the two installments, along with the fact that there is a book (The Abomination Vault) and a comic out with some references to them, but we still have "Darksiders" only being a link to the first video game.
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