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04:35:03 PM Jul 16th 2012
Status Quo Is God: In the DCUO Legends comics. The story jumps between the apocalyptic future depicted in DCUO's intro cinematic and the 'present,' before finally returning to before any of it happened. Describing it gets weird because of the time travelling. There's going to be present characters that exist within this Status Quo Is God present, the future ones pre-Brainiac attack and the post-Brainiac attack future characters. Future!Future!Batman gives his very-past self the means to cut off Brainiac's attack far in advance of it occurring and Present!Lex Luthor hates Superman, just as his Future!self and Future!Future!self guessed he would, despite both of the latter coming to agree with his vision of truth, justice and the American way in their own times... and each other's, when they met. It's complicated. However, despite everything returning to normal, apart from some very addled brains (audience included), there's a scene where Lex momentarily stares at a passing Supes in awe, getting a sort-of time-echo of his past Future!self's feelings about the Man of Steel.
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