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09:25:39 PM Apr 10th 2010
If anyone's interested, Good Old Games has the Exodus/Village/Albian Years compilations.

I'd have figured they'd dropped off the face of the net by now, other than Ebay. Nice to see I'm wrong.
12:31:32 AM May 9th 2010
And now they're on sale of the weekend!
11:47:53 AM May 9th 2010

I've been wanting a proper copy of Creatures 3 for YEARS now, since I only ever had Docking Station in this gen. I already have DS, but finally! Bruin, Civit, and Tiger Norn sprites! The add-on breeds with their actual sprites, and all their accoutrements! And proper Grendel and Ettin sprites! That alone just makes me happy.
05:24:01 PM May 10th 2010
Glad I could help. :) - Insanity Prelude (I'd log in but I keep forgetting to log out and it's a public computer)
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