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05:30:53 AM Apr 26th 2014
Should this page be split along the different iterations of the serie to better the ease of reading and editing?

04:24:10 AM Mar 7th 2014
Did anyone ever notice how Civ V's unique ability mechanic feels a lot like Rhye's and Fall of Civilization mod for Civ IV? Also the flipping of cities due to ideology feels not unlike the stability system?

02:17:52 PM Sep 21st 2013
edited by
Voicing disapproval with removing the anachronisms (listed reason was "kind of nattery". I disagree. I'm not putting back, per Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement, but I think all that should be left there and am voicing it in case others feel the same. I'm aware it says in the comments "No examples please, we get it", but would like to know who and why this was decided.

This is what was removed:

  • One of the oddest examples of this is the Oxford University National Wonder in Civ IV. The significance of Oxford, and the reason it's one of the world's leading establishments today is that it was one of the first University set up in the world (at least in any format we'd vaguely recognise today). However, in the game, you need to have built at least 6 other Universities to construct it. Also, since it is a National Wonder, every nation can have one. At the same time. This means that there could be as many as 18 Oxford Universities in a single world.
  • The tech tree, at least in Civ IV, is however set up to make a few things happen "on time" in a normal game. Christianity is typically created around 30 AD and a Civilization will get the tech to find the new world (on a map type that supports it) around 1500 AD and to colonize it a few turns later. Nothing flat out stops you from progressing to these points earlier if you are devoted or get lucky with a great person though.
  • In Civ V, trapping is one of the techs you can develop in ancient times. The graphic for it, however, shows a fox looking through a chain link fence, which wasn't developed until the 1840's.
  • In IV, the "check spaceship progress" option lets you see your futuristic spaceport and the progress you've made on your spaceship. You can check this even after starting the game in ancient times - and the spaceport is every bit as futuristic, though there's no spaceship.
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