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02:17:33 PM Jul 18th 2014
So a user commented out:

...because they are "Zero Context Examples". However, are we really supposed to list the ten-thousand or so player characters who fell under these definitions? Because the game was about the -Player Characters-, not so much the NP Cs. I mean sure, we -could- list Synapse in the first category, and possibly Captain Mako in the second, but again, these examples were pointing out Player powers. What do the rest of you think?
03:20:54 PM Jul 18th 2014
You don't need to list everyone, but you'll have to explain why at least the listed ones fit the trope. Also, each trope needs to have its own bullet point.
04:11:17 PM Jul 18th 2014
Right, the issue isn't the general examples, but the fact that it doesn't describe how a Blaster with Speed is a fitting example. What's a Blaster? What does Speed do? Someone who doesn't know the game should be able to see how the example fits.
04:38:57 AM Oct 13th 2013
The "spiritual successor" to COH needs your help! Click the link for more details.
06:48:13 PM Dec 17th 2012
Alright, I need someone to answer this. City of Heroes/City of Villains was one NC Soft's most profitable games, right? Paragon Studios was extremely nice, constantly playing with the community and etc. right? So, please tell me, why NC Soft decided to dissolve Paragon and shut down Co V. I know there are probably countless "reasons" and maybe a few legitimate reasons, but the way I'm seeing it, NC Soft signed their own death sentence.
09:23:51 AM Mar 6th 2013
Cities was modestly profitable, stable, but very slowly declining.

Ultimately, it was a drop in the bucket compared to Lineage, Aion, and the like. Numbers I've seen indicate maybe 5 percent of NC Soft's total incoming profit.
10:42:31 AM Mar 7th 2014
Co H accounted for only 2% of their overall revenue, so it wasn't one of their biggest games by a longshot.

However, given that the entire United States was only 4% of their revenue, that means that Co H actually represented about 50% of their overall US profits.
02:21:48 PM Nov 21st 2012
where is the short story of recluse mourning statesman
04:23:37 AM Sep 5th 2012
edited by malonkey1
City of heroes is finally going...I can't believe it! I know of two groups trying to save it, and either one could use your help!

The Super Entity Game System, an attempt at Co H emulation, which needs coders!!

The Titan Network Fora, a large community attempting several possible routes.

We can save this game!!
04:07:00 AM May 11th 2013
Since City Of Heroes is now pretty much down, shouldn't this page be removed and links to it be cleared out?
03:51:35 PM Jun 5th 2013
Sure, as long as you also delete all the pages for TV shows that have ended, movies that are no longer in theaters, albums that are no longer on the shelves, etc.
07:08:06 PM Jan 5th 2012
I would like to move that due to City oh Heroes Troperiffic nature, we begin making individual trope folders on the front page.

Also, for anyone who's played the new addition to the Valentine's day event in VIP beta, I also propose the addition of the Crack Pairing trope, as notable valentine's day letters circulate between Arbiter Sands and [[Catgirl Mynx]], Sally to Lusca, Im Not Making This Up
05:07:01 PM Nov 22nd 2011
Come to think of it, Should we add a Fanfic Recs page with a section for AE arcs? Because I've seen a few arcs worth mention, and also a story or two.
07:04:11 PM Jan 5th 2012
I can agree to this, it would also be a great contribution to the community in general.
08:12:17 PM Mar 5th 2011
For those familiar with the Croatoa zone, this trouper wants to propose two possible new entries: BLAM Episode (Due to Croatoa seldom being referenced outside of itself or the Winter events, and otherwise not being connected with a majority of the plot) and Did Not Do Research (As Bres, in this game, is apparently hailed as a hero of the Tuathua Dannan, which he really wasn't to this Trouper's knowledge. (Besides of which, Bres considered himself more Formian))
11:10:16 PM Dec 28th 2010
Is there a trope that would describe Kinetics and Kinetic Melee?
04:31:49 AM Jan 4th 2011
Not that I know about, since it's meant to be fairly generic as to whether it's some sort of airbending or energy manipulation.
11:32:17 PM Jan 14th 2011
Oh well. I'm at least glad I'm not the only one who got an airbending vibe from it (and no I did not make an Aang knockoff!...I may have made an Ivan knockoff. >.>).
11:32:48 PM Dec 15th 2010
Would this be Unfortunate Implications, Writers Cannot Do Math, or something else entirely?

On Primal Earth, Penelope Yin's father is Wu Yin, and her mother is not mentioned. On Praetorian Earth, Penelope Yin's father is Wu Yin, and her mother is Vanessa De Vore. On Primal Earth, Penelope Yin is a college freshman, Wu Yin is in his 50s, and Vanessa De Vore is 28 or so. You do the math.
03:38:58 AM Dec 16th 2010
College freshman? I'd be amazed if Penelope Yin's much older than 15. And Vanessa got her undergrad degree at least ten years ago - she's more likely in her mid 30s. Wu Yin can't be older than his 40s - born in Hong Kong in the 60s. So, I did the math, and I'm thinking a 30-something Wu Yin hooked up with a 20-ish Vanessa De Vore, it ended unhappily, he kept the kid, she went off to get on with her life. It would explain why he never talks about Penny's mother. And why Vanessa was happy to lose herself in Italy.
08:03:55 PM Dec 21st 2010
The ages of Penelope and Wu are Word of God, while Vanessa's age is computed from her being described as a "young grad student" in 2000.
10:14:37 PM Dec 15th 2010
Randomly, this troper would like to share an interesting moment he discovered some time ago of possibly unintentional Gameplayand Story Integration The Rikti, in canon lore, are supposedly one of the biggest threats to humanity, but by the time you're the appropriate level to fight them, they can be a challenge but far from the Demonic Spiders every NPC speaks of them as. On the flipside, Malta is generally regarded as one of the toughest foes in the game, both story and gameplay wise...

So while fiddling with Mission architect, I had it set so that Malta was attacking a Rikti base, going into the mission in test mode, I was expecting to watch the rikti slaughtered, what I saw instead of Rikti shrugging off everything Malta had an promptly one-shotting them with their BFS and that was when I realized: Malta is ultimately, still earth military forces, the same kind that would have been thrown at the Rikti and killed in droves before! Gameplayandstoryintegration indeed.
09:00:49 PM Jun 3rd 2011
edited by Piledriver
Malta has two advantages: one unit specializes in draining stamina, causing player defensive buffs that rely on constant stamina supply to drop if they aren't compensating (one way or another), and another unit can summon turret 'pets' that have a slightly higher accuracy rating than anything else in the game, thus bypassing player wisdom regarding an arbitrary defense "soft cap" based on everything else in the game. In both cases, these advantages exist because so many players choose to build in cookie-cutter vulnerabilities not entirely inherent in the game mechanics. That Rikti NP Cs aren't caught out in the same way should be no surprise, really.
04:05:07 PM Oct 24th 2011
There's also the fact that anything the Malta does, the Rikti does one step better. Engineers can summon their turret pets. Comm officers can summon portals that summon small armies. Sappers can steal endurance and hold, but Guardians instead buff their allies with faster endurance gain, recharge and minor hold resistance. Gunslingers can teleport, so can headmen. I think the only advantage Malta have are their Titans, who carry group holds and regen debuffs. But, Rikti still have mesmerists, who, while not as tough, still get the job done, and the regen debuffs don't really matter unless you're up against archvillains.
03:47:27 AM Dec 7th 2010
"Bank security don't get gatling guns until level 30. By that time, my villain has taken down demigods, and these guys still put up a credible fight. They are anything but your everyday bank security."

Not arguing the point, just... demigods? I know you fight an actual honest-to-uh, herself, goddess in the 40-45 band...
02:06:09 AM Jan 6th 2011
Actually, it's the 45-50 band, and maybe not Demigods, per-say, but the Banished Pantheon Totems are supposedly avatars of their gods.
09:18:50 AM Nov 16th 2010
I was thinking about adding these notes to the "The Computer is a Cheating Bastard" segment:
  • An interesting inversion of this [the computer is a cheating bastard] comes in the case of one of the new Signature NPC characters, Dedemona. You can first encounter her at level twenty, where she will be able to summon her third tier pet (a power a normal Master Mind player needs to wait until level 26 for) and her first tier pet, all of them fully upgraded (normally, one would need to wait until level 32), but it all flips to the inversion in that by level 20, a PC MM would have three of their first tier pets and she only has two, even when you meets her in level 50 missions. That's right, she cheats in a way that disadvantages her.
    • To a lesser extent, she also NEVER has her second tier pet, which is possible for PC Master Mind, just seldom considered wise.

Also, in light of two of two recent arcs to be added to the live servers in issue 19 (presently in open beta) I would like to propose adding the trope: A Godis You This specifically occurs in the first mission of the Mender Remiel contact's arc. During this mission, you character (and the team) receives a buff that almost literally boosts all their stats to OVER 9000!, another one that makes their damage irresistible, and third one that makes it, literally, impossible for you to be hurt. You are promptly allowed to fight against the biggest, baddest, and strongest Archvillains/heroes in the game, and are perfectly able to curbstomp them with almost no effort. (You still need to actually move within attacking range of your powers and actually press the buttons). The lesser extent of this occurs in the finale of the newest Villain side arc in which you get a buff for the duration of the mission that boosts all your stats Up to 11 (You're not AS strong as the former case but pretty damn close) and proceed to fight off 200+ opponents who come at you in huge ambush waves.
09:31:02 AM Nov 16th 2010
The addition to TCIACB could work, but it would have to be trunctuated; it's a bit too long as is. A God is You would only work if (I haven't played the open beta yet, so I don't know if this is the case) the stat buffs are the result of being given literal god powers. Do you drink from the Well of the Furies? 'Cause if so, that probably would indeed count.

...In any case, that sounds rifuckulously AWESOME.
12:50:24 PM Nov 16th 2010
You don't, because if you did, your character would basically become a heroic spirit/counter guardian like in Fate/Stay Night, though it is supposed to be a vision of your future self having gained god-like power. (Considering you smack Statesman plus positron and Sister Psyche at the same time and then do the same with Lord Recluse, Ghost Widow, and black scorpion, it might be safe to just call it "Godly power")

And yes, I suppose the Desdemona note is a bit too long.
03:55:00 AM Dec 7th 2010
How's that?
01:09:08 PM Nov 15th 2010
Anyone feels there should be a character sheet? Atleast for characters like The Statesman, Lord Recluse, etc
08:54:15 AM Nov 16th 2010
I would concur, it wouldn't even need collapsible folders.
04:18:35 PM Nov 17th 2010
It'd be a lot of work to even begin setting up! We'd also have to clarify that the character sheet would be for NP Cs only. I can see quite a few people wanting to put their own characters here. I'll start it tonight if i get bored =)
10:00:10 AM Nov 18th 2010
edited by SomeGuy
02:33:53 PM Nov 18th 2010
Started up a framework with organizations and factions/alignment
02:04:24 AM Jan 6th 2011
added a few more things to the entry. I haven't read the comics and novels, so some of my stuff might be a bit off.
10:48:44 PM Jan 30th 2011
...I'm going to politely request that everyone check their spelling, formatting, and wiki editing skills (alphabetizing, indenting, and so on) before continuing to edit the character sheet.

Honest to god, that was the most poorly-done page I have ever seen in three years of wasting time on this wiki.
01:47:26 PM Mar 12th 2011
I added in an entry for Desdemona and added a bit to Scirocco's entry based on Word of God from an official thread on the subject:
01:45:25 PM Nov 11th 2010
Does anyone think that, with the extensive use of tropes on various levels in this game, that we should consider breaking it down into categorized folders based on "Story", "Meta", and "Powers" or something like that?
04:04:30 PM Nov 11th 2010
Well, it's already divided between "powers" and everything else. Do you mean you want collapsible folders put into place? Eh, seems like a lot of work, making the folders, and putting everythign in its proper place in alphabetical order... =/
03:36:09 PM Nov 4th 2010
edited by Adeon
Regarding the Alignment section we might want to add something about the Praetorian alignments being controversial. Personally I agree with the versions given on the page fitting with the Grey and Grey morality nature of Praetoria but there are a number of people on the game forums who advocate:

  1. Responsibility Loyalists: Lawful Evil
  2. Power Loyalists: Chaotic Evil
  3. Resistance Wardens: Lawful Good
  4. Resistance Crusaders: Chaotic Good

This doesn't make much sense to me (and I don't think it's what the devs intended) but it is a viewpoint held by at least some players.
03:46:00 AM Dec 7th 2010
Not a single one of those is even close to IMO correct. If anything...

  1. Responsibility: Lawful Good (you are the system)
  2. Power: Lawful Evil (you game the system)
  3. Warden: Chaotic Good (you want to change the system)
  4. Crusader: Chaotic Evil (you want to destroy the system)
12:31:27 PM Dec 15th 2010
edited by Adeon
As I said I agree with the version given in the article and not the version I gave above, but it is a view championed by some people on the forums.
12:35:53 PM Sep 21st 2010
Retcon's example isn't right. It says that the Praetorian arcs were changed, which is not the case. The old Praetorian arcs still happened, it's just that it happened in the past. They have been altered to reflect the fact that Praetoria is no longer a mysterious, unknown place — it is now a known danger.
04:20:55 PM Sep 21st 2010
Noted and moved to the Status Quo Is God aversion.
02:08:28 AM Jul 7th 2010
I would like to propose adding the trope Art Evolution and/or Art Style Shift among the entries. Take a look at the screenshots of City of Heroes for for Issue 1 here: Or any present screenshots of the zones blueside except for Faultline and the Rikti War Zone...

Now compare them to the new zones coming with Going Rogue here:

As for the art style shift example, well, just look at the differences between blueside's aethetics and redside's.

The repaired areas of Faultline are cleaner and brighter than even Saint Martial's best neighborhoods
12:41:01 PM Apr 25th 2010
edited by LooneyToons
From the "Cat Girl" entry:
  • If while playing or browsing game forums, you run across the phrase "You show me yours and I'll show you mine", this is what it probably refers to. There's an assumption that everybody's got one.

Okay, I'll admit it — I have one catgirl: Halo Kitty, on Virtue. A Cat Girl SPARTAN.
02:17:23 AM Jul 7th 2010
I have two catgirls. One was somewhat of a deconstruction of the magical girl (but nowhere near as dark as Sailor Nothing) and anime logic in general, anyway though, she was normal until running an arc involve a virus that turned women into catgirls and she got infected but her condition stabilized. so she doesn't really have many catgirl traits beyond ears and a tail.

The second is a spec-ops cat girl who also lacks the general cat-girl attitude to such a degree that a lot of other people she R Ps with forget she's a catgirl, not helped by one modest costume where you can't even see her ears or tail.
10:19:30 PM Dec 15th 2010
11:46:00 PM Dec 16th 2011
Got one. On Union server: Sparkles Herb Biblio. Yes, exactly. And pretty much what you'd expect from the name - I was getting bored with angst based characters. Hoping to someday get web pages up for my many, many alts...
10:25:02 AM Mar 18th 2010
edited by WildKnight
Anyone have any objection to a new page picture? I sort of feel like the current one is outdated and not very interesting.

I was thinking possibly this wallpaper (resized to TV Tropes image guidelines, of course) or this one, leaning slightly towards the latter because it's still the splash screen you see when you boot the game up actually scratch that, I like the first image more, it's more recent and reflects the City of Villains integration.
09:54:02 AM Apr 11th 2010
Definitely prefer the first one.
08:47:46 PM Apr 15th 2010
First one, on the grounds that it shows off Lord Recluse to represent villains. Redside represent!
10:33:04 PM Apr 29th 2010
Motion observed and passed. Any objections from the court? *thud*
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