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02:17:33 PM Jul 18th 2014
So a user commented out:

...because they are "Zero Context Examples". However, are we really supposed to list the ten-thousand or so player characters who fell under these definitions? Because the game was about the -Player Characters-, not so much the NP Cs. I mean sure, we -could- list Synapse in the first category, and possibly Captain Mako in the second, but again, these examples were pointing out Player powers. What do the rest of you think?
03:20:54 PM Jul 18th 2014
You don't need to list everyone, but you'll have to explain why at least the listed ones fit the trope. Also, each trope needs to have its own bullet point.
04:11:17 PM Jul 18th 2014
Right, the issue isn't the general examples, but the fact that it doesn't describe how a Blaster with Speed is a fitting example. What's a Blaster? What does Speed do? Someone who doesn't know the game should be able to see how the example fits.
04:38:57 AM Oct 13th 2013
The "spiritual successor" to COH needs your help! Click the link for more details.
06:48:13 PM Dec 17th 2012
Alright, I need someone to answer this. City of Heroes/City of Villains was one NC Soft's most profitable games, right? Paragon Studios was extremely nice, constantly playing with the community and etc. right? So, please tell me, why NC Soft decided to dissolve Paragon and shut down Co V. I know there are probably countless "reasons" and maybe a few legitimate reasons, but the way I'm seeing it, NC Soft signed their own death sentence.
09:23:51 AM Mar 6th 2013
Cities was modestly profitable, stable, but very slowly declining.

Ultimately, it was a drop in the bucket compared to Lineage, Aion, and the like. Numbers I've seen indicate maybe 5 percent of NC Soft's total incoming profit.
10:42:31 AM Mar 7th 2014
Co H accounted for only 2% of their overall revenue, so it wasn't one of their biggest games by a longshot.

However, given that the entire United States was only 4% of their revenue, that means that Co H actually represented about 50% of their overall US profits.
02:21:48 PM Nov 21st 2012
where is the short story of recluse mourning statesman
04:23:37 AM Sep 5th 2012
edited by malonkey1
City of heroes is finally going...I can't believe it! I know of two groups trying to save it, and either one could use your help!

The Super Entity Game System, an attempt at Co H emulation, which needs coders!!

The Titan Network Fora, a large community attempting several possible routes.

We can save this game!!
04:07:00 AM May 11th 2013
Since City Of Heroes is now pretty much down, shouldn't this page be removed and links to it be cleared out?
03:51:35 PM Jun 5th 2013
Sure, as long as you also delete all the pages for TV shows that have ended, movies that are no longer in theaters, albums that are no longer on the shelves, etc.
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