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09:57:57 PM Mar 24th 2015
I don't think 'Fantastic Racism' is correct for Choice of the Vampire. Samantha may be a vampire, but her racism is that of a white woman towards Native Americans - it's very much grounded in the real world. Same with Harding in Fall of Memphis, and her anti-blackness. Removing it for now.
11:56:19 PM Dec 28th 2014
Would it be inappropriate to give Choice of Robots it's own page? I think there's enough information (including characters) to warrant a page, but I'm unsure as to the etiquette or protocol or such a thing.
08:07:41 AM Jun 4th 2014
Since Choice of Games itself is the developer, not a video game, this page should actually be in the Creator namespace: Creator.Choice Of Games.
04:27:45 PM Mar 27th 2015
It's also a label under which games are collected, however.
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