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06:45:21 AM Feb 9th 2017
Should Bleed 2 tropes be added here, or should it have its own page?
04:40:27 PM Sep 18th 2013
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Trying to figure out if the seven bosses are supposed to represent the Seven Deadly Sins. It seems to work really well for about five of them, especially if you read the flavor text in the ending and in the level select, but then the last two you've really gotta shoehorn in. Seemed too tenuous a connection to add it to the main page but I thought I'd make a note in discussion in case I'm not the only one to notice this or if maybe Word of God confirms it in an interview somewhere.

My correspondences would be: Guppy = Gluttony, Gibby and Stu = Lust, Bunny Rockette = Greed, Dragon = Wrath, Rival = Pride

As far as the missing two you could make a case for Whyte Mk. 2 = Sloth and Battalion = Envy... but compared to the other five it feels like a stretch...
07:02:59 PM Sep 18th 2013
Think Guppy probably fits Sloth's description better since the game mentioned he spent a life of laziness and the Dragon is to Gluttony considering it's level is a Womb Level.
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