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11:14:36 AM Nov 5th 2014
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I found a possible shoutout to the second expansion pack from Quake: the final upgrades to the rivet gun and grenade launcher resemble the lava nails and multi-rockets/grenades from Dissolution of Eternity, something I haven't seen in any other shooters. But there are a lot of modern shooters that I simply haven't been interested in playing. What do you guys think?
10:37:37 AM May 4th 2013
what happens (ending wise) if you choose to kill Stanley Poole? i think he deserves it but i dont know if justified killing stills counts towards a bad ending..
12:20:20 PM May 4th 2013
He is no longer a threat at that point. You can take vengeance and get the bad ending or show mercy and get the good ending.
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