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03:00:17 PM Jan 11th 2014
So... it seems someone removed the redirect from Banzai Pecan Last Hope For The Young Century without fixing any of the pages that linked to it. So, should the redirect be put back, or should the pages be changed to link to Banzai Pecan?
03:05:06 PM Jan 11th 2014
I've put back the redirect because the Last Hope bit is a legitimate alternate title (well, the full title), and I've also finished fixing the pages that link to it in order to make the links more direct. So, both are fine.
09:47:11 PM Jul 4th 2013
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To respond to your summary on your edit, Lucky Konata, I don't have the game yet. Usually the tropes I find on the game are from the demo or Let's Plays of it on YouTube.
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