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05:39:26 AM Feb 5th 2013
Perhaps a page should be created for the various mods for this game, especially the character mods?
08:02:24 AM Feb 5th 2013
edited by Kalrot
I agree. I've always disliked when tropes from mods are mixed freely with the rest on the page of the source game. Mods are equally worthy of coverage, but they should be treated as a seperate work and not be mixed with the source material. It's a bit like adding tropes from My Immortal to the main Harry Potter page (not really, but fanfics are and should be treated as separate works, and the same should go for mods).
09:24:05 AM Feb 5th 2013
Truth be told, I don't see any issue with that, really. The modding community is massive for this series, and there will be a lot of tropes that are specific to them.

I would however say that things like Unfinished Business, which concern cut content, could probably remain on the main page (or both, perhaps)
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