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06:28:09 AM Feb 1st 2014
Been thinking of adding an entry for Nobody Poops in here for a while, cos I noticed that there's no bathroom in the manor (not surprising, given the era), but also nothing resembling an outhouse or latrine near the manor either. Of course, there is a chance that there are simply a few discreetly-hidden chamberpots in the house, but personally I'd like to get other people's ideas before I add this or dismiss it outright.
07:14:56 AM Feb 1st 2014
I'm not very familiar with that trope, but if you think it fits, be sure to explain how the trope is present. That way you'll prevent Square Peg, Round Trope.
04:18:11 AM Aug 6th 2013
I think for the counter system, there needs to be a mention of the "Gadget Counter", which is a counter using the selected gadget by pressing the button for it (Q in the PC version), as it kills any foe besides bossfights one-hit, including Hessian Jägers. There are a few different animations for each gadget, too. Combine this with the horse whistle and the saddlebags, and you can kill everyone, endlessly.
09:45:55 AM Jun 8th 2013
I do not have sufficient experience editing pages on this site to fix this myself, so I am requesting it here.

The sub pages for this article (CMOA,CMOF,CMOH,Headscratchers...etc) do not have a link back to the main page in the top right links menu. Someone should fix that.
07:30:50 PM Jan 23rd 2013
Does Haytham really count as an Ensemble Darkhorse? He's popular sure but he's also the main antagonist and probably the most important character in the game next to Connor.
06:22:19 AM Feb 1st 2014
Considering none of the promos actually ever mentioned him, his plot twist within the game, and the fact that he outdoes all the other Templars by a continent in terms of popularity, I think that yes, he does count as an Ensemble Darkhorse
02:12:31 PM Dec 28th 2012
What do we do about the frequent utterance of "What would you have me do?" and other minor variations by several of the characters? I originally put Arc Words, but it doesn't really fit the parameters.
06:23:19 AM Feb 1st 2014
That's just the way they speak, don't really think there's much else to say about it.
08:23:23 PM Nov 10th 2012
edited by bbg1129
I've noticed on tumblr and facebook people are starting to complain that Ubisoft didn't inclued a scene of Connor and Haytham meeting/Hatham finding out Connor is his son. Would that qualify as Offscreen Moment of Awesome, and if so would that go on the main page or YMMV?
03:23:54 PM Nov 7th 2012
The spoiler tags on this page are rather excessive; as per Handling Spoilers, entire examples should not be covered in a spoiler tag.

Would anyone mind cleaning this up? I'd do it myself, but I haven't played the game and can't accurately judge what's a spoiler and what's not.
10:28:12 AM Oct 29th 2012
A lot of people talking about the interactive trailer spoiling the twist at the end of Sequence 3. What trailer are they talking about? Because the only interactive one I can find online is of Bunker Hill, and that spoils little.
04:04:23 PM Jun 13th 2012
Should tropes for Liberation be on this page? It's a separate game.
04:19:29 PM Jun 13th 2012
I don't think so, since it seems ambitious on it's own terms, so making a another page seems best.
09:35:06 AM Jun 14th 2012
I would make a separate article, too. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation. Go for it.
09:55:59 PM Jul 4th 2012
Okay, it's been made now. Anyone can add to or edit it.
11:32:28 AM Jun 5th 2012
In regards to the Eagleland example, there are many reasons why I deleted it.

  • First, it was a Zero-Context Example that didn't explain how it applies.
  • Second, the game's setting predates the concept of Eagleland by a good two centuries.
  • Third, it only counts as an example if it's specifically called out in the game itself.
01:05:36 PM Mar 26th 2012
Can we stop listing Trivia tropes like What Could Have Been before the game is even released? Sheesh, folks.
07:42:53 PM Mar 11th 2012
Can I just say this has awesome implications? The Federalist and Anti-Federalist factions in the American Revolution are essentially the Templars and the Assassins - centralized control through control of the masses versus individual independence. I'm surprised that it took this long for it to come up.
12:25:02 PM Mar 7th 2012
edited by Fighteer

If it's not an example, then it's not an example, Jossed or not.
  • X Meets Y: Being able to explore a large wilderness, hunt animals, and sell their pelts to merchants has drawn comparisons to Red Dead Redemption.
    • The game being mostly set in the wilderness also sounds a lot like Metal Gear Solid 3, another game in a stealth-based series with a mostly forested setting and just so happens to the the third installment in the series.

X Meets Y needs a lot more than this. Every story is a synthesis of elements of other stories. The game certainly isn't being advertised as "Assassin's Creed" meets "Metal Gear Solid 3", so the comparison does not qualify for the trope.
09:17:53 AM Mar 5th 2012
Can someone create a WMG page for this game so that tropers can post their own theories and speculations?
09:30:59 AM Mar 5th 2012
edited by UncloudedTJ
Done. Enjoy
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