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05:47:57 PM Oct 29th 2013
Um... I've made a bit of a kerfuffle. I made a trivia page for Knell of Ar Ciel, thinking someone axed the one it already had. Then I saw that it was still there, under Trivia.Ar Tonelico 3. So now there are two separate trivia pages for the same game. Is there a way I can fix this? Like, cut the existing Trivia.Ar Tonelico Qoga Knell Of Ar Ciel and have Trivia.Ar Tonelico 3 renamed to that?
04:10:39 AM Jun 14th 2013
I've removed:

Flat Character: Tyria and Ar Ru's Mind Guardians, they don't appear in any Cosmophere, so unlike other Mind Guardians who had some participation in Saki and Finnel's Binary Fields, we don't get to know their personalities.

Tyria as an Origin Reyvateil does not have a cosmosphere. Also, Ar Ru isn't actually a Reyvateil at all, but like Tyria and the other origins - can utilize the Binary Field - Which for the record, is totally different from a Cosmosphere.
09:27:00 PM Apr 28th 2013
Anyone wanna start up a Characters section for this game?
08:19:13 AM Jul 25th 2012

Pettanko is not a trope. UsefulNotes.Pettanko is a fanspeak term definition only. The tropes are A-Cup Angst (girl is sensitive about her lack of size) or Petite Pride (girl is proud of her flat-chestedness). Anything else is not a trope. Please return this example to the page under the correct trope if (and only if) it fits one of those two tropes.
09:25:36 PM Aug 7th 2011
I have removed:

Lolicon: Aoto comments on how Cocona has a beautiful body when she's 13.

It doesn't really qualify as Aoto being a lolicon, as there is only 4 years difference between their ages... If the story went to when Aoto was 24, Cocona would be 20 which isn't too weird...
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