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07:50:04 AM Dec 12th 2015
Wouldn't King Beat from the Arc Attack event qualify as Robo Speak or Machine Monotone?

02:29:08 PM Jan 29th 2013
edited by Catbert
  • Everything's Better With Bunnies: Grenwog, Cabdury, anyone wearing bunny armors, Sleezter Bunny and the giant undead Rabbit Beast at the end of the sixth Friday the 13th event.
    • Also, Deady disguises himself as a teddy bear to mask his true form as Urkor Malravenous.

This trope has been replaced by the Bunny Tropes index. Please look at that index and pick which tropes if any apply.
02:57:20 PM Nov 13th 2010
edited by MangaManiac

^From the article. Now, Gravelyn looks to be about a teenager in AQWorlds, so in DragonFable her being a baby doesn't sound too far off.

And anyway, the timelines of Artix Entertainment are so convoluted and AQWorlds is no less the result of the timelines being randomly mashed together, can we really use any cross-game references to determine age?
04:30:44 PM Aug 27th 2011
and dont forget we dont actually know her age anyway. all we know is that she is at least a teenager.
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