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07:52:43 AM Feb 6th 2015
edited by TrevMUN
So I noticed this was added fairly recently:

24th Dec '14 2:58:18 PM tsstevens
Added line(s) 66 (click to see context) :
* The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Even completing all missions, including seeking out all scuds and secondary objectives with high scores railroads you into a bad ending.
Added line(s) 70 (click to see context) :
* Unwinnable by Design: Even Save Scumming on an emulator, seeking and destroying all the scud launchers and causing untold damage using the Super A10 cheat to keep all scores up you still get the bad ending. The game may have been based on the first Iraq war but may as well take place in the second as you cannot win no matter what you do.

I've removed both examples. Both of them sound like tsstevens personally had a frustrating time with the game and decided to take it out on the TV Tropes article—but he's wrong about the game being unwinnable.

I know, because I've done it. I can provide proof if need be, but it is not impossible to get the game's best ending. It's just very hard.
03:35:38 AM Feb 23rd 2015
Even cheating on an emulator, racking up the scores so all three bars are high and save state/load state to make sure I hunt down every single scud launcher, I still get the bad ending (not the fail one, the 'another Vietnam' version. I'd personally love to know how to do it as I'm sure a lot of other fans who had found it impossible would. Is it a rom bug or some form of No Fair Cheating or is there a legitimate way to get a good ending.
09:19:15 AM Dec 13th 2011
Moved this from the main namespace to Video Games. It's weird, though, title customizations don't seem to stick with work subpages ...
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