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04:44:36 PM Oct 17th 2012
Nothing about the trend of some people on blogs to claim that anything that discomforts them is a "trigger"? I get the sense that that's a major part of the reason why this entry does so much to distinguish between a genuine triggered reactions and Squick or Dude, Not Funny!, so maybe there should be something about that. The backlash against people misdiagnosing themselves with PTSD or with being "triggered" is also a big part of the reason so many people don't like trigger warnings.
11:44:58 PM Jul 16th 2013
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I honestly never understood the need for trigger warnings. A simple "Warning: this contains example of whatever is in the work that may offend" is enough. by putting the word trigger on it,gives the impression that the warning was not enough. It also is a but insulting. "Oh, someone might get really upset!!! Clearly they can't handle the subject matter!!!"

I agree with people overusing it to describe something they don't like or disagree with. I once saw someone say a cartoon was triggering them. Its a way to complain about things.
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