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06:27:22 PM Nov 29th 2013
SRS and other procedures as "optional." I know what is meant by this, in that not all transgender people need these procedures, but it may also give the impression that no one really "needs" it, when there is in fact evidence of medical necessity of such procedures in certain cases.

04:29:57 AM Nov 30th 2013
True. Edited to "only one of the transition options available which a person may or may not need" — does that work better?
04:51:38 PM Oct 10th 2012
Once upon a time there was a very helpful article discouraging people from having SRS, told by firsthand experience, either on this page, or pages related to it. I have come back to cite it elsewhere, but I can't find the relevant link. Does it still exist somewhere? Does anyone have it?
09:22:35 AM Oct 13th 2012
Maybe this one? http://ai.eecs.umich.edu/people/conway/TS/Warning.html

I remember reading the Dani Bunten article that's excerpted, but don't recall seeing the rest of the page before.
02:31:00 AM Jan 12th 2012
edited by PillowCaseLaw
Gender Euphoria

Justification for deletion of second paragraph

The second paragraph of the section on Gender Euphoria contained claims of fact and claims of judgment that were not in line with known psychological standards, nor even in agreement with the Light In The Closet article linked to only sentences prior. It is my position that this paragraph contained no useful information and in fact only put forward an anti-trans position based solely on the inserting editor's personal or religious opinions.
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